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Clyde McCall

12 January 2019

One can't say enough positive things about Fredericksburg Fitness Studio. The studio is always clean, comfortable, and inviting. For one-on-one or small groups, with personal attention and guidance, their personal trainers are some of the best in the business. More...


Linda Ferguson

12 August 2018

BEST place to go for personal training in Fredericksburg and even the DMV!


Evelyn Frankle

12 August 2018

Best personal training!


Kathryn McCall

12 August 2018

Fantastic place! Talented staff!


Charles Weimer

24 May 2018

70 Year Old decided it was time to Get Up, looked around and kept coming back to FF, and so glad that I made it them. One on One without the noise of a Gym has been perfect. 3 times a week with each section being different which means we work on my complete Body. Check them out, you will be glad of the results ....... More...


Rich Gaudio

14 June 2017

If you want to combat inactivity and chronic disease or seriously make a transformation in yout fitness level, Fredericksburg Fitness is the place for you!


Mike Thompson

31 January 2017

Great People there! I have lost weight and feel much better since Fredericksburg fitness


Bernard Werwie

23 January 2017

Fredericksburg Fitness (FF) ROCKS!!! Thanks to FF I am well on my way to achieving my fitness goals in 2017. FF has a GREAT STAFF that provides customized fitness routines to individuals like me with special needs. Attending my training sessions at FF is always the highlight of my week. I am thrilled to be a client at FF and I am happy to recommend them to you without reservation - it is an investment in your health and the best money you will EVER spend. More...


Sherry McVicker Graham

17 October 2016

I love the fun and personal attention. I feel much better after every workout and actually look forward to the next one. Facility feels more like a spa than a gym. Thanks Jennifer and staff for super results and inspiration towards new goals. More...


Hilary Lee

12 August 2016

Awesome place to workout and change your lifestyle. They have helped keep me accountable for my own wellness. I really enjoy coming to the studio each week. The personalization of each session and the ‘homework’ given is remarkable. My trainer, Hilary, has been amazing in helping me stay motivated, providing various training assignments to fit my time frames and she has encouraged me to try things I didn’t believe I could do. I would recommend FF to anyone trying to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. More...


Karin A. Stadden

12 November 2015

The one-on-one training and program set up specifically to meet your individual situation is phenomenal and the trainers are impressive and mine has a great sense of humor. The private workout rooms and my choice of music lets me relax and think of only my workout and my challenges. I love it!! More...


Teri Lee Jones

14 October 2015

This group of hard working, caring and skilled folks are absolutely AWESOME!!! Go on...go hang with them. You won't regret it!!!


Donna Blalock

25 August 2015

You will never find a better place to train or people to train you no matter what your current fitness level or physical limitations or fears. Period.


Becky Collier

4 August 2015

A wonderful staff my trainer Mary is the best I could not have gotten a better trainer, we have a long way to go but it is going to be a fun ride.


Mary C.

6 February 2015

Fredericksburg Fitness is hands down the premier training studio in the area. It offers a centrally located, modern studio with some of the best/experienced trainers in the area. They train all fitness levels and have the expertise to train individuals with significant health issues and disabilities. They offer monthly educational seminars and recently added YogaFit classes to their regular schedule. The staff is focused on clients needs both physical and emotional. The business also has a licensed nutritionist on staff to address clients nutritional concerns/needs.The facility is exceptionally clean and modern, and offers complimentary towel service and  fresh fruit plus drink/coffee bar. This really is a great place to get your fitness on! More...


Howard Shank

3 June 2014

Great trainers. Awesome staff!


Carly C.

16 January 2013

This is a private personal training studio in Fredericksburg, Virginia. If you're an individual who likes your privacy and a classy, well equipped studio gym, this is the place for you. They have many unique and motivating trainers on staff. Each one offering a little something different. From zen to boot camp style, they can match you with just the right personality to motivate you to success.It's very impressive to me how well designed the building is. It's got special touches everywhere that sometimes make you feel like you're in a big fancy NYC spa rather than a little training studio in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Their bar, located in the back of the building, is always stocked with ice cold lemon water, Keurig coffee, and fruit for you to enjoy after every workout. Also their bathroom is spotless and supplied with very nicely smelling soap. These are definitely not things I've ever seen in a Sport & Health or Gold's Gym. Haha!If you want truly personalized training, in a beautiful spa-like setting, come to Fredericksburg Fitness. You and your body will be happy that you did. :) More...

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