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Gretchen Walter

Great small studio! They are very welcoming and helpful. I have taken two classes with different instructors and they were both excellent!


Amy Tanner

Love this place! Always a good workout, and great instructors & music to get you through it.


Ron Dina Jensen

Been going since they first opened, they offer a variety of classes to fit all schedules. Always something new going on! Come see for yourself


Linda Leloudis

Soma is great !
They welcomed me into their family and I love all the classes that they offer. Thank you Soma


Sarah Yates-Cohen

Love this studio. The teachers are all so friendly and motivating:) best place in town for barre!!!


Amy Podesto

Theses ladies are AMAZING! And the classes they offer are unlike anything else in the county. We are very lucky to have a studio like this in Sonora!


Jillian Epperson

LOVE the class variety and how every class is always challenging and fun! Very friendly, welcoming and supportive group of people and the instructors are all AMAZING! Such a great addition to downtown Sonora! More...


Shalynn Gardner-Escobedo

So in love with this studio and the atmosphere! Very welcoming and you never feel intimidated or out of place.


Meryl Soto

Soma and the wonderful instructors are making a difference for me! In one year my strength, balance, and flexibility have improved significantly. I feel so much better, and the classes, while challenging, are fun! More...


Heidi Milnik

Soma is the BEST! I love all the classes! I've been dealing with back issues this past week and it's been the longest week because I've had to miss SOMA classes! All of the instructors are so energetic, fun and provide exceptional workouts! If you are thinking of joining SOMA do it! More...


Sally Anne Fischer

Absolutely love this gym, all of their classes are amazing. It is such a great addition to downtown Sonora and a great way to meet new friends too!


Alisha Curnow

Love this studio!! The vibe is great:) They offer a variety off classes and the instructors are super friendly and very knowledgeable! I highly recommend everyone to try it! More...


Sara Burgess

This gym is amazing. The instructors are so knowledgeable. All of the classes are amazing but barre is my favorite. If you haven't tried it yet you need to. It'll seriously push you.


Michelle Castro

I really love SOMA! The classes are excellent and I love the variety. The teachers and owner are amazing instructors and just great people to be around. The studio itself and the environment is really fun, welcoming, and positive. More...


Laura DeMars

When I entered the space, I knew that it was going to be a good place to get my sweat on. I was greeted quickly and genuinely (which says a lot). I took two different class back-to-back and I can honestly say that I will be back! Both instructors that I had classes with (for Barre and Bounce) were personable, enthusiastic, and very professional. You could tell by the packed classes that SOMA works very hard to offer quality classes. Thank you for being awesome! More...


Paulann White

Let the Irish be with you! Blarney and shaking never thought it would stop. Those of you that missed Bar-no Barre class, missed a lot. an awesome shaker workout and the blarney only came from ? More...


Jamie Rhinehart

Love! Love! Love this place all the instructors are great they are just so welcoming and helpful. If you haven't given it a try what are you waiting for?


Maranda Kay

This place is amazing! I love working out now and even when it’s super early in the morning! All the instructors are so extremely nice and are so helpful to get you to where you want to be. Such an inviting atmosphere! 💪🏼 More...


Emily Erhardt

Mind. Body. Spirit. If you are looking for a place that will rejuvenate all three of these areas, SOMA is the place for you. It has the perfect balance of being warm and welcoming to inspiring you to push yourself to the limit. I have been attending SOMA since it opened. I have had the opportunity to try several different classes taught by different instructors. They are all excellent and all leave me with a sense of accomplishment. I am extremely grateful for the positive atmosphere, friendship, and the health benefits I have since joining SOMA! Come, check it out, and get your sweat on. More...


Maria Jose Casar García

I absolutley love this place!! The instructors are amazing, super friendly and always encourage you to give your best. The classes are really fun and different so you can choose whatever fits you best.

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