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Abbe Heller

28 May 2017

Barb is wonderful. She is so knowledgeable about training. She explains to the owner why her approach works. She is very kind. Other trainers made me feel so mean, which I didn't enjoy my dog as much. What a pleasure to work with. With Barb your dog will be your best friend for life. More...


Azar Jahangiri

28 May 2017

She is so amazing. Such a positive attitude. Always educating and researching herself on dog behavior which is so great! She's helped us on dog behavior, products and food. So patient and understanding. She helped us understand how our dog individually reacts and responds to each person in our family (my husband and I and 10 year old daughter) and why? Can't say enough about her. Love her! More...


Cheri Lemons

28 May 2017

We took a puppy class with Barb and found it to be a wonderful socializing experience for our young Australian Cattle Dog puppy. Barb's approach consists of completely positive reinforcement which makes it fun for the pup and the owner while building a relationship between dog and owner. The pup will learn many useful obedience commands and build confidence by learning. She is passionate about dog training and has a genuine love of animals and people. She makes the experience fun for all with her positive energy and patience. We have had Barb come to our home for some additional one -on- one training with our puppy which has proved very helpful because Barb could evaluate specific issues we were dealing with and also observe our older dog and pup interact. She was able to provide us with valuable insight into steps we could take to correct certain behaviors. Barb is really fantastic and you and your dog will both be happy with the results. More...


Sean Curtis

28 May 2017

We can’t recommend Barb enough! She specializes in helping puppies get off to the best start and it was clear we were in good hands from the moment we met her. Her enthusiasm and vast understanding of puppy behavior really put us at ease. She made training fun for all of us! She clearly loves dogs and has a special connection w/ them. Barney’s focus changed completely from a wild puppy to an alert and focused one when Barb started working w/ him. She taught us how dogs learn and it clearly is working because Barney can’t wait to show us what he knows! More...


Ilana Massi

28 May 2017

Our experience with Barb was fantastic. She customized the training to our needs and our dog. She was always to upbeat and friendly. Our dog loved her as much as we did! In only 3 training sessions, we've seen an amazing improvement. Highly recommend her!! More...


Rachel R.

28 May 2017

We adopted our 10 year old Pug two years ago. We thought that his behavior was just something we had to accept. After just 3 lessons with Barb he is a whole new dog! I had no idea a 10 year old rescue with undeveloped manners could transform so drastically. He has learned stay, come, touch, eye contact, leave it, and loose leash walking all from just 3 lessons with Barb. Chewy and I thank you so much! More...

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