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Keith-Phelicity Hecht

29 January 2019

They really do care about their clients. Gina VanOrt is my clinician and she's wonderful. Very knowledgeable and compassionate.


Michelle Davick

30 December 2018

They've helped my family in tremendous ways


Tsukiko Brown

30 November 2018

Everyone here is so nice! Gina (the anxiety group leader) is amazing. She taught me a lot of great coping skills that I use whenever I am starting to have a panic attack. And they help!!!! She also taught me about radical acceptance which has lead me down a healing path I’ve waited my entire life for. Also, Jessica S is really nice and helpful! She was able to get me clothes when all I had was a backpack with a few outfits. I don’t know if they will read this but I just want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me. You guys made a huge difference in my life and I will never forget it. More...



1 September 2018

I don't know what I'd do without the many facets of Summit Stone. I've been utilizing their services for 4 1/2 years and they have always met me right where I am. Please give them a try and be open to the process of therapy and treatment. More...


Pam Berry-Santana

22 August 2018

It helps to get help when you really need it!


Thelma Davi

22 August 2018

Best Recovery Place Ever


Kevin Quigley

22 August 2018

SummitStone is an outstanding place for Mental health care, treatment & support!! Iv been very surprised at the level, quality & diversity in services & supports that exist at Summitstone that serve & treat those of us who need some level of: Psychological, Emotional, Family services, &/or Mental Health treatment. In my opinion, at SummitStone, There is some sort of Mental Health care &/or support that could almost fit any type of need, severity or otherwise-, almost around the clock every day of the year. Something for everyone. Iv been going there for Mental health treatment for 4 years, & have suffered nearly all of my 46 years- & i cant say enough for how great the place has been for me, & my family. It has been a life-saving treatment & support facilty for me! Iv received a lot of Mental healthcare & support over the years at many different places, & i rate the quality of SummitStones treatment & care, up there with the best. A fantastic & supportive place to get Mental/ & Emotional health care help & support. The Staff & employees go way beyond the accepted norm, far exceeding expectations, with their services & supports for individuals, families & the community they serve, trying to do what they can to make a positive difference. I love this company. Me & the quality of my life/ health would not be where it is, without Summitstone. They are absolutely First Rate in the Quality of care they provide!! More...


Jenny Cross

22 August 2018

I have gone to touch stone for many issues over the last 7 years or so. I love the staff the girls at the front have been amazing. The classes I've taken with DV, anger management, dbt, relapse classes and one on one help with two therapists have all been great. If it was not for all of them I wouldn't of made it through the hardest times in my life. More...


Ashley Lauvn

22 August 2018

I had originally went to the walk-in crisis center in Fort Collins. Natasha was wonderful! She was very patient, kind and comforting. She set me up with a counselor at the Loveland location since I live in Loveland. I had my first appointment with a counselor the other day at the Loveland location. I was greeted by my counselor who within a minute or two was able to calm the high anxiety I had. Being a person who has a hard time confiding in others when I am down, I found it easy to talk to my counselor about everything. So far they have been very professional, caring and very knowledgable. I am looking forward to my next two appointments. I am putting my faith in my counselor as well as myself, in hopes that we can get me back on the right track and able to cope with my grief. The staff at the front desk was helpful and very nice. I like how there are various things posted on the bulletin board as well for things such as grief, healthy relationships and etc. I am new to this area as well and believe group therapy can be a great way to cope with various issues such as grief. It helps to know that you are not alone and that there are people willing to help. Just want to say thank you and I look forward to working with my counselor Cindy. More...


David Bublitz

22 August 2018

Always a positive expereience. People at the reception desk are pleasant and efficient getting clients checked in quickly and smoothly.
I met Robert Owens my new psych meds provider for the first time.
He has wonderful nurse who took vitals and things going in a very relaxed manner.
It was the first visit with Robert Owens my new meds provider. He's young, new to Fort Collins and was genuinely prepared for our first visit. He said that he studies files of new patients in advance and it showed. The appointment hit the ground running.
He is a really good listener and took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns. I've gone thru a few psych personnel and it's good to hear that he plans on being here for a good long while.
He tweaked a few meds at my suggestion. A little at a time. Things are moving in the right direction.
Thank you to Summit Stone.


Emily c

2 August 2018

I started here in very poor physical and mental conditions. Although I don't feel I was properly assessed, I eventually made it into Bob K's group and from there made tremendous progress. Even though I could have graduated several times over, I've chosen to keep attending the group and have made lifelong friends who know what real suffering and support are. Truly this place has saved my life, along with many others. I suggest that newcomers don't attend "just to get through it" and get their paperwork signed, but rather embrace the best support you'll ever find. More...


s lamb

20 September 2017

I have been up and down on a high dose of benzodiazepines for about 15 years.it time to lower my dose to something safe.I went and saw the doctor in Loveland and she was nothing but good to me and willing to help in everyway. Thank you for your help today .I really needed it More...


Trish Bowen

29 May 2017

Shout out to the HR Department at Summtstone. Diane and Karen are amazing to work with. They have wonderful communication skills and are on top of their game. Summitstone is fortunate to have such a caring and excellent HR team! More...


Annie McCoppin

29 May 2017

Everyone is very caring and genuinely cares about your recovery. The groups are a great resource and the individual counseling gives a good foundation to build your recovery on. It's the only place that has helped me! More...

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