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CrossFit Amoskeag locationBedford, NH, Hillsborough

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A World Class Strength and Conditioning Gym in Bedford, New Hampshire

With over 12,000 square feet of space, we are the largest CrossFit box in the area. We offer the most classes of the largest variety including both CrossFit Kids and Teens classes, Olympic Lifting classes, Barbell Club, along with Strongman and Yoga classes as part of your membership.

We offer all that and more.

CrossFit Amoskeag Reviews

CrossFit Amoskeag Reviews

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Joshua Gomez
5 14/08/2017 Joshua Gomez

This is one of the best CrossFit gyms in the area. The coaches and owners are all welcoming and friendly. There is regular attendance at all the classes and the other athletes are humble, helpful, and friendly no matter what their skill level is. I have made many new friends inside and outside the gym and the time quickly passes everytime I walk through the doors. It's my favorite place to be outside of my own home. I highly recommend a checking this place out. You will not be disappointed. Oh and it's dog friendly too which is an added benefit.

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Stacy Smith
5 25/05/2017 Stacy Smith

I love this place! The coaches and owners are amazing, encouraging, knowledgeable and fun. The members are all super friendly and welcoming. I've never felt so welcomed by a group of strangers before! Sometimes you can feel like an outsider going to a new gym, but I've never felt that way at CFA.
There are also a ton of class times so you always have time to make a WOD. I can't say enough awesome things about this gym!

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Thomas Sjolshagen
5 02/05/2016 Thomas Sjolshagen

CrossFit Amoskeag was my first experience with CrossFit, and it's been a very positive experience. From my first contact request to the point where I Moved out of state, Jeff and the coaches have been stellar. Being introverted, I was apprehensive about stepping into the CrossFit culture, but was quickly made to feel welcome and a part of the group. The training itself is fun, varied, and demanding, and your fellow crossfitters will make even the hardest workout seem less so.

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Christine Pratte
5 20/05/2015 Christine Pratte

I have been a part of CrossFIt Amoskeag for 4 months. Never have I ever met such informative, caring, passionate coaches as I have at CF Amoskeag. Not only are the coaches experts in their field, they take time to teach each of us individually. Always positive attitudes, always time to mentor. LOVE CF Amoskeag.

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Angela Biron
5 11/01/2015 Angela Biron

I am a newbie to CrossFit and recently joined CrossFit Amoskeag. I walked into my first OnRamp session feeling intimidated and nervous. I walked out feeling exhilarated and accomplished! The owners and trainers are welcoming, knowledgeable, genuinely caring and incredible athletes themselves. They are extremely patient, non-judgmental and make each member feel as though we are part of a community and a family. I am so grateful for the support and encouragement from this incredible group, as well as from fellow members. I am starting to feel muscles I haven't felt in years. Not only do they teach about SAFE ways to work out, but also support each member in nutrition and personal goals. I feel better physically and emotionally. There is no better feeling than to be surrounded by amazing people who make you feel like you can accomplish anything! Each time I feel like I can't accomplish a specific move, they are right there to encourage and push me through it. It's also a great stress-release after a hard day's work. I would strongly recommend CrossFit Amoskeag to anyone who wants to be supported and encouraged all within a family atmosphere.

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Megan Bartlett-Pepper
5 Megan Bartlett-Pepper

Crossfit Amoskeag is amazing!! I started in their On Ramp program at the beginning of February and absolutely love it!! The coaches and staff are the best, they are patient, supportive and always encouraging!! It truly is a great community of people with different skill levels but the same general goal, who support and cheer each other on! It's hard not to get addicted to it!!

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Jennifer Marie
5 Jennifer Marie

I love this community. This is my second family. Athletes at CFA support and encourage each other with honest passion and drive to improve no matter what your fitness level. It's the only gym I've been to where an average Joe can sit next to a Regional Competitor and have a "normal" conversation about efficient rowing technique. No egos, just hard work and good fun.

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Maureen Carbonneau
5 Maureen Carbonneau

I've never been to a place where people more authentically cared about one another's success. And with CFA, it's about success in so many ways - not just physical fitness. This is a group of people who are driven. It's people who are passionate on a whole new level. The people of CFA are a family. I'm lucky to be a part of it.

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Lisa St Onge
5 Lisa St Onge

I joined Amoskeag a few wks ago and I couldn't be more pleased! The staff is amazing, so accommodating, knowledgeable, and right beside you to help you push your body way beyond what you thought were your limits! The atmosphere is friendly, and it feels like family even after only a few weeks of training there!

