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How much does gardening cost in 2024?

On average, gardeners cost
$40 per hour

in the US, influenced by your location and the type of gardening you want.

Set your budget for 2024 with our comprehensive guide to gardening prices.

In a world where urban spaces are growing and the concept of a backyard oasis feels increasingly like a luxury, the appeal of a well-kept garden is stronger than ever. But what's the true cost of transforming your patch of earth into a your own personal paradise? Let's dig into US gardening costs and find out what's worth spending your budget on.

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Unearthing Average Gardening Costs

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As of 2024, the average cost of employing a professional gardener in the United States hovers at $40 per hour. While this figure offers a starting point, the cost is a blossoming tapestry of variables. Charges can include hourly rates, material costs, and any needed additional services. Gardeners typically charge $40 to $75 per hour, but a master landscaper's skilled hands could merit upwards of $100 an hour.

Delving into the Details: Hourly and Daily Rates

If you're dipping your toes into the world of professional gardening, here's a breakdown of the average rates you can expect to see for a general gardening service.

Hourly gardening rates

If you only need a little work, paying a gardener by the hour might be your best bet. This is a great option if you just need some regular maintenance like weeding or lawn mowing, or if you have a very small yard that doesn't requite a whole day's work. You can expect to pay $40 an hour on average, although it's not impossible to find lower rates at around $30 (or even less). At the other end of the price spectrum, a gardener with a great local reputation might charge around $50.

Average cost (per hour) $40
Lower cost (per hour) $30
Higher cost (per hour) $50

Daily gardening rates

On a daily basis, gardening costs can significantly fluctuate based on the gardener's expertise and the project scope. Entry-level gardeners or those performing basic maintenance would generally cost between $200 to $320 for a full day's work, reflecting the lower bracket of the hourly rates provided. Conversely, seasoned gardeners with specialist skills or those taking on extensive projects can command anywhere from $360 to $600 for a day's service. The average rate for a full day encompassing a standard mix of tasks and skill levels is commonly around $400, providing a cost-effective solution for larger or more complex garden undertakings.

Average daily gardening rates$400
Lower end rates$200 - $320
Higher end rates$360 - $600

Factors that Blossom or Prune Your Gardening Bill


Understanding the myriad factors that influence gardening costs is essential. Variables such as garden size, frequency of service, and the level of expertise required all play a role in determining the final bill.

Garden Size

Just as a larger canvas commands more of an artist's paint, a bigger garden will require more hours from your gardener. It's not just about space on the ground, either—different landscapes, such as linear city flower beds, could take longer to maintain than sprawling suburban lawns.

Service Frequency

The more frequently you engage a gardener, the less time intensive it becomes, and, often, the less expensive per session. Weekly or bi-weekly services help maintain rather than rescue your garden, translating to lower long-term costs.

Expertise and Specialty

Some projects require specialized skills, such as pruning a heritage rose or staking a rare orchid. Expect to pay a premium for services that demand niche expertise.

Specific Gardening Services and Their Price Tags

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What are some common gardening services and their associated costs? Whether you're looking to refresh your garden with seasonal planting or introduce a water feature, understanding the average costs can keep your expectations rooted in reality.

Type of Service

If you want a specific type of service, you may pay more (or less) depending on its complexity. For example, tree pruning won't always falls under the cost of general gardening, as it can be a little more hazardous and require specific equipment. Lawn mowing, on the other hand, will be significantly cheaper - and might cost you less per hour than general gardening if all your lawn needs is a quick trim every now and then.

These are the average costs per gardening service in the US in 2024.

Gardening serviceAverage cost (per hour)
Landscaping$50 - $100
Pressure washing$25 - $100
Weeding $30 - $45
Mowing $25 - $60
Hedge trimming$45 - $65
Tree pruning$60 - $100
Planting$50 - $80

Cultivating Savings in Your Gardening Cost

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Gardening doesn't need to be an extravagant affair. There are various ways to minimize costs while still creating a beautiful garden that you can enjoy.

DIY Whenever (Green)Fingers Allow

Tackling simple tasks like watering and light weeding on your own can trim the bill significantly.

Smart Plant Selection

Opting for native plants or ones well-suited to your local climate can stave off replacement costs and demand less in the way of water and care.

Bulk Material Purchase

Coordinating your gardening needs with neighbors or a local community group can cut costs through bulk buying seeds and compost, for instance.

Regional Variations in Gardening Costs

Gardening costs are not rooted in a single national value—they vary dramatically by location. Gardeners in Wyoming are likely to charge a lot less than gardeners in New York City (but that will be balanced against size - if you're lucky enough to have a garden in New York City garden, it's also likely to be smaller and require less work!)

State-by-State Comparisons

Here's a snapshot of gardening costs in different states:

  • California: Average hourly rate of $45-$60, reflecting a state known for its vast landscapes and attention to garden aesthetics.

  • Kentucky: A more affordable hourly rate of $30-$45, mirroring the lower average cost of living.

  • New York: Expect to pay $60-$80 per hour, aligned with the higher costs of operation and the increased average expense of living in urban metropolises.

Consider these figures a baseline, as additional charges such as transportation or permit acquisition may apply.

Handpicking a Gardener That Blooms Within Your Budget

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Matching your gardener to your finances involves gauging your garden's needs alongside your willingness to pay. Here's a strategic approach to finding a gardener compatible with your budget:

Assessing Garden Needs

Determine the essential services your garden demands, factoring in both one-off and regular maintenance.

Requesting Multiple Quotes

Reach out to several gardening services in your area to get a sense of the market rate. Don't be afraid to negotiate for a lower rate, especially if you're offering repeat business or a straightforward, low-maintenance garden.

Reviewing Their Work Portfolio

Price should never compromise quality. Inquire about past projects to ensure the gardener can meet your garden's specific demands.

Inquiring about Additional Charges

Transparency is key. Thoroughly examine the gardener’s contract for any potential add-ons that could spike the final payment.

Embarking on the journey to professional gardening can be as fulfilling as the resulting garden. By understanding the nuances of gardening prices in 2024, you're better equipped to not only navigate the costs but also to cultivate a relationship with a service that turns your green space dreams into reality.

The Last Word on Professional Gardening Costs

Gardening costs are a balance between personal preferences, garden needs, and budgetary constraints. Armed with this comprehensive guide, you're ready to make informed decisions when it comes to professional gardening services. Keep in mind the various factors that impact prices and be proactive in finding a gardener that aligns with your needs and budget. With proper planning and communication, maintaining a beautiful garden can be cost-effective and enjoyable.

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