ZSAL LIVINGROOM INC locationCollege Heights, California

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Review of ZSAL LIVINGROOM INC by Shreyas Muthkur
5 08/07/2018 Shreyas Muthkur

A great hookah place to hangout with friends and great ambience and crowd. Of course the waitress are pretty and love their accent.

Review of ZSAL LIVINGROOM INC by Tara Timm
4 17/06/2018 Tara Timm

Kind of crowded also customer service was nice and humorous ! it was fine i had a black bean chicken burrito cheese was melted to perfection but wasn't impressed with the prepackaged/chicken cubes you buy at the store taste. I feel like it ruined the taste/quality of the burrito. However, my dad orderd a side of their greek salad it was heavily dressed but pretty good and fresh tasting. I also ordered The beef minestrone soup it was so good.

Review of ZSAL LIVINGROOM INC by Eleonor England
5 05/06/2018 Eleonor England

Coffee is good. No gluten free pastries that are safe for celiac so I just get caffeine. You can see the ocean from the windows and I like to sit there and open the windows to hear the ocean and feel the breeze. It's amazing.

Review of ZSAL LIVINGROOM INC by Dennis Krygier
5 11/05/2018 Dennis Krygier

Ordered coffee with a shot of Jameson and an iced tea, then went upstairs to enjoy the ocean view. There were a couple people in the hookah lounge, but that wasn't my cup of tea. Nice selection of snacks too.

Review of ZSAL LIVINGROOM INC by Brett Littlewood ૐ
4 20/04/2018 Brett Littlewood ૐ

They have hookah, wine, beer and food. The vibe feels a lot like a cafe you'd find in France or somewhere in Europe. It is 2 stories, so make sure you check out the upstairs for the ocean view seats. People watching is good, food is a 3 out of 5 but I think the coffee and pastries make up the difference. There are always people working or meeting friends or reading. It's a very active place with (mainly) a younger crowd. Great spot, I love it.

Review of ZSAL LIVINGROOM INC by Tran Sung
2 09/04/2018 Tran Sung

Alright cafe, alright hookah and decent wine and beer selection but poor customer service. Probably, dare I say, one of the worst customer services in hookah cafes in San Diego. They seem to give no fcks if you're an reoccurring customer who always tips great or not. Matter of fact it seems like they value new faces more than repeated patrons! Your hookah session will most likely be interrupted(cut-short) because they want to close early or because they have private group they want to entertain... Its all based on their whim! Their posted hours are completely unreliable because its based on that particular night and how they feel. Unacceptable!

Also, you'll have to go up front to their cashier for almost anything you need. Even coal shortage needs to be addressed up front as they rarely check up on you. And to be frank, as one of the most expensive hookah lounges in SD That's simply unacceptable!That's no way to treat your patrons! Disappointed!

Review of ZSAL LIVINGROOM INC by Rohit Kumar
4 02/04/2018 Rohit Kumar

Good hookah. The service was a bit slow. Also, the kitchen closes by 10, so make sure you order food before it. Else you will have to satisfy with hummus and pita.

Review of ZSAL LIVINGROOM INC by Randa jesus
3 23/03/2018 Randa jesus

Everytime I go their the food is great, and service is fast and good. last time I went, the waitress messed up our order, my sister told me that she always does that, she tries to memorize your order and doesn't write it down.. and guess what? whatever you modified is all wrong. we had to send the food back so they can make it correctly.. after we told her that the order wasn't made correctly, she didn't even say sorry or show that she cares. AGAIN, FOOD ALWAYS TASTES GREAT, the service of some staff members needs to improve!

Review of ZSAL LIVINGROOM INC by Christopher Focht
4 08/03/2018 Christopher Focht

Good food and smoothies. Menu featured some items they no longer served and the clam chowder was a bit weak. The salad was excellent though.

Review of ZSAL LIVINGROOM INC by Nany Matar
2 26/02/2018 Nany Matar

I waited 20 minutes in the Hookah lounge waiting for somebody to acknowledge me and i’m Still waiting .... it’s a nice place but customer service obviously sucks !!

Review of ZSAL LIVINGROOM INC by Lorelei Livesay
5 24/02/2018 Lorelei Livesay

This is very cute place overlooking La Jolla Cove. Great coffee drinks and bites. I had an egg bowl which was delicious and presented well. Their desserts are scrumptious looking!

Review of ZSAL LIVINGROOM INC by Connie Newgard
5 21/02/2018 Connie Newgard

As I was looking for a light dinner for my family in the evening, I found living Room Coffee had everything at 7:30 pm. Soup, sandwhiches, salads and something to drink. Italian! Charming service. Its tucked away on Prospect...don't miss it. A nice alternative eaterie/coffee establishment. That's what I love about La Jolla, fun choices. Makes life simpler, but special.

Review of ZSAL LIVINGROOM INC by aaron the dazed
3 28/01/2018 aaron the dazed

I really like Living Room's atmosphere, it's a great place to ride out a mellow buzz with a cup of coffee at 1:00 am. That said, it seems a lot of drunks frequent the area at night, which is particularly unfortunate if you're sitting outside. So, people on the patio, beware harassment. Their coffee and tea was just alright, but their staff were very kind & mindful. I'm sure I'll be back in the near future to try more, though. ♡
+++Bonus: progressive unisex restrooms (thank you LR) +++

Review of ZSAL LIVINGROOM INC by Giovanni Ruiz
3 30/11/2017 Giovanni Ruiz

The Living Room Coffeehouse was busy when we went in for lunch on a Friday. The service was okay. Food was okay. Overall it was an okay experience. The restaurant entrance seemed slightly confusing with stairs leading up and down and no signage for which way lead to what. The restaurant seemed slightly dirty at the time we went. My group all ordered sandwiches and they were decent. Not the worst place to grab food but also not the best.

Review of ZSAL LIVINGROOM INC by Sophia Ege
5 29/08/2017 Sophia Ege

I happen to find myself here every time it rains in San Diego. You can enjoy looking through the large windows in the back, sipping hot coffee and socializing or reading a book. I happen to really enjoy the Spanish guitar music they used to play, and am a little sad that they've turned to pop, which to me seems out of place for such a nostalgic venue, with its nice paintings and velvet chairs. When it comes to the food, I struggle sometimes to find something vegetarian friendly but overall what we order is very good. It's a nice place to take writers, artists, grad students, and older relatives, although families with small children seem to enjoy it from time to time too.


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