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Mike Shaheen
5 Mike Shaheen

I started Crossfit at Crossfit Amoskeag in Bedford in January not knowing what exactly what to expect. The first session of the On-Ramp program was extremely difficult and I thought about giving up, but one thing I didn't expect is the camaraderie of Crossfit Amoskeag.

There is no beating around the bush, those first few weeks, I was awful at those workouts. Even one month into it, I still have trouble getting through the workouts. Not once did anyone say anything negative to me about how awful I am at some of the exercises. All the coaches and owners took the time to break it down with me to make sure that I understood what I was doing. Even if they had to pull me aside to walk me through it, they didn't mind helping me out and the other athletes didn't judge me because of it.

I am really glad I took the first step and tried Crossfit and stuck with it. I am at the point where I am getting better at everything, and I am looking forward to seeing where this journey will take me. I love the team and the athletes at Crossfit Amoskeag and couldn't imagine going anywhere else.

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Nathan Dowd
5 Nathan Dowd

Didn't take a class or am a member but I was there to assist a friend make a video. The members were all happy and supportive of each other. There were people in all stages of personal fitness development and there was no sign of judgment between them. All smiles and support. I was compelled to join but don't live close enough. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the area.

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Gene Brown
5 Gene Brown

I started going to CrossFit Amoskeag a couple of months ago. Since college football I've stayed in shape but chose not to do many lifting exercises as my elbows and shoulders have seen their share of injuries. My biggest concern was that I would feel forced to do exercises that would hurt me physically in the long run (and make current injuries worse). This was totally not the case. Unlike other CF gyms or how they're perceived, CF Amoskeag provides a totally different attitude and atmosphere. Not once have I felt pressured to do an exercise I don't want to. If anything, the coaches will always find me an alternative to get just as good of a workout as the original. Many of them have PT and trainer backgrounds so they are big advocates of mobility and stretching. My advice is give it a try... It's addicting, challenging, but most importantly rewarding. You meet some pretty cool people along the way as well...

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Meredith Alexandra
5 Meredith Alexandra

I was so nervous to start Crossfit but really needed to make a change. As soon as I walked into Crossfit Amoskeag, I knew it was exactly where I needed to be. I started a little over a month ago and I have seen so many changes in myself that wouldn't have been possible without all the incredible coaching and people at CFA. I can't wait to continue my fitness journey here for a long time to come! :)

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Anne Brown
5 Anne Brown

Jeff and crew were fabulous in letting me work out there with my visit back to the Manchester area for the week.
The most professional crew that has amore than average ability to coach, mentor and train. Their programming is thought out and well designed. I loved that they have a Teens class, kids class yoga and an invite side to boot! The space is large and you don't have to worry about dropping weights or missing lifts here. Plenty of equipment to go around and room for more!
Thank you guys!!

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Joe Chinnici
5 Joe Chinnici

For those of you who are taking the time to read this review, I thank you. You are probably scanning the reviews, trying to find something that relates to your level of experience. Well if you are new to Crossfit or weightlifting of any kind, I highly recommend Crossfit Amoskeag. After the terrific introduction classes were finished, the attention the coaches continue to provide is excellent. Doing things the right way is a priority at CFA. And it's not just for newbies like me as I see it with seasoned athletes as well. Shout out also to the friendly and supportive athletes that you share the floor with. I never thought I could do what I've accomplished already but CFA helped make it possible!

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Rob Miller
5 Rob Miller

Great place to drop in at if you are passing through. Friendly community and knowledgeable coaches.

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Kevin Charland
5 Kevin Charland

Hit this box up if you are in the area. Large facility with plenty of equipment. The owners and coaching staff are very knowledgeable and accommodating. Zack was the coach this morning. He was able to point out some areas that I needed to work on to improve my form and is very high energy. Thanks to the athletes that were in my class. You were all friendly and welcoming, going out of your way to introduce yourselves and say hello. I'll come again.

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Gene Bova
5 Gene Bova

I would highly recommend Crossfit Amoskeag as a gym to visit as a drop-in, or if you are considering joining up as a full time member. The owners are very family orientated, the members are a wide range of skill levels and abilities, but there is mutual respect/admiration across the board. The coaching, equipment, facilities, and amenities are top of the range. All in all come check this place out!!!

