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I'm a veteran athletic coach, life coach and wellness trainer who produces and performs in live action extreme sports events at the age of 56 - so I understand aging, training, nutrition and most importantly the mind/spirit connection! Tommy has appeared on all three Detroit area news stations many times plus a host of other media related events.


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Aiden Kesser

2 August 2019

Typhoon Tommy Entertainment offers high octane fun for the whole family! He's open to questions and a tremendous asset to any outdoor event!


Tommy Nuttall

1 August 2018

Special THANK YOU to the fans, athletes, and all the people involved to make these events happen.

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The first thing is to meet with them, listen to their needs and just get started. I believe basics are key and if we stick to the basics results will follow.

Take your time and stay on the program - persistence.

I get so fired up when clients tell me I'm feeling less tight or I sleep better now. I just really enjoy helping people reach goals and feel better.

Really the client should choose someone they are comfortable with, but I have vast coaching experience since 1987 and I'm super positive.