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Our approach is that work doesn't have to feel like work, we approach everything we do with a mentality of 2 PARTS FUN & 1 Part Business. This leads to an extraordinary journey together with exceptional results.

Our values revolve around this and are:


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28 June 2018

Social Capital is a dynamic team of passionate experts who can turn your vision into an actionable plan.

27 June 2018

Devon and Eric took the time to listen, interpret & strategize the best next steps for my business partner and me. We will definitely be using SoCap for our future consultations!

25 June 2018

Global Orphan Prevention has been working with the SoCap Agency since the summer of 2017. The agency's CMO, Eric Sutfin, also serves as our Marketing Chair for the charity's YP Board and helps oversees the marketing and promotions strategy. The agency also donates their space for our meetings! We are very thankful to have the services of SoCap available to us in helping propel the charity's mission and vision throughout the year! They have helped with social media, pitch decks, flyers, and the website thus far and we couldn't be more grateful. More...

19 June 2018

I've had the pleasure of working with SoCap many times over the last 2 years and I have to say that their expertise, work ethic and pure creative brilliance is top notch! If you are looking for a company that completely understands that power of "social capital" and how to leverage it for profits for your company, you can't possibly do any better than SoCap. More...

10 February 2018

Eric has done a beautiful job for our company. I would definitely recommend his company for all your website needs!!!!

3 January 2018

SoCap is AMAZING!!!! Their team started off as just another vendor for my company but very quickly became my cheer squad, my sounding board and my ENTIRE marketing team. They got my business through some tumultuous growth and inevitably to success with their amazing ideas and customized marketing methodologies.

They are the very best at what they do!!

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Simple, people are looking for simplicity, easy of use, navigate, and get the information they desire. First and foremost, most companies forget to put what is their unique differentiator and what's in it for the viewer/consumer. Then all the details add up. Elements like the color palette, design balance, engaging Call to Actions, a sticky header, the social and contact icons and offers being at the top, the ability to engage with a representative where applicable and much more add up to a great website.

Truly, what makes a great website is one that allows you to achieve your desired outcome. Are you looking to sell? Convert to emails, phone calls, inquiries, bookings or another outlet is what is important? A website should support you in achieving your desired result and give you the data to make a better end-user experience that only enhances your business.

What is the goal of this website? Declare the unreasonable of this website, what'd be the 10-year dream version and outcome of this?
What would you like it to automate with the website?
What is the biggest point you'd like your viewers to walk away with understanding?
What parts of the website would you like to take charge of versus have us handle, some or all of it?

The creativity of how we impact and serve as many people as possible.

The impact that I had in helping other coaches, authors, speakers and retail spaces then supercharged one of my clients to want to partner and play an even bigger role in the business community.

We view ourselves as partners with the clients that we support. Our goal is to be able to unleash their potential and give them not just all the marketing tools and foundation they need within a year but to also provide them the guidance they need from an operational standpoint as well as a human capital and leadership development stance to sustain their growth. We know what marketing results can and will happen but if the rest of the brand doesn't have the infrastructure to support it, our marketing efforts are all for not.