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Rager Law Firm is a leading Employment law firm dedicated to protecting the people, not the powerful. The attorneys at Rager Law firm specialized in workplace disputes including discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and unpaid wages, and also personal injury, medical malpractice, and business litigation.


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Ullysses Ornelos

24 May 2019

It was a long road, and I persevered with the help of Mr Rager, he always kept me in the loop, was always open and gave his most honest opinions. He communicated regularly with me about what was going on with my case. He’s very trustworthy. He’s very knowledgeable and experienced in his field and for that reason we got the results we wanted! More...


28 April 2019

Beyond the case filed, his professionalism and heart was respectfully appreciative. He is the one of the attorneys you could trust as his reputation. Thank you, Mr. Rager and Mr. Yoon, and Ms. Luna. More...


Barry Ryan

29 December 2018

Jeff is one of the best Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Los Angeles. He has a vast amount of trial experience and will get you the best result. Jeff's attention to detail and his overall interest in your case sets him apart from the rest of the lawyers. If you are in need of a Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorney, then call Jeff immediately. More...


Lawrence Villa

28 May 2018

Attorney Jeff Rager is a super lawyer. He's smart and intelligent and I was so happy to have him as my attorney representing me on my wrongful termination case. He explained everything in detail of my case and made sure that I completely understood what was going on and I really appreciated that. If I had any questions about my case or concerns he would answer them immediately. Jeff handled my case with professionalism leading to a very happy settlement. If Jeff Rager accept you as a client in handling your case then you are definitely in good hands. More...


Vaozter Fuimaono

28 May 2016

"Patient, thorough, and incredibly supportive""Had an incredible experience with Jeff Rager and would recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer. I had never been involved in a law suit before so was understandably nervous and uncomfortable. Jeff was patient, thorough, and incredibly supportive throughout the entire process. 100% satisfied. (And I won.)"-Raul Fuimaono More...


Robert Wascher

28 May 2016

Jeff is, without question, the most passionate, hardworking, ethical and competent attorney I have ever met. We retained him to file a lawsuit against a $53 billion a year company that went on to hire an army of lawyers from two national law firms to represent them.Going up against this giant and powerful organization, and its horde of attorneys, was one of the most stressful experiences I have ever gone through. But throughout the entire 4-year battle, Jeff was there to encourage and support us. For months, as the trial date approached, and during the trial itself, he worked on our hugely complex case 7 days a week, often staying up until the wee hours of the morning to prepare for trial. His devotion, commitment, passion, and kindness carried us through some very challenging and scary moments during those 4 years, including the many times when we felt that we could no longer go on with our lawsuit against this Goliath.I really can’t say enough positive things about Jeff. If he believes in the merits of your case and accepts you as his client, you can be assured that nobody will work harder, more passionately, or more competently on your behalf than Jeff. He is an exceptional attorney, a kind and caring human being, and, quite frankly, a giant-slayer. I will never forget his courage and self-confidence in going up against the army of aggressive lawyers hired by the defendant. (In the end, we won our case, and to the obvious surprise of the arrogant and powerful defendants and their legion of attorneys.)Jeff is a credit to a profession that is often not viewed very favorably. He is honest, ethical, extremely knowledgeable, and once he accepts a case, he will work himself to the point of exhaustion to seek justice on behalf of his clients. More...



28 May 2016

Mr. Rager and his law firm were recommended to me as one of the highest ranked employment attorneys in the southern California region. After watching how he handled my case I was convinced he is one of the country's top employment law attorneys. I retained him in 2012 for what turned out to be a 3-year legal battle against a large government agency with what seemed to be endless funds and large staff of lawyers. Other attorneys had feared taking on this entity and advised me that the chances of success were slim to none. Mr. Rager sat with me for my initial 1 hour consultation and had a different view altogether and accepted my case.I found Mr. Rager to be a passionate, meticulous, extremely hardworking, and brilliant attorney. Over the course of the 3 years that it took to finally get my settlement, he guided me through the overwhelming experience of filing a lawsuit, giving and taking depositions, and, finally, settling the case. He never once feared taking the case to trial if he did not feel the amount of settlement was not sufficient. At the end, despite the incredible arrogance of the defendants and their legal team, we were victorious. Despite his success in holding employers accountable for their unethical and malicious behavior against their employees, I found Mr. Rager different from other lawyers, he truly cared and understood the pain I was going through both professionally and personally. He continued to give me great advice throughout the entire experience and I am forever grateful...GOD BLESS If Mr. Rager accepts your case, then you are one of the very lucky few, and should know that you have the best legal representation in the country. More...


Mark Woods

28 May 2016

Attorney Rager is a gifted investigator, keen detective, skilled litigator, and personal friend. His astute attention to detail, innate understanding of law, tenacious pursuit of justice (particularly for the "small" worker swallowed up by a Corporate Giant), combined with his mastery of business administration, maintains him as an UNBEATABLE FORCE in both personal and corporate forums. Attorney Rager is very personable, professional, and capable and NEVER waivers or retreats from the opposition! Whether you need to take on a Corporate Giant, HMO, or Small Business Owner, Attorney Jeffrey Andrew Rager is your man! More...

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