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2 August 2017

Beautiful work, she is very creative and patient.



2 August 2017

Lillie is a phenomenal photographer and videographer. Her attentiveness to the clients needs exceeds their expectations. She's outgoing, tender and respectful. She is a master in her field and is fully aware of what the client needs and is expecting. More...


Mrs. Gonzales

2 August 2017

Extremely professional
Affordable pricing

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To be able to tell a story. The secret to a good photo is story telling- I do not only point and shoot. I aim to always tell a story though photography. Photos are the memories we leave behind, they are small treasures and great investments .

What are you looking to create? Is there a specific style you are going for? What is the occasion?

I love being able to capture candid moments and create artistic shots. I believe that every moment is worth capturing and has the opportunity to be seen as art.

My daughter inspired me to start my own business. I fell in love with motherhood and had to find a way to spend more time with her. As an artist, I loved creating things and photography was a long time love I had since I was in high school. So, I whipped out my camera and began photographing her and before I knew, people were asking me - how much?

I want my clients to be happy and enjoy creating memories. They should choose me because I have an open mind and I am willing to listen, exchange ideas and guide them. I don't only have a trained eye, but one that looks for a story to tell.


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