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I'm always excited to capture something fun and awesome happening, even if I'm making it happen. Sometimes, that fun is captured from the ground, and other times, it's from the air. Either way, I love being there and getting "that shot" on camera. And no matter what, "that shot" happens during every project.

My wife is the main reason I started my own business. She inspired me, and encouraged me to take action and start making money for myself, rather than using my skills to make money for someone else. Also, I had a strong interest in flight. Obtaining my commercial drone license was a big step in a direction I longed to go, mixing my current skills in camera work with new skills in flight.

My clients like the custom service I provide. I work with each client personally, using my 25 years' experience in broadcast television production to help, guide, encourage, and build their project. I want customers to not only be satisfied and feel they received great service and a great product, but I want them to get results from their product so that they are encouraged to come back and make more.