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Cole Busby

20 May 2019

Very nice and friendly wait staff who are very knowledgeable about the animals being kennelled. The staff are very accommodating and only want the best for your pet. 10/10 would recommend


Rugged Rosaries

18 May 2019

Best dog kennels in town!


Rich Castro

25 April 2019

Best place for short or long term care, we had a house fire and they took 5 of our kitties and our 2 dogs and they were wonderful, 13 months to rebuild our house and C R Ranch and it's staff were wonderful and our fur kids came home safe and a little chunkier. Lol which tells me they had excellent care. Thank you guys each and everyone from the office to the care givers and anyone I missed. We we're blessed to have you take care of our fur kids. More...


Amelia Bryan

9 March 2019

Excellent, Profesional service!


Cindy Steele

27 September 2018

Lots for your dogs to do pool, large enclosed area for them to run and play


Barbara Brown

27 September 2018

C & R Ranch is the best place to board your dog in Modesto. I know my dog will be taken care of when I go out of town. She loves it there.


Irene Briggs

28 August 2018

Like this place very much! Nice employees!


Merry Hoffman

9 August 2018

Molly loves CR Ranch and so do I!


Doug M Steele

9 August 2018

Great place to leave your pet. Our dogs love going to C R Ranch.


john cole

9 August 2018

Bring our dog here all the time. Very good with him


Courtney Considine

25 May 2018

I LOVE this place. My pup had a hard time adjusting to his stay and the staff went out of their way to help him feel comfortable. They are so sweet to him when he's there - I truly feel like they take care of my dog like I take care of my dog. Now, when I drop him off, it's clear he is happy to be there. I highly recommend - it's money well spent for peace of mind and a happy pup. More...


casey cooper

25 May 2018

Love it here! My pups are always excited to come and they take great care of them.


Shane Kensey

9 August 2017

Very good!


Lane Jenkins

25 May 2017

The best staff and super Clean facility. I highly recommend this place! My dog loved it here and can't wait to take him back.The big pastures are great for the dogs, giving them tons of exercise. More...


Martha Escutia

9 August 2016

The staff from CR Ranch Pet-O-Tel is very nice and understanding. My 1 year old yorkie loves going here and comes back home very happy. The staff from CR Ranch treats her like she was their own . The dogs here get plenty of exercise in the big play yards that have toys to play with. The location is also great. It is in a quiet place .Love this place! It's the only place I will leave my dog!!☺ More...


Lynda Rodig

9 August 2016

This is our favorite place to leave our Border Collie, Chaz. He's an old, unsocialized boy, and since the death of our other dog, he has been very lonely. Not only does he get specialized care, they have found him "old friends" to play with - he doesn't even look back when we leave him now! This place is a God-send for people who love their pets. More...


Andrea Saltmarsh

9 August 2016

CR Ranch Pet-O-Tel is the only place my partner and I would ever think of boarding our dog. We have a 6 month old pitbull who is extremely friendly and loves other dogs. Prior to being able to board him, we had to have an evaluation (which is totally understandable based on the breed of our dog). Our first impression was how clean and spacious the grounds were. The staff was so accommodating and friendly and treated our dog like it was there own. He has gone for daycare and for weekend boarding for our trips away from home that we can not bring him. They also will text video and pictures of the dog if requested which puts us at ease knowing how happy he is running around and making new friends. I wouldn't board or trust my dog anywhere else. Thank you to the staff and owner for everything you do! More...


Cristiabel Mentac

25 May 2016

It was a short notice and they accept my boxers last minute. My boxers loves this place... Trust me I never leave my dogs anywhere or trust anyone to take care of my boxers but my dogs love this place... The staff was also a plus due to the fact that we can call them and they took pictures which made me feel better. I will definitely go back to them again.... More...


Jeff Dalla

9 August 2015

Really nice place!



9 October 2010

Best in town and I have checked all the others. My 3 cocker spaniels love the ranch. Enclosed huge grass play area. They cater to my dogs and staff is great. Totally disagree with the bad review posted. More...



19 August 2010

I normally would never leave a bad review but this case deserves it. On July 24 we spoke to a lady at this company. We explained we were from out of town traveling to a near by lake that does not allow any pets & we would be dropping our dog off on July 27 about 5pm. She gave us a list of shots required for California & we took our dog to a local vet on July 24 & had all of his vaccinations completed at her request. We stated our dog was a friendly family pit bull & she said that is no problem, they take pit bulls often. We faxed the vaccination records to this company. July 27 we drove 200+ miles to reach their location & along the way we telephoned them, Doug the owner answered. We explained who we were, where we were coming from & that we had confirmed with his company a few days prior. Doug said ""She allows pit bulls but I do not"". We explained we confirmed his stay, there are pit bulls on property already, he said I know but if I answer the phone I do not allow them and it's getting late in the afternoon so you will have to find somewhere else to put your pet. I explained we have reservations and cannot take the pet, his answer was ""I do not care, I will not take your pet, it is late in the afternoon and I don't have time"". Unfortinatly we were forced to cancel our reservation at the lake for the week and we had to drive up north and find somewhere else to vacation thanks to Doug and his bad attitude. I SUGGEST ANYONE EVEN THINKING ABOUT BOARDING A PET AT THIS RESORT TO LOOK ELSEWHERE. THIS IS NOT THE WAY PET RESORTS TREAT THERE CUSTOMERS & I KNOW THIS BECAUSE WE TRAVEL OFTEN AND BOARD OUR DOG IN MANY DIFFERENT PET RESORTS ALONG THE WAY. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SERVICE BY DOUG AT CR RANCH PET RESORT RANCH IN MODESTO, CALIFORNIA More...


