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Security Camera & CCTV Installation prices 2021

Average Price
$1,000 - $1,500

What can I expect to spend on CCTV Installation?

Need an extra layer of security in your home or commercial property with CCTV installation, but not sure of the cost? Find out how much your installation expert may charge for different types of security systems, the number of cameras required, and more.

What are the benefits of CCTV? 

CCTV isn’t just for the rich and famous. We all have the right to protect our assets, and more importantly our family, from intruders and criminals. In addition to being a powerful crime deterrent, CCTV has all sorts of other benefits: 

  • Evidence - If a crime does, unfortunately, occur on your property, your Security Camera will record everything, making law enforcement much less of a hassle. 

  • Insurance premiums - Money might not be the first thing you think of if you’re considering getting CCTV, but an additional perk is that it can reduce your insurance premiums.

  • Stay connected - Not home but want to make sure your loved ones are okay? Some CCTV devices allow you to monitor activity in your home through an app on your smart device - think of it as having eyes in the back of your head! 

What’s involved in CCTV? 

CCTV devices are complicated and can be tricky to install, especially if you’re not a dab hand at technical work. It’s worth hiring a professional to make sure the job gets done correctly. They will safely install a CCTV device in your home, as well as advising on how to best position cameras and the best CCTV device for your needs and budget. Find Security Camera installation near me.

What is the price of CCTV Installation? 

Not all CCTV systems and Security Cameras are created equal! They come in all shapes and sizes, so it's difficult to say exactly how much it will cost you to install one for your property - it depends on the type of property and your specific requirements. You can buy a CCTV camera on its own, but most people invest in an entire security package. As a general rule of thumb, most average-sized homes need 4 cameras. 

A ballpark figure for the price of a 4 camera CCTV system is around $1,000 - $1,500. 

What affects the cost of CCTV Installation? 

The cost of CCTV installation can vary depending on different factors. These include: 

  • Number of cameras

  • Type of system

  • Outdoor or indoor camera

  • Type of building

Number of cameras 

The cost of CCTV installation changes depending on the number of cameras required. 

  • An average house needs around 4 cameras.

  • A block of flats may need around 12 cameras.  

SystemMaximum installation cost Minimum installation cost Average installation cost
4 camera system$1,600$600 $1,500
12 camera system$5,400$1,800$3,600

Commercial properties could require up to 64 cameras, so CCTV installation costs can vary dramatically.

Type of system 

CCTV installation costs are dependent on the type of camera you opt for. 

  • Wireless vs. non-wireless - Installation costs for wireless devices are less expensive than non-wireless devices, simply because they’re quicker and easier to install. 

  • Outdoor vs. indoor - Outdoor cameras can be trickier to install than indoor cameras, as it’s generally more difficult to find a suitable location to position them outside. Your expert may charge more for the additional labor involved.

Type of building 

The type of building can also affect the price. For example, the cost of CCTV for listed buildings could be higher as restrictions in place may make the process more difficult. You may also need planning permission for certain buildings, which your professional will be able to advise you on. 

Expect to pay more for CCTV installation in commercial properties because you will probably require more cameras, and their level of quality will need to be higher to protect the building’s assets. 

Invest in your safety and keep your home and secure around the clock - find a CCTV Installation expert on Bark. 

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