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tara mccoleman

26 May 2017

Carla is the bomb!An amazing person and trainerShe keeps me motivatedProfessional and knowledgeableShe'll guide throughout the program including exercise and diet


Julian Lile

26 May 2017

Carla has been a fantastic resource and motivator. Since hiring her, Carla has helped me develop my workout repertoire, guide me with proper form and strengthen areas that needed some serious work (even though I was going to the gym regularly before). I get more out of my overall workouts since I started training with Carla, would recommend! More...


Olivia B.

8 December 2016

Had such a great experience working with Carla. I needed help jump starting my swimming interest, both from a technique perspective as well as confidence. Never having done athletic swimming before I was starting as a pure beginner. She helped me break down the components of swimming and practice using different drills - rotation, stroke, length, etc. After my sessions with her, I feel so much more confident and coordinated in the water and I feel like I have the basic skills now to keep progressing. She's a great coach and person and I'd def recommend her to help you improve in not just swimming but any athletic pursuit! More...


Evie R.

19 August 2016

Found Carla on the LA Triathlon website. I was training for my first Olympic triathlon in NYC, and had recently moved back home to CA. I mainly needed coaching with my swim technique and Carla had no problem tailoring my sessions to my needs. She accommodated my schedule and even scheduled in an open water swim which I really needed. She was always available by phone as well for personal advice and coaching needs. Prices are reasonable and sessions were helpful. Had a great time at my first Olympic tri. More...


Blanca A.

18 August 2016

Carla was a great help, she is very knowledgable. She pointed out out simple corrections that I missed. Simple changes that made a world of diffrence. I would recommend her services.


Halina Siemaszko

26 May 2016

Carla will create and implement individualized fitness programs designed to achieve your fitness objectives effectively. Also, Carla continues to improving her skills and ability so that she can continue to provide a superior fitness service to all her clients. In addition to her expansive knowledge in topics relating to current fitness trends, strength and excerise, Carla is technically sound and a motivational PT.  Lastly, Carla’s supportive training that targets specific areas while still focusing on the whole body, plus her encouragement during each session, has given her clients an overall healthy life style change. She is fantastic!! More...


Doug McVehil

26 May 2016

I trained with Carla for a few years when she lived in NY and recently started doing so with her in MDR.Carla is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and provides great information about workouts and nutrition.My focus is on weight loss and the program Carla designed for me is great because it combines weight training with cardio. Most importantly for me, her sessions and exercises are extremely varied - I never get bored.I'd highly recommend ComplEAT for anyone looking to get in shape or maintain a high level of fitness. More...


Erik Gensler

26 May 2016

I've been doing personal training with Carla for over a year. She takes her role as a trainer very seriously and cares deeply about her clients' success. I would recommend her for anyone looking to get in shape, get back in shape, or prepare for an event. She knows her craft extremely well and can tailor a fitness program to any level. More...


Noreen O.

12 May 2016

Carla is a passionate, educated and caring trainer who knows what she's talking about in both fitness and nutrition. In a constantly changing field, she makes sure she's up on the latest developments and uses her experience and her clients' needs to create personalized, goal-oriented programs that aren't based on passing fads and that deliver results. She's funny and motivating and anyone from beginners to advanced athletes will see their bodies and performance improve by working with her. More...


Bettina A.

7 April 2016

Carla is awesome. She keeps you on track, works with your limitations and strengths.  I am a working, single mom and Carla trains me around my schedule and is super flexible.  She even made me a little video that I can follow when I am traveling.  I have seen a definite difference in my body. She changes up the workout each time and make sit a bit more challenging so you can see and feel the difference.  Carla is great!! More...


David W.

31 January 2016

I am Carla's husband, but recently I became a client as well.   Since I have been training, I've noticed the changed in my body shape, the way my clothes fit, my posture has improved.  I'm even sleeping better.   I never trained with anyone before, so I didn't realize I could achieve better results than exercising on my own.  I'm enjoying my results and that's motivating me to exercise more often.  I now feel more knowledgable about the equipment in my gym to keep the momentum going.She trains me outdoors with resistance bands, kettle bells and good old calisthenic routines.  It's fun to be out doors and the hour passes quickly.Like I said, I may be married to Carla, but the results are why I'm reviewing her here.  You won't be disappointed either. More...


Jeffrey C.

25 January 2016

Carla is great to train with, whether one-on-one or a group class. She's extremely knowledgeable about different training techniques and will recommend the best plan to help you achieve your goals. She's patient, but pushes when you need it. She's really great to work with as when I did, you've been out of commission for a while. She's also really knowledgeable about nutrition, so you get the whole package when you work with her.I highly recommend working with Carla to help you reach your fitness and life goals. She's amazing. More...


Carla C.

30 December 2015

I've been working out with Carla for 3 years and the results have been amazing. Not only did I lose weight but I've increased my muscle mass and lowered body fat. More important is that I feel the best I ever have! I'm never bored and constantly being challenged in new ways. The work outs are fun and innovative. Carla is always asking questions and advising on my wellness and nutrition giving me well rounded experience. I highly recommend working out with Carla because you will see results, have fun and make a new friend. More...


Nicole N.

23 October 2015

I've been working out with Carla for a couple of years now, and it has been great.  She has helped me strengthen and tighten my entire body.  Carla really listens to you and creates programs to address your target areas.  She is constantly changing the routines so you and your body are challenged in new ways.   She is very knowledgable about the world of fitness;, offering new strategies,techniques and nutrition info.  I always feel energized and invigorated after my workouts.  I'm in the best shape of my life thanks to Carla, even throughout my pregnancy.  My friends, family and even my doctor were impressed with what great shape I was in and how quickly my body recovered from pregnancy and childbirth.  I am so grateful for Carla for that! I have a lot of energy, flexibility and strength.  I'm not the kind of person who motivates easily when it comes to working out and Carla really helped me with that. I highly recommend her to help anyone achieve their fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. More...


Kathleen O.

12 October 2015

I started training with Carla to get back into a regular exercise routine after a long hiatus. I couldn't be happier!! She has an impressive breadth of knowledge about body mechanics, fitness activities and nutrition; using this she designs a program, taking your strengths, challenges and lifestyle into account, that enables you to achieve your goals. It's clear she loves helping people get their health and fitness on track, so a session with Carla isn't just good for you, it's fun! I feel very lucky to be working with her and give the highest recommendation. 6 Stars! More...


Tracy L.

24 September 2015

I've been working out with Carla for almost 3 years now.  I initially reached out to her to help get me in shape for my wedding but continued to work with her even after the event (which I looked amazing for by the way!).  Unlike previous trainers I worked with, Carla helped me look at my total nutritional picture to see where I could make changes.  She has encouraged me to eat more healthily and given me the right amount of support to do that, as well as encouraging me to seek out other physical activities in the neighborhood to keep active and interested.  Carla tailors each of her sessions to her clients and is constantly asking for feedback to improve her programs.  Additionally, with Carla's help and coaching, I completed 4 half marathons last year when I previously couldn't run more than a mile or two without stopping.  She tailored her programs during that time to help me improve my speed and endurance while running.  Now that my husband and I are expecting, she is creating programs that are pregnancy friendly and challenging at the same time.  I highly recommend Carla for the commitment she displays to each and every one of her clients, as well as her ability to expose me to a variety of new and challenging workouts.  My body has never looked better. More...

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