Angela Wright

Ameerah loves this place! She is so excited when we pull into the parking lot she can barely control herself!


Supersam Samsara

Today we went to visit CR Ranch for a tour, Lori is very helpful, friendly and accommodating. The place is awesome and will sure to take our little"Lucky" we know he will be in good hands!


Marc Bergman

It's been a few years since we've boarded our dog(s) here (they usually go with us), but due to the nature of what we were doing this trip we decided to call CR Ranch. Tried a place MUCH closer to home, but nobody beats CR. Nothing but trust for the folks there. More...


Carrie Stepp Duckart

Our Millie had the best time! We won't hesitate to leave her with the team at CR, she was well taken care of!


Alan Miracle

i left food for my dogs jade and bear, but they didn't use it. they said they don't accept it. well, I don't accept that. i will never take my dogs there again. More...


Karen Davis

Willow has stayed at CR Ranch many times. She is always well taken care of. Best of all she comes home a sleepy dog from all the playing.


Brian Brazeal

Or dogs love going here and getting to play. That are always super nice and provide amazing service.


Shawna Walden

I have brought my puppy here one other time before, they were wonderful with her! I just dropped her off again today for 11 days � I hope she has a great time!! Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!!


Johni Renay Melden

Thank you crew at CR Ranch for taking care of Bodie and Pickle for a week! You we're so kind to keep us posted on there days and even send picture text. You made my family vacation better knowing my boys we're in good hands! I will recommend you to everyone, thank you again! More...


O'Dell Thomas Ixchel

I was not to sure when I left my 3 babies. As I saw some post and pictures , I felt better about leaving them their for the first time They did great happy ,good report card,they didn't smell like kennel ,beds were washed and my little princess was pampered. I also loved that they interact with others and did well. Thank you to the staff for taking wonderful care of my babies❤️Gallo,Colby,Khloe More...


Mia Barnett

Thank you so much for all the love and care you have to Josh dog. I was so nervous to leave my baby for our trip to Hawaii. I am so
Grateful to have found CR Ranch. Josh dog had a great time and came home happy, healthy, clean, and smelling great!! Thank you to all the staff. We loved getting picture updates of our little guy. On our next trip we will definitely be boarding Josh with his friends and CR ranch.n


Michelle Griffith

Izzy and I LOVE CR Ranch!!! From the moment I open the car door and she smells where we've arrived, she wants to bolt to the office door and is excited to go in and visit everyone at the front desk! Everyone there is wonderful, and it is such an amazing feeling to know your dog is excited to stay and play...that speaks volumes!!! More...


Bridgette Simons

I boarded my husky mix, Memphis, for the first time this past week (tue-thursday) and was a very worried pup parent. They were very kind and understanding. I went and toured the place by myself before bringing him and immediately loved it and the space they had. I also liked that I could bring his food, toys, and blankets from home to make it easier on him. They even had room for him on very short notice! I got him back today and he was very happy and very tired from so much fun! I loved how his things were ready to go when I got there and he was out playing. They also knew who I was and which pup I belonged to. I have a lot of trips coming up this summer and wouldn't even think of going anywhere else! Thank you!!! More...


Laura Nance

Dropped our sweet boy off, and he was at CR Ranch for 4 full days and 2 partial days. They took great care of our dog who is a rescue. He was a little stressed when we left him (because of his rescue/shuffling around situation before we got him), but I was quickly reassured by photos on Facebook that he was having a blast with the other dogs. CR Ranch bathed him and washed his blanket and bed before he came home. Such a great experience for our first time boarding a pet. We will definitely use CR Ranch again!!! More...


Charlotte Hamilton

Maggie and Charlie spent two weeks at CR Ranch while I was in Europe and they had a great time! I saw pictures of them playing in the yard fetching balls and swimming in the pool. When I got them home they were happy and exhausted from having such great time. The people are very sweet to my dogs and truly seemed to really care about the dogs there! We will definitely be back! More...


Mary Lou Howell

Sadie's, our 7 mo old Rottie, stayed st C R for 15 days while we were on vacation. I think Sadie had a better vacation than we did. The smiles in her face running through the water said it all. I think she is bored at home now. Thank you C R Ranch for taking such good care of Sadie. I loved getting pictures on FB and Instagram while half way around the world. I'm sure Sadie is anxious to come back. More...


Sandra Fabbri

What a truly beautiful place. The staff is wonderful very professional and my dogs were down there today for some doggie day care. Its nice to have a place to bring your furry family members and know that they will be given 5 star service. In fact its so nice and peaceful there I may want to check in for a few days.!! More...


Vivian Perez Crowley

I’ve been checking on Zoey, the Corgi, for my niece who is overseas. I don’t think Zoey would want to leave the ranch! Everyday I called, nothing but good news! She is so happy there! She met a lot of new friends of different breeds! It’s now her heaven on earth!Thanks, CR Ranch Petotel! More...


Sherri Mcgue

We brought our 4 month old puppy golden retriever there and we were very nervous new parents. The staff is wonderful and put up with me calling to check on him. They also post pictures on FB which is nice to see the dogs in play. My only wish (because there isn’t pictures of each dog every day) is that they would post more pictures. Post each dog’s photo each day. My daughter has a kennel in LA that posts 250 pictures mixed with all the dogs each day so there is always at least one of yours. Besides this I think they are fantastic and definitely will be boarding my pup again. More...


USarmyveteran Richard Castro

They are taking great care of our fur babies, they call every time there is a concern and I really like that they post pictures so we can see them. And also we asked them to keep our two dogs together, they agreed and are very professional, and the fact that from what I see they are all animal lovers. So I don't worry about them. Even though this is the first time our babies have been away from us, I feel comfortable having such wonderful people taking care of them for us. More...

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