"Laura hit her targets with her new personal trainer."

"Bernie and Anna had an amazing wedding day."

"Chris got his new house decorated trouble free."


Find the right pro

Find local service professionals, quick and easy.

Bark is the best way to find local professionals online. You could save hours of time and hassle - and save money too!

Nick Hewer

How it works

Bark is the fastest, easiest way to find local professionals

Tell us what you need

Looking for a painter? Personal trainer? Someone to groom the dog? It takes seconds to tell us - then your work is done!

We’ll find pros to help

We do all the running around for you....contacting local professionals, saving you hours of time.

Pick the best pro for the job

We'll tell you when pros reply. View their messages on Bark to see what they can offer. You can contact any that sound good.

Customer Stories

We have helped thousands of customers find what they need


"Such a great free service - it saved me so much time. Quick, easy, hassle free - and I found my perfect personal trainer!"



"I had no idea how I was going to find a caterer. But I just announced it on Bark.com, and received several great quotes."

TRISHA JONES, Manchester


"Thanks to Bark I spoke to everyone on the market, in less than 24 hours and without having to lift a finger - great!"

CHRIS DAY, Cardiff


"We spent days trying to find a wedding photographer before trying Bark. I wish we'd used Bark right from the start."


Bark is better

We work for you - for free. Unlike other services, we won't sell you out

Avoid wasting time on search engines & directories

We've all been there. Searching Google for hours, contacting people, leaving messages and getting no replies. It's so frustrating!

Bark is better. We do all the asking for you. The pros who reply are the ones genuinely interested and want to help you!

Better than so called 'Trusted Marketplaces'

Beware of Internet services that make a fortune by selling on your requirements to a narrow group of the same old traders.

Bark is different. We contact every pro we can - not just the ones signed up to Bark. That way, you get the widest and best choice possible.

Stay organised and keep your details private

Sometimes it's easy to lose people's estimates and contact details. But Bark keeps everything safe in your inbox. Simple!

We keep your personal contact details private too - so you're not pestered by anyone. You decide which pros you'd like to talk with. You're always in charge.

Smart people & technology

Bark is a Great British success story - with a team of bright people that care about great customer service. After all, we use Bark ourselves too!

We're not greedy. We don't block conversations or demand money from everyone. Bark is privately financed to help us make finding local professionals as easy as possible.





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