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How much will I pay for Relationship and Marriage Counseling?

Average Price
$75 - $100 per hour

What is the average price of Relationship and Marriage Counseling?

Need some help working through any difficult patches in your marriage or relationship but concerned about costs? Read on to find out how much a counselor will charge depending on your requirements.

What is a Relationship and Marriage Counselor?

Many counselors specialize in particular areas, including bereavement, eating disorders, and trauma. A relationship or marriage counselor is specifically trained to support couples through difficult periods that are causing unhappiness and strain on their relationship. Some counselors may also work across various, or related specialisms. This may be an advantage if they specialize in an area that is related to any of the issues you are facing. 

What is the average price of a Relationship and Marriage counselor? 

The overall fee of a relationship and marriage counselor varies widely, with the main factors affecting price being their location and experience

If you’re concerned about costs, it’s worth asking if your counselor is willing to reduce the overall price if you purchase sessions in blocks - many of them do! 

Average cost (per hour) $75 - $100
Minimum cost (per hour) $35
Maximum cost (per hour) $250


Accepting that you need help in the form of a counselor is a brave, and constructive step. But relationship counseling is a two-way street, so you must discuss with your partner beforehand so that they feel comfortable with you signing up. 

Keep in mind that as counselors vary in experience and approach, you may have to consider a few different practitioners before you find the right help for you. Even when you do find the right person, it’s also wise to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. 

Although a harmonious relationship is an overall goal, counseling can still feel confronting especially as you look to work through particular issues. It is going to take commitment and understanding from both sides to truly work towards a positive outcome. Here are some key considerations and how they can affect the price: 

  • Your goals 

  • Counselor’s experience 

  • Time 

  • Location

  • Follow up sessions 

Your goals

A counselor is going to want to know what it is you want to achieve out of the sessions. For example, improved communication, better trust, or being able to co-parent effectively. Depending on your goals, this may impact the cost of counseling and the number of sessions needed. Being as honest as possible from the outset will mean that your counselor will be able to create a plan that will be as beneficial as possible. 

Counselor’s experience 

Your counselor may have years of professional experience under their belt or could be fresh out of college. As a general rule of thumb, the more experienced your counselor is, the more they will charge. Though be aware that newly graduated counselors will not have years of experience which you may benefit from if the problem is extremely deep-rooted.

Average cost of a Counselor based on their experience
Counselor’s experienceHighest average price (per hour)Lowest average price (per hour)
Median (5-10 years experience)$70$55
Senior (10+ years experience)$250$75

Relationship or marriage counseling performed by a graduate therapist is the most affordable overall, starting at just $35. While graduate counselors are fully qualified, they may lack experience, particularly in more complex issues. However, if they do not have the skills to help you they will normally advise you of this during your consultation.

The average counselor will charge between $75 and $100 per hour. Most counselors recommend an average of 6 sessions.

The most experienced counselors can charge anywhere up to $250, though usually this high figure is reserved for locations such as Los Angeles or New York. Likewise, if the therapist is particularly well known, they are more likely to command a higher fee. 


The most common pricing structure for a counselor is charging by the hour, so the more sessions you need, the more you’ll pay. If you’re not sure how many sessions you’ll need, your counselor will be best placed to advise you on this after an initial consultation. 

The average number of sessions a couple will have is between 6-8 sessions. If it’s possible to split the cost between you both, then this will make counseling more affordable for both parties. 


Location is another key factor affecting cost. It’s perhaps not a surprise that counselors based near major cities will charge more. 

Follow-up sessions

Periodic follow-up sessions will prevent major problems from returning, so it’s important to consider these in the overall cost if they are recommended by your counselor. Sessions could simply be to check in on your progress, or if old issues have cropped up again. A follow-up session doesn’t mean you have failed either, it’s just a helping hand or to check-in, should you need it. Follow-up sessions will usually be charged at your therapist’s hourly rate. 

Getting Relationship and Marriage Counseling - is it worth the cost? 

Relationships are complicated and there are numerous reasons why they could break down or hit difficult roadblocks at some point. Sometimes a third-party perspective can work wonders for helping couples to find a middle ground. A relationship counselor will act as a neutral party, helping you to develop a way through your issues. Many people find that relationship counseling can strengthen their relationship long-term. Compared with splitting up, seeking the advice of a relationship counselor can be of huge benefit, both on a personal level as well as how you function as a couple. 

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