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How much does Business Coaching & Career Coaching Cost? 2021

Average Price
$85-$170 per hour

What is the price of Business or Career Coaching?

Need some advice about your business or job prospects? Read our handy guide to find out how much your coach will charge for their services.

What is Business and Career Coaching?

Coaches come in all forms from life coaches to wellness coaches. However, business and career coaches specifically help you with all things work. Namely, your goals in relation to where you are now, and what is preventing you from reaching those goals.

As the name suggests, business coaches help you with all things business. This includes everything from startups to growing an existing business. Career coaches are for those who are employed and are looking to progress within their career. 

Your business or career coach will look to highlight your strengths, and challenge you to work on any weak points so that you can get where you want to be. 

The sessions will give you the chance to talk about any issues you are currently facing. It could be that you want to grow your business or take on a managerial role, or even change careers altogether. Business and career coaches are there to support you every step of the way. 

How much does Business Coaching cost? 

The cost of business coaching ranges between $85 and $170 per hour, depending on the level of experience of the coach, as well as your location.

Both business and career coaches offer different things. Some will be great at teaching leadership skills, and others will be better at building your confidence. 

Average cost of a Business Coach
Average cost (per hour)$115
Minimum cost (per hour)$85
Maximum cost (per hour)$170

On average, you should expect to pay $115 per hour for business coaching. By bringing all the relevant information about your business to your first session you can hit the ground running with your coach. 

You should also have an idea about what you’d like to achieve through business coaching so that your professional is best able to help you. Having this knowledge will also help you align with the most suitable coach based on your goals. 

How much does Career Coaching cost? 

The cost of career coaching ranges between $100 and $200 per hour, with an average price of $150 per hour.

One aspect which will affect the cost is the type of skills or attributes you are looking to work on. For example, learning what it takes to climb the corporate ladder in New York’s financial district, will likely be more specialist than getting help with your first job out of college. 

Average cost of Career Coaching
Average cost (per hour)$150
Minimum cost (per hour)$100
Maximum cost (per hour)$200

As with business coaching, it’s possible to book individual sessions or block sessions for career coaching which may work out cheaper. Some career coaches also offer special packages too. 

What changes the price of Business or Career Coaching? 

The cost of business or career coaching varies depending on several factors, including: 

  • Type of coaching

  • Coaching requirements

  • Number of sessions

  • Time

  • Location

Type of coaching

Coaches vary in experience, therefore expect to see this reflected in the price of hiring one. Those who are new to coaching may charge as little as $40 per hour. This raises to $300 and above for the most in-demand professionals. 

It’s important that the coach has experience in the exact goals you would like to achieve. Some coaches will even have worked in your particular field too, so will know better than anyone how to get there. Experienced coaches will naturally be more expensive, though won’t all charge at the very top end for their services.

Average cost of Business and Career Coaching based on the type of coaching
Type of coachingHighest average price Lowest average price

While it might be tempting to go for the cheapest option, try to view the professional in terms of what they offer, rather than what they charge. After all, if you save a few $$$ but don’t benefit from the right expertise, you might not reach your full potential. 

Coaching requirements

Not only are business and career coaches different, but so too are people's individual requirements. No two people are at the same stages of their career or are even facing the same issues. If you require intensive coaching, this will likely cost more than a general pep talk. 

Number of sessions

The total cost of your sessions will depend on how many you need. A good way to manage the cost is to ask upfront how many sessions you will likely need, based on your specific goals. Some people will only need a small handful of sessions, and others want to build up a long-term relationship with their coach. You may also want some top-up sessions in the future, so the service is totally flexible. 


Coaching sessions will usually last for 60 minutes. Though it all depends on the time you have available, along with the time options your coach offers. Initial sessions may be longer, such as 2 hours so that your coach can get to know you, and work out a plan of action. 


The location of your career or business coach will impact the cost. Not only is this due to variable living costs but also the types of experience a coach may have depending on where they live. Typically, city locations will be more expensive - especially New York, LA, and San Francisco. The cheapest area of the US to receive business or career coaching is Wisconsin, averaging at $85 per session. This raises to $170 per hour for business or career coaches in New York.

Average cost of Business and Career Coaching based on the location
LocationAverage Business or Career Coach cost
New York$170

Keep in mind that as coaching can also be done online, it’s possible to find a business or career coach from another area of the United States, which may raise or lower the price of their services. 

However, one advantage of hiring a business or career coach online is that you can select the best professional for your needs, regardless of where you are based. Plus, you don’t have to factor in the travel time or cost either! 

Is it worth getting Business or Career Coaching?

Sometimes we all need a little help achieving our ambitions. Seeking trusted advice from a professional who's been in your shoes can open up a world of possibilities. Whether you’re looking to get that promotion or start your own business, nobody can do it all alone! Therefore business or career coaching is certainly worth the investment.  

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