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We are passionate about digital marketing and helping small and mid-sized businesses succeed in today’s fast-paced digital world. Through our growth hacking strategies, we provide our clients with highly targeted lead generation strategies and implementation plans that allow our clients to scale their businesses affordably and efficiently. The Digital Marketing Consulting Services we offer include: · Lead Acquisition Strategy · Audience Outreach Strategy · Digital Marketing Strategy · Brand Development Strategy · Google Analytics Consulting · Programmatic Advertising · Search Engine Optimization (SEO) · Search Engine Management (SEM) · Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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What do you love most about your job?

#1 – Innovation Is Fun
Marketing has always been a creative discipline, but digital marketing elevates the game to one of innovation. Creativity refers to delivering something new, but innovation is all about bringing something to the table that not only changes the rules of the game but creates a uniqueness that can quickly separate one business from the rest. Those who innovate are proud to stretch the rules and redefine what it means to create.
#2 – Marketing Is Storytelling
Steven Spielberg proclaims his job is the best in the world because he simply gets to tell stories. In a way, today’s digital marketing professional can do the same thing – except he or she doesn’t have to hire actors and deal with the craziness and expense of a film set. The contemporary marketing director can creatively align products, processes, and people to tell a desired story. And history has proven time and again that these stories can blossom into full-blown marketing campaigns that can drive business in an authentic manner.
#3 – Tracking is Better
Back in the days of print marketing, you really couldn’t measure an accurate ROI on a specific campaign – so many external influences are always in play and shifting the behaviors of the buying public. But today’s marketers have access to an endless supply of analytics tools and trackers that can quickly disseminate important information from seemingly complex data streams. Simply put, marketing data is more easily obtainable today, and that means marketers can make changes more quickly and with more accuracy than before.
# 4 – Two-Way Marketing
Before the proliferation of social media, online advertising, and content marketing, most marketing campaigns were unidirectional. Marketers would create a campaign, print it or prep it for delivery through television, print, or radio, and then sit back and hope the consumer reacted as desired. Today, though, creative types can initiate dialogue and two-way communications with the target audience – meaning that boatloads of feedback and relevant information can be gleaned in a matter of minutes from the base of prospects and customers. Marketers can have fun and interact with the audience, and they’re actively inviting loyal fans to join in on the fun and create user-generated content to help boost the brand. It’s gotten a whole lot more social in the marketing world these days.
# 5 – Marketing Is Accessible to More People
Unless you were a big player in 2008, few businesses could afford the six-figure price tag it cost to produce a 30-second TV spot destined for release on a national network. Just a few years before, though, a little startup called Facebook was launched, and it forever changed the way we think of marketing. With more than, 2.32 billion monthly active users a slick, budget-friendly ad campaign has the potential to reach tens of millions of people for much less than you’d expect to pay for similar exposure via traditional marketing mediums. Marketing is way more accessible to those who have something to say – not simply those who can afford to say it.
# 6 – Constant Changes Are Engaging
Marketing aficionados are a curious and intellectual group, and the current digital marketing realm is one that keeps us on our toes. Rules change, preferences and predilections shift, and the audience is only a step or two away from the release of a new social media platform, piece of technology, or social whim that can redefine what it means to build a brand. As curious people by nature, marketers today like that the industry continually redefines itself.
Digital Marketing Life
Marketers love digital marketing and this passion and excitement spreads to brands that understand today’s version of marketing is central to running a sound business. For more information about digital marketing and how the strategies and tactics of a cohesive digital marketing campaign can help your business, contact MV3 Digital Marketing & Advertising. www.mv3marketing.com

What inspired you to start your own business?

We love helping small business grow! That’s why we're more committed than ever to helping small businesses succeed.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, there are nearly 58 million small businesses in the U.S., employing almost half of the private sector workforce. At Google, I lead a team that helps these businesses all over the world get online, reach customers and grow.

For any small business, success hinges on the ability to reach and connect with customers. For today’s small businesses it usually starts with a website and online ads.
However, only 51 percent of businesses in the U.S. have a website. Outside of the U.S., that figure is even lower; 29 percent in Brazil, 26 percent in Mexico and 26 percent in Argentina. The reality is that without using the web to find and connect with customers, small business owners are missing out on a big opportunity.
Small business owners have a special dedication and passion for what they do, as well as a deep understanding for the economics of their business. We’ve seen what small business owners can accomplish when they combine those strengths with the power of digital tools. That’s why we're more committed than ever to helping small businesses succeed.

Why should our clients choose you?

