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31 October 2018

Been working with John and Sing for over three years now, and they have built our company a strong foundation on the web, for sure! Super trustworthy, fair in pricing, and communication is fast! If I e-mailed them, they would get back to me within the same day, and have an answer to my question, and if not, they would research it and not just throw out any old answer to appease me. Happy I found them, and happy to say that I would absolutely recommend them. If I HAD to pick on something, I would say that they are super professional, and YOU (as the business owner) should keep up with copy, blogs, and such, because they are not there to babysit you. I could have probably done a better job of reaching out and providing content to them. They won't babysit you, and I guess I can't blame them. If you are looking for a company that knows the ins and outs of web design, marketing, and an honest company... this is them. If you aren't willing to do work yourself, and communicate, then Sting isn't for you. More...

31 October 2018

John and his team have worked hard to get the sites designed and live, and to get our SEO producing results quickly. They have delivered over and above in what was a tricky initial integration.

31 October 2018

John Ayers and his team at Sting have been excellent marketing partners. They are responsive, creative and have produced excellent quality website, cut sheets, video and an overall excellent sales and marketing strategy. Would highly recommend Sting.

29 May 2018

A very nice digital marketing firm. They have experts in different areas of digital marketing, and people are super friendly and creative and know what they are doing.

28 May 2017

Exemplary performance!

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