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Whether it be a love story through engagement/wedding photography, a documentary through event/portraiture/candid shooting, or editorial fashion/modeling sessions; I aim to personalize each session based on the client’s needs.

I pride myself on my ability to capture the spirit of each event, and I look forward to capturing YOUR memories.


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Robbo Fitzgibbons

27 April 2019

fly fotographer nuff said


Yesha McKay Jackson

25 July 2018

Official Photographer of Vintage IN Fashion Shows. Highland Inn, Atlanta, GA.


Pradeep Verghese

25 July 2018

Great at capturing a vibe, cheer to the good eyes!


Pearl Fils-Aime

25 July 2018

One of the best!! The Usual Suspects consistently provide quality images and a pleasure to work with!


Brian Busto

25 July 2018

The best photographers are the ones you don't really know are there. Usual Suspects fall under that description.


Jacqueline Ward

25 July 2018

Professional service and outstanding photography!!


Linda Pearl

6 August 2017

One of the best!! The Usual Suspects consistently provide quality images and a pleasure to work with!

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I have always felt that the MOST important key to taking great photographs is having a true love and appreciation for the art. I do not approach photography as a job - I approach it as a passion, and this is reflected in my images.

Tell me a little about yourself.
What is your desired outcome of this project (photo style, possible publication, etc)
Who are some of your favorite music artists (if this is a portrait session music will be playing and fun will be had)
Are you ready to have some fun?

I love getting to know every one of my clients and bringing out their inner beauty without the need for excessive editing/airbrushing.

It was a natural progression. I have always had a love for photography (from childhood). Over time I noticed that I was receiving more inquiries for professional work (and was turning them down, as I did not see myself as a professional). Eventually I came to my senses and realized that there is nothing better than building a business out of something I love to do.

I offer a unique almost candid style of capturing images that focuses on the natural beauty of my clients and true atmosphere of events. This results in more natural images that are not overly dependent on canned poses or post-session editing.