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Certified Counselor and life experience in Addiction, Grief and Trauma. Life mentor and coach. Non-denominational meditations and spiritual counseling. Founder of Grieving Anonymous.


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I provide counseling for those who are new to recovery and need a mentor and counselor who has traveled the same journey, experiencing the same challenges. To develop the tools needed to decrease the changes of relapse.

To assist individuals and families in their most challenging time. Experiencing loss of a loved one, relationship, job or even object can be overwhelming. I use several techniques to help gain understanding as to how we can process our feelings, the root cause of the pain, how to remove the suffering and other emotional conflicts. I founded Grieving Anonymous that utilizes a 12 step approach to grieving and healing.

Trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is more common and misunderstood. It can cause physical symptoms if not addressed through counseling and medication. The good news is that through facing the event(s) and fears, discussing and addressing the root cause; traumatic events can be overcome. They do not have to keep you an emotional prisoner nor make you avoid situations that may be a "trigger"