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Irene Gonzalez

23 June 2018

This is a shelter for animal's of people who don't know there responsibilities so if the place smells of feses and urine " volunteer your time to clean the " SH**" up " there doing a great job also am a volunteer and a foster Mom.


Kimberly Fikes

30 April 2018

About a year ago I had to give up my 2 cats that so so much, they were so wonderful. I did the surrender in 2 different visits, when I gave up the 2nd cat is was so emotional as I was so worried that she would end up being there stuck in a small cage for a long time as she was standoffish. They told me they had special people there and work with animals like my Lucy, but I was still so unsure. When I called about my first at Zoe she had be adopted with in a week and then later I found out Lucy got adopted in 2 weeks. I was so happy I cried, I still miss my girls every day but I have the comfort that they got new happy homes. I know sometimes these people can be a little rough, but please understand how hard it is working with the public and trying to not get emotional about every situation.
I could never do there jobs without crying or wanting to rescue all the animals.
I believe they are very symthathic and caring bunch of people.


Katherine M

29 March 2018

The great: Incredibly friendly adoption staff; nice/clean facility; streamlined and simple adoption process; great variety of pets; excellent training classes; good thrift store (where I buy my dog's premium pet food! Stock varies & goes quickly, so get there early on Thurs or Sat); excellent foster program and streamlined process to become a foster.

Things to keep in mind for adopters: DO check the date of the pet's records, and request this to be reprinted if records are not from the current day (as additional health issues/red flags may be noted since last printed); DO read the medical forms/pet records closely before adopting, check for scheduled vaccines (that the adoption specialist can give, but which might slip) and follow-up questions; if you are on a tight budget, consider shopping around for the costs of diagnostic testing rather than relying on VCA. VCA is at the high-end of vet costs in the valley, is a great clinic, but while the free vet visit and up to $500 in shelter-related illnesses are covered through VCA, blood tests, fecal tests, heartworm tests, etc. are not and can run quite high (and about 1.5-3x the cost at low-cost clinics) And finally, if you are a new dog owner, do do your research on the costs of different procedures associated with medical releases on pets (e.g., if a dog has a release for a heart murmur, and is coughing, this could mean congestive heart failure, $800 in x-rays and Echos, and $100/month in meds; if a dog has a release for valley fever, expect $600+ on multiple courses of blood work and about $80/month in medication for 6-12 months; etc.).

Things to keep in mind for fosters: Definitely double-check medication instructions and follow-up with the medical contact if there is a discrepancy between the instructions on the label and what the tech told you! (There are so many pets, so it can be hectic!) Definitely confirm follow-up appointments that have been written down wind up in the schedule (there was a glitch, and the appointments my tech had scheduled were never actually scheduled). Do double-check that all the vaccines or other tests your foster was scheduled to get get done at appointments (Especially on busy days, as things can slip! Just as you would with a permanent pet)!

Anyways, all really small things, not necessarily unique to AZ Humane, and should in NO WAY deter folks from adopting or fostering! Because this is a great resource with great programs and has amazing pets!


Nancy Patchak

6 March 2018

We had a wonderful experience at the Sunnyslope campus. The staff was very friendly and seemed to care very much for the animals in their care. The dogs and their cages were clean, as was the facility. The whole adoption procedure was easy, fast and I left with a packet of information for registration, and follow up care. I would recommend anyone looking for a new best friend to stop by because they're all waiting for you there. Thank you for giving us our new best friend!!! More...


Bonita Florendo

3 March 2018

Been here since 3:30 am. Animals are waiting patiently with their parents for the doors to open at 7. Great service for the community.


Dani Tate

3 March 2018

I just went to one of the free spay/neuter clinic's plus vaccinations and even though the line was long and everyone knows that or should that when going to events like these, the mixed information that one lady would say and then have another say another, it got frustrating. But that's my side of the story. And the vet's, tech's, workers and volunteers are doing an awesome job and taking time and effort out of their lives to provide this free service have it way harder then the people outside! Thank you for what you do, it makes a huge difference.
Also thank you for honoring this event with a voucher when you couldn't take anymore pets!


Miranda Allen

2 February 2018

A little chaotic with the first come first serve. The staff was friendly and effecient. I was grateful for the waving of the $27 day



21 December 2017

I had to surrender my dog Sunny today due to increasing dog aggression with the other dog at home. The staff I interacted with were perfect! Caring and honesty was observed both towards me and my dog situation. I didn’t catch the names of the man at the desk or the behavior person but both answered any questions I had honestly and I do believe my furry baby will be adopted. Thank you again to the staff. I’m sure your job not easy, especially having to be in on the emotions that must come along with it. God Bless u all! More...


Linda Preston

11 November 2017

Get some cool things at a cheap price while helping all of our furry friends.


PrayPlayLearn Homeschool

8 July 2017

Very nice volunteers there. Although some of there stuff us a bit over priced, I went on a Saturday and bought a large set of wooden building blocks and 11 children's books for just $4. Good experience for my 1st time there. More...


Sarah Welsh

17 March 2017

Best deals on bags of premium dog food around! Especially in those certain days when they're doing 1/2 price. All proceeds go back to Humane Society so please check them out.



21 December 2012

Found: Brownish/Black and white young male pitbull with red collar. Very sweet. Found near Olive and 54th Drive. Please call 623-518-2057 to claim the dog.