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Susan Kovach
5 Susan Kovach

So my 1 year anniversary of starting On Ramp and joining CrossFit Amoskeag is coming up in a few weeks so I felt it was fitting that I finally leave a review. Anyone reading this who has negative thoughts about CrossFit, I was there too. I’m a total hypocrite because before I joined, I had nothing good to say about the sport and was such a hater. However, last fall, I was bored with the classes at my previous gym and need a change; something more challenging. My friend, who is a member of CFA, convinced me to give it a shot and I’m so glad she did. It’s been a long journey and the first few months were rough but the more you stick with it, the better it gets. The moves and lifts can be extremely frustrating but once you learn them, it’s so exciting to watch yourself improve. I am stronger than ever and my endurance is getting better. The gym itself is awesome – really spacious and with cubbies for your gear. The gym offers numerous classes during the week, along with the daily WODs. There is even yoga twice a week! The Heritage Trail in Bedford runs behind the gym which we use during WODs occasionally and I’ve used them for my own runs after class. The owners are accommodating and helpful. If you are lucky, they may just pop in and join the class you’re in. I can’t say enough good things about the coaches at CFA. They are extremely knowledgeable. Not only that, but they truly care about the safety of the members. They know how to encourage us but not push us to do something that will result in injury. They are all so supportive. I have to give a special shout out to coach Zach though, who I have worked with probably 95% of the time I’ve been at CFA. He is incredibly helpful and makes sure you understand each move completely before the work out begins. He’s the best DJ and keeps everyone laughing with his dance moves and ridiculous analogies. He also has the patience of a saint when it comes to putting up with my never ending questions – Zach you are so great at what you do, thank you! Keep up the good work! Lastly, I know the idea of joining a CrossFit gym can be so intimidating but the people at CFA are so warm and welcoming. It doesn’t matter who you talk to or what their athletic ability may be, everyone does such a great job making new members feel comfortable. I’ve made so many great connections in the past year. The community is such a huge part of what CrossFit is and CFA goes above and beyond. I could go on and on but basically, the important thing is to give it a shot if you are curious or looking to get out of your comfort zone, you will not be disappointed!!!

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Mat Cote
5 Mat Cote

Beautiful facility and friendly community. I competed in their New England Co-Ed Comp this November and really enjoyed my time there. Jeff, Bob, and Mike were very welcoming to everyone not only competing but also spectating. As a box owner myself it’s great to see other good facilities with great owners in the area.

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Monica Leap
5 Monica Leap

Here is another five-star review... I would make it ten if it were an option!

I've been at CFA for one month and it has been a blast. I've been to a couple other crossfit gyms in southern NH, and I love this one because it is one with not only big muscles but also a big heart. Everyone across the board has been super friendly and encouraging. No meatheads or popular crowds, just friends working out together and encouraging each other along the way.

Regardless of where you start physically, the Coaches offer a variety of options to scale back to fit your needs and goals. You never feel judged, just supported. There is a good mix of guys and girls, with a whole range of ages, abilities, and body types.

I worked almost exclusively with Coach Zach, just because of my schedule, and couldn't have been luckier. He is the best! High energy, hilarious, focused on form over fast and furious failing motions, pushes you to do your best, but understands everybody's body is different. He also has a killer taste in music.

CFA rocks my work out socks.

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by David Isaacks
5 David Isaacks

Great facility with top-notch equipment! Coaches were knowledgeable and accommodating, the athletes were amazing and couldn’t have asked for better workout partners away from home! Thanks for the home away from home!

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Nerijus Daržinskas
5 Nerijus Daržinskas

This is the place to go regardless of your fitness level. Great facility, equipment, location and outstanding coaching. Had really awesome experience here.

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Chris Gonyea
5 Chris Gonyea

Truly a great community and box. The coaches are amazing, the people are great, and the gym has a ton of room to do your workout in. I've made more strides fitness wise in 6 months than I have done in my entire life. Despite being close to the ultimate newbie, everyone is incredibly welcoming and helpful.

Review of CrossFit Amoskeag by Paige Prezlock
5 Paige Prezlock

I was openly welcomed into this beautiful facility by the owners, coaches, and fellow members. They have many other program options aside from the normal CrossFit class, such as Body Building, Yoga, Oly classes, and more. They put on amazing events for members and outside boxes that are not only challenging, but incredibly fun. I'm sad to move away from this gym, but know that my time here was very well spent. I highly recommend this gym to anyone of any level.

CrossFit Amoskeag

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