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Michael Moo Young

3 March 2019

insightful and adventurous are two words that can barely do just justice to this wonderful human being. Not mention a keen eye for photography.


Matthew Semar

14 November 2018

Tracy has a unique ability to capture obscure images that not only intrigue a persons imagination but spark creative thought. I recommend her as a photographer in ANY realm; she certainly qaulifies as a top artist, complemented with a intellegent mind. More...


Steve Kelly

11 November 2018

Tracey has an eye for photography that sets her apart, her enthusiasm to share knowledge and discuss ways to compliment your skills with her unparrelled experience make her a phenomenal artist in her field.


Dawn Corcoran Burke

31 August 2018

Brilliant photographer, an all around Renaiisance woman!


Kelly Jett

9 August 2018

Tracey is always so informative and knowledgeable. Love her creativity and cordial personality � you’re the best Tracey!

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