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Photography has evolved over the years and I have always kept up with the latest in technology. Today's photographer must know the ins and outs of e-commerce as well as the exacting requirements of all the online sites including the stringent legal requirements.


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1 August 2018

Ron is just the best photographer I ever worked with. I sell a lot of products on amazon and I would only use him! He works with me on everything I need and is just a complete pleasure.

28 May 2018

Ron Benvenisti is a very nice, honest and respectable person! He gave me private photography lessons, and I really learned a lot from him! His work is amazing! I highly recommend using him for all your commercial photography needs! More...

28 May 2018

I Used Ron regularly- very professional- im very happy

28 May 2017

Ron is an amazing person. He works with us from concept to final Amazon presentation. The photography is the best we've ever had for all of our products. He gives us enough of a variety to change up our ads and see which pictures sell best. I never have to worry about my copyrights. Once each job is done, I have total access from anywhere, even on my phone! If I could give 10 stars, I would. More...

26 November 2009

This is our second affair with Ron. Attention to every detail without cliches. Pleasant and courteous, a master craftsman and artist. Somehow missing buttons on our little ones sweater got "sewn" back on, soup stains on Dad's suit are "cleaned" and even my aunt's really bad "black eye" from laser surgery was gone. She didn't want her picture taken but now she has it on her piano!!! He's great with people and kids. Patient and humorous. A pleasure to deal with. More...

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began working for the great magazines of the golden era of photojournalism, Time, Life, Business Week, The New York Times and many others. By twenty I was traveling around the globe for clients like IBM, AT&T, Grumman, Falcon Jet, Champion Paper, Fiat, Hertz, Anne Klein, Random House and several others.

I have won many industry awards from Communication Arts, Print Magazine, The American Institute of Graphic Arts and Graphis in the USA and Europe. My work has been featured in all of those publications as well as Popular Photography, Modern Photography. Camera Magazine, US Camera and the Time-Life Photography Series and Time-Life Wilderness Series.

I learned photography by apprenticing and assisting some of the greatest photographers in the world, in product, fashion, corporate and photojournalism, Carl Fischer, George Haling, Eugene Smith, Elliot Erwitt, Charles Harbutt and others. I got my BA in photography from The Cooper Union along with some famous photography alumni: Roy DeCarava, Mitch Epstein, Joel-Peter Witkin, Neal Slavin, Jay Maisel and classmate Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe.

I bring all that experience to your projects.

Would you like every one of your photos to be exquisite AND search engine optimized to drive traffic to your online brands at Amazon, Groupon, Ebay, Yahoo and your website without paying for any views or clicks? Done. No extra charge. Included.

Would you prefer a pro with 35 years of international award winning experience to promote your unique products, social and commercial events with a proven record of consistently achieving successful results in any media?

I just love photography since I'm a kid. It's great to meet and work with all kinds of people and products, take the best pictures I can and get paid for it!
I love working closely with my clients to monitor sales and see which pictures work the best to sell their products and feature those. Their success is my success!

People started to offer me jobs when I was 18. So I started in New York City. I needed a business account, license, accountant, store accounts and credit. Needed it all to be official.

Most of my work are from referrals from other clients and my website. Word of mouth is the best endorsement! You not only get the highest technical skills and creative artistry but also pictures that actually drive traffic to your product listings at no extra cost.