Here are the few reasons why you should MV3 Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency:
1. You Get Professionalism for Your Native Ads
With the growth of native advertising, marketers are spending time and resources to learn more about it. The ability to display organic ads on various media platforms changes how customers interact with content.
Unfortunately, knowing where to show your native ads can be an arduous process. As such, your benefit can benefit from data-driven solutions offered by a digital marketing agency to determine the best placement and content distribution plan.
Native advertising offers a natural and organic way to display ads. When done right, it can provide a robust experience to boost your ROI.
2. We Have the Tools
Let’s face it. Digital marketing requires the use of different tools to streamline each campaign. Unfortunately, there is nothing akin to a one-tool-for-all when it comes to marketing.
Most of these tools are premium services, and the costs increase with the addition of certain features or an upgrade. You will need analytics, keyword research, competitor analysis, paid search management, and automation tools.
The cumulative cost of using these online marketing tools can be quite hefty for small and mid-size businesses. Digital marketing services already have these tools in place to help you make the most of your campaigns. You don’t need to worry about the recurring costs that you’re likely to incur with their use.
3. We Offer Measurable Results
No business wants to make investments that bring no results.
With so many marketing methods in digital marketing landscape, it can be difficult to know the real ROI. However, an agency helps by determining the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These indicators help to figure out how your marketing campaigns are performing in relation to your objectives.
Also, they will identify the important metrics to follow across different channels to determine the effectiveness of each campaign. You’ll also get monthly or quarterly reports on your campaigns and a website audit to help you make sound marketing decisions.
Typically, a digital marketing agency offers clear insights into how your keywords are performing and how potential customers are engaging with your content and brand.
4. Focus on Running Your Business
In most cases, online marketing means hiring new talents outright to run the campaigns. Plus, it will need some of your attention since you’ll be working with an in-house team. Don’t forget that it will also take resources and time to just set up the team and the campaign itself.
This can be quite time-consuming, and an agency can come in handy to lift this burden off your shoulder. You don’t want to spend months training your team. That time can otherwise be used for growing your business from the inside.
With an agency, you simply need to share your goals and their timeframe.
There is no training, onboarding or managing another team. All the elements of your online marketing are handled internally by the agency’s team. This frees you up to run your business better.
5. Enjoy the Power of Storytelling
Your in-house marketing team works tirelessly to promote your products and services. This helps you to know what to improve and what to eliminate to make the product as attractive and viable as possible.
While all these happens, your digital marketing agency is busy defining and spreading your brand’s message across different channels and platforms. They help to generate positive PR about your products and services. This contributes to improving your visibility and image.
Ideally, storytelling involves creating compelling and engaging messages that connect and resonate with the target audience. Your agency achieves this by understanding your audience’s needs and pairing them up with the right solutions.
6. It’s a Scalable Service
One thing that makes a digital marketing agency your best bet for online growth is their scalability.
In a normal setting, you’ll need to increase the size of your team whenever your business needs grow, or you want to launch something news. This means that your business will need additional resources to support and fuel the growth.
With a marketing agency, that’s not the case. There will be no constraints on your current team and no need to expand your team.
A good company usually accommodates your needs as your business grows. They offer several plans and packages that best suit your business size.
Ideally, having a scalable and flexible agency is important, especially when you’re targeting a new market.
7. You Cut Down the Overall Costs
When deliberating over hiring a digital marketing agency, many businesses usually compare the cost of an in-house operation to the price of the agency. You’ll be surprised to learn that an agency is much less costly over time.
Agencies work as independent contractors, so you eliminate the need for payroll taxes. You also cut the recurring costs of having full-time employees such as benefits, health care costs, and salaries.
Some of the tools you need to run the campaigns can also come at a hefty one-time payment or subscriptions. Most reputable agencies already have the essential digital marketing tools, so you won’t need to spend a dime to get one.
8. Stay Relevant to Your Industry
At this point, you must understand that research is important before launching any campaign. You need to learn amount your industry well, your competitors and the latest marketing practices in your segment.
The onus of industry-relevant marketing practices is in the agency. They’re tasked to research on your market and identify your competition. Plus, they follow the latest developments in digital marketing to ensure quantifiable results.
They also identify and research your target audience to learn and understand their behavior, preferences, and interests. This is to ensure the adopted marketing strategies yield the maximum results possible and to keep your business abreast of relevant developments.
9. You Can Get New Ideas
In digital marketing, it’s important to note that not all things will work for you. Some can offer disappointing results while others can be quite useful.
Our agency will give you great ideas on what techniques will give you results. They’ll provide a new perspective to some of the things that your team had already been doing. They will assess your marketing efforts and created new ideas based on the viewpoint of the consumers.
For example, when it comes to social media marketing, a digital marketing agency will help you know where your target audience is mostly available. They’ll determine what content appeal to the most and how they share and consume it. This will help to streamline your social media campaigns.
10. Work with Experts
For most small businesses, you just can’t hire digital marketing experts on the onset of your campaign. This is something that takes time and thorough consideration. Plus, it can be time-consuming for your team to understand all online marketing techniques, such as SEO strategies and social media marketing.
Instead, you can get access to a team of experienced and qualified experts by working with a digital marketing agency. Some big companies are paying the top buck just to hire and retain top talent. This means that the cost of hiring such experts can be quite high.
The benefit here is that these experts have worked on similar projects in the past. So, you don’t expect to cough up for costly services to leverage their expertise.
One fact is that digital marketing has the power to grow your business fast than most marketing techniques.
Hiring a digital marketing agency allows you to get started with your campaigns almost immediately. You don’t need to navigate the learning curve or set up a team. It’s possible to see your campaigns live within weeks after creating a strategy.

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