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Life Coach Prices 2022 - How Much Does A Life Coach Cost

Average Price
$90 per session

How much does a Life Coach charge?

Need a life coach to reach your full potential but not sure of the cost? Read on to find out how much your expert will charge for online sessions, monthly packages, and more - whatever your goals and challenges, conquer them with a life coach!

Do I need a Life Coach?

Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need to help you achieve your goals. No matter where you’re at in life, a life coach will help you to set manageable goals for your personal and professional development, giving you the confidence to achieve them.  Find a Life Coach near me.

How Much Does A Life Coach Cost? 

The cost of life coaching can vary depending on several factors, but as a rough guide, we’ve put together a breakdown of average costs based on local US professionals: 

Average cost (per session)$90
Minimum cost (per session)$65
Maximum cost (per session) $125

What changes the price of Life Coaching?

The cost of a life coach can vary based on: 

  • Coaching package 

  • Where you live

  • Online versus. face-to-face sessions

Coaching package 

The number of life coaching sessions you need will depend on your goals. If it’s a short-term objective, like preparing for a job interview, you’ll need fewer sessions than a goal measured over a longer time frame, like building general confidence. 

The price will be determined by the number of sessions required and whether you’ll need regular check-ups with your life coach to stay on track.

Although you’ll pay more overall if you require more sessions for long-term life transitions, most professionals offer a discounted rate per session if you’re buying a package of sessions. In this case, the more sessions you purchase, the better the overall value you’ll get. 

Where you live

Another factor affecting price is your location. Professionals in larger cities like New York or LA will charge more than the standard rate to reflect the higher cost of living. Prices could even creep up to $200 - $300 per session depending on the professional’s experience. 

Online versus face-to-face sessions 

With many physical services moving online, why not jump on the bandwagon? Online life coaching is becoming increasingly popular for those who don’t fancy traveling or may feel more comfortable holding the session from the comfort of their own home. It’s also perfect for those of us with accessibility issues or hectic schedules. Online sessions tend to be cheaper too: 

Session type Average cost (per session)
In-person $90
Online $70 - $80

How to get your money’s worth with Life Coaching services 

Getting your life on track doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Keep costs to a minimum with our handy tips and tricks:

  • Purchase packages  - If you buy multiple sessions the hourly rate tends to decrease, saving you money overall. 

  • Go online - Virtual life coaching sessions are usually cheaper per session as the professional doesn’t have to factor in travel costs! 

  • Request multiple quotes - It might seem tempting, but don’t just jump on the first offer you receive. Remember to shop around to ensure you get the most competitive price. 

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