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Our first step is to understand our new clients' business! We will ask you a lot of questions and DIVE DEEP! We've helped over 160 businesses and we've learned one thing... Each business is unique.

I've been consulting with businesses since 2009 in various industries, such as, the legal industry, hair care, public relations, restaurants, management and the self-help sector.


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James P. Cooney

10 October 2018

Christopher gets to the blocking and tackling basic of social media marketing effectiveness. Do the basics right every time and you will win.


Aliza Bloom Robinson

23 July 2018

I so appreciate Christopher Wick, his expertise, his personable, knowledgeable approach! After only 30 minutes in chatting with Chris, I had a number of actionable items, quick little shifts to make my social media presence better. i also received great confirmation in where i am in my business and my ability to talk about it. As a minister turned facilitator, I've struggled in the shift from ministry to business. Chris had some great easy suggestions to make the transition easier. More...


James Cuilty

23 July 2018

Social Media is a vital part to the success of any business. Unfortunately it takes time, money and skill to create a winning strategy. Thank God for Christopher and his team of professionals. Not only does he have the knowledge and skill to help your business dominate on social media, but he also has a servant heart willing to help you as much as he can.

For the small amount of time he spent on the phone with me he provided 100 times more value. Not only did Christopher lay out a complete game plan for me to implement immediately, he also stay on the phone well past our scheduled time to ensure all of my questions were answered. I would gladly pay 10 times the amount he charges, because the strategies he provided are going to make me 1000 times more profit in my business. Don't waste any time with anyone else. Christopher is the real deal and will make you more money in less time. Hire him and his team today!


Charlotte Jackson

23 July 2018

Christopher served as Keynote speaker for a Lavender Graduation Celebration at Sam Houston State University and did a wonderful job!! He is an engaging speaker and weaves his story and a meaningful message seamlessly!!! The students, staff and faculty enjoyed him very much! Great job, Christopher!!! More...


Amie Guillette Ley-Soto

23 July 2018

Chris and his team have helped us so much with our Facebook marketing! We are very happy to have found this company in our PMQ magazine!!


Abi Importaciones

23 July 2018

Chris' marketing expertise helped us increase our catering orders by 300 %. If you stick SMM for the long run, you'll be pleased.
Laz Marquez from La Huerta Grill & Market St. Charles


Sylvania Harrod

30 November 2017

Chris is the consummate professional. He cares more about his customers than most business owners I know combined. If you’re looking for someone that is proven to deliver results. Look no further than Chris.


Nita Wooten-Bouldin

24 August 2017

I love the concept and the fact that there's no long term commitment!


T U Dawood

24 July 2017

Christopher Wick and The SMM International Team has believed in our Educate a Girl project (educate1000girls dot org) and partnership with Facebook's Free Basics programme to educate 1000 deserving girls in 1000 cities and helped coach us to be recognized by the World Bank as top 2% of women-led initiatives in MENA region, as well as build our Educate a Girl a week campaign. As their client, Educate a Girl has benefited from discussions on strategy and clear-minded focus and belief in targets and scaling up. More...


William Eric Linzey

28 June 2017

The perspective I’m sharing is that of a Business Owner and Business Coach. I reached out to several firms like SMM International prior to making my final selection. My very first call with Chris took 30 minutes and he knew exactly what I needed in that one call. Chris asked me interesting, relative, and thought provoking questions beyond the need of a website. He kept it simple, guided me through a clear process of specific next steps, expectations, and then he delivered. And all of this was done prior to me selecting his firm. I am currently working with Chris and his team and I can report that the process is going smooth, and the product surpassed my expectations. They certainly go beyond the norm to providing a number of very special things consistently. I say, Engage them and find out for yourself! More...


Khiere Simmons

6 April 2017

Great service a top-notch team! They know what they're talking about and will optimize your page to fit your specific needs! 10/10


LeAnne Christensen

3 April 2017

Christopher is so knowledgeable! We learned so many strategies in a short amount of time and he made our Facebook page so much better looking and effective!


Danny Schick

21 March 2017

Chris added massive value during our call. Worth 30 minutes of your time to find opportunities in your business.


Maxime Jobin

16 February 2017

Thank you Christopher for the awesome call we had! The strategies we talked about are simple to implement and at no cost! I have absolutely no reason to not start working on that now. :D


Kat Linquist

15 February 2017

Christopher is warm, engaging and highly knowledgeable about Social Media and communication. He delivers high value and is passionate about his work, his team, his business and most of all his clients. We look forward to building a relationship with Christopher as our businesses grow. More...


Deepi Mehta

29 November 2016

I had my first phone conference with Christopher and was pleased that he will be helping me with using the Social media to the fullest. He will be helping me with a " Social media Make over" for my business. I am very positive that he will be helping me More...


Julie Bergel Peters

1 November 2016

Thank you Christopher for an awesome 1:1 today. I enjoyed working with you and loved your input for social media and growing my business. I look forward to learning more from you! #grateful #blessed More...


Kathryn Lane

25 October 2016

Christopher Wick from SMM International laid out an incredible marketing strategy using social media. The strategy specifically targets increased sales which can be easily measured. Measuring results from marketing campaigns are usually very difficult to obtain. SMM's method is simple and amazing. In our first session, he laid out a full-fledged plan that we are anxious to implement!!! More...


Bob Hurt

25 October 2016

Great discussion, lots of helpful hints. Recommend highly.


Stephanie Mihelich Cuilty

24 October 2016

Christopher Wick clearly knows what it takes to grow a business and create an engaging audience of customers using social media. His willingness to share key strategies during our consultation was of tremendous value! We came away from our meeting with a list tangible tasks that we will apply immediately to work for our business. I would highly recommend Christopher and SMM International to anyone who is looking to see a rapid return of their investment in social media for their business. More...


Ava LaDick Ray

20 October 2016

Won my session thru the Wise Conference. Lucky me!!! Got a lot of great information during our session. Thank you so much Christopher Wick.


Cheleatha Lott

19 October 2016

Christopher Wick social media marketing training techniques were phenomenal for increase for my business! The information shared provided easy steps to learning how to properly marketing your business on social media.


Elizabeth Groh

19 October 2016

Highly informative and concise. Great, well-structured strategy in only 20 minutes. Helpful, patient, and kind, and definitely to the point. Thanks!


Amy Ardisson

18 October 2016

Truly enjoyed my one on one mentoring call with Chris. Excellent ideas for moving forward in both my professional and personal career goals. Great actionable items and truly a wealth of knowledge. More...


Nickole Kerner Bobley

9 April 2016

Chris helped me understand Social Media Marketing and how it can help my freelance writing and marketing consulting business. I'm ordering his book "How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Biz and Make Money". Thumbs up on SMM International. Way Up! I think he's speaking in Chicago soon so if you're in that area -- check him out. - Nickole Kerner Bobley More...


Beatrice Stair

11 November 2014

Just received my YouTube Channel, Google+ page and more from SMM International! Absolutely the finest quality of work for your business!!


Ava Wick Hernandez

14 July 2014

If you want professional Social Media Marketing THIS is the company to choose. SMM International will take your business to places you've never imagined!


• Do you "click" with this person?
• Does the professional understand your business?
• Do they have case studies?
• Do they have guarantee? We are 100% results guaranteed. Or you money back!

Our first step is to understand our new clients' business! We will ask you a lot of questions and DIVE DEEP! We've helped over 160 businesses and we've learned one thing... Each business is unique.

one monthly fee and all services included. No hourly, no billables - very easy for our clients to manage. I've been consulting with businesses since 2009 and in 2013, social media started to transform how everyone conducts business - after that - everything changed!