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A Ovi

5 May 2019

I have been a patient of Dr. Silver for nearly eight years, and I am so lucky to have found her. She has changed my life for the better. In the time I’ve treated with her, I’ve learned coping skills, and how to manage my anxiety. I have learned how to be more patient. She has helped me through very difficult times, such as the death of my mother and episodes of postpartum depression. Dr. Silver not only listens without judgment but also empathizes. I’m not sure who I would be today, or how different my personality would have been, had I not found her. Truly, I cannot recommend her enough- and I have recommended her to friends. It has taken me too long to write a review for her, struggling with words adequate enough to convey her impact on my life and the gratitude I have for her, and I realized that words wouldn’t do justice to what she has done for me. I only hope that this review can give anyone trying to find a therapist to help them cope with their symptoms, the confidence to take that first step, and trust that Dr. Silver is a great partner to help you on your path to healing. More...


David Swait

26 April 2019

Pam is an amazing, deep caring person. By the end of next week, I can say I have been seeing her for one year. I had started seeing her when I was going through my divorce. When I first walked through the door, I really had no idea what to expect. I was originally thinking it would just be a few visits to make sure I'm doing okay, and then I would be well on my way. After the first visit, the most unexpected thing happened to me! Pam is a great teacher, especially on emotions. I would say her greatest gift is her empathy and ability to connect with people. She is always there for support, communicates very well, and is very easy to talk to. While the sessions are very personal, she is also very professional and keeps everything very clear and transparent. I've never been confused about anything with our sessions. On the rare occasions she must cancel an appointment, she gives me as much advance notice as possible. Her sessions are like a sanctuary from chaos. Pam has a very warm heart and is like the mother I never had. To her, this is more than just a job and she is very committed to helping her clients. I would recommend her to anyone seeking emotional help or support, she is the best! More...


Alejandro Gonzalez

27 March 2019

Best psychologist I have worked with!
Thank you!


ashwini ananthaswamy

27 March 2019

Dr. Pam is an amazing and kind therapist. She really cares about her patients. She is very easy to talk to and provides useful information that really hepled in looking at a situation differently. I would recommend Dr. Pam 100%


Joshua Santiago

25 February 2019

Recommend if you're looking for a kind, empathic, and caring counselor. She's very helpful. If you're unsure or new to therapy, breathe easy knowing she'll guide you through the process with ease. Also LGBT friendly!!


Adam junlasak

27 December 2018

If I could describe Dr. Silver in one word, it would be “empathy”. Prompted for a second word, it would be “wisdom”. Starting from one of the lowest moments in my life , Dr. Silver make me feel better after every single session. And over time, it was like having the cobwebs cleared from my soul. If you need someone to listen to you attentively and are ready to make a positive change in your life, Dr. Pam Silver is the therapist for you. More...



27 November 2018

I have been struggling with depression for some time now, have met with dozens of psychologists, but meeting Dr Silver was the first time I really felt like I could open up. She is a very caring, patient and understanding person. She takes the time to get to know her patients and bring them as much help as she can. I highly recommend her! More...


Emily Ponce

26 June 2018

Ive been seeing Dr. Silver for 3 years now and I highly recommend her. She is patient, easy to talk to, and caring.


Yasmine Henderson

26 May 2018

To say that Dr. Silver has positively impacted my life would be an understatement. She has helped me understand and evaluate my choices and work towards moving forward in a new direction. I’ve never felt judged by Dr. Silver; only supported and encouraged. So many people I’m close to have noticed and commented on the positive change in me, which helps me know our work together is working. I’ve recommended her to some of my closest family and friends because let’s face it, we all have things we can work on. I’m truly grateful to have found her and cannot express my appreciation enough. More...


Alex Albarran

10 May 2018

Dr. Silver is an AMAZING therapist who really cares for her patients. If anyone is looking for a therapist in the South Florida area, I'd highly recommend giving Dr. Silver the opportunity to assist you with the situation that you're going through. Trust me, you won't regret it. More...


Karlyn Guirand

20 March 2018

I started seeing Dr. Silver back in 2013 when I was facing some challenges. She helped me tremendously. She shared some very effective methods that helped me overcome the difficulties. She is warm, knowledgeable, and relatable. She is amazing, I recommend her wholeheartedly. More...


Todd Smith

13 March 2018

Dr. Silver is a thoughtful, kind and caring therapist. I enjoy working with her. She provides useful information that has really helped me. I highly recommend her! Excellent therapist. More...


Henry Dominguez

13 March 2018

All I can say is that when I needed someone to talk with about the issues I was having, Dr Silver was there from the start. She is so caring and understanding and provides you with the comfort to open up and feel safe. I am so grateful for her and she has been a godsend through all this. Thank you More...


Gicelle Pajon

26 January 2018

Dr. Silver has been an amazing stepping stone to my healing journey. She is a very caring, talented therapist. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of her services.


Steven M

25 January 2018

Great therapist, highly recommended. Dr. Silver really helped me get through a rough time in my life.


Shay Martin

15 January 2018

Ever had a diary that once you've revealed all of your secrets, dreams, fears, emotions, and life to that gave you advice and help you sort through everything you Well Dr. Silver is my just that for me. I've been through ny share of therapist but that all came to an end once I began seeing Dr. Silver over 2 years ago! She's compassionate, yet honest and truly has my best interest as a priority. I honestly don't I could've survived the past 2 years had it not been for my sessions with her. More...


Kam Bedward

30 November 2017

There has not been a more beautiful ray of light through my darkest times than my sessions with Dr. Silver. One wouldn't expect their therapist to be so keen to their emotions and personal experiences, but Dr. Silver has proved to be the absolute best. I was searching for well-rounded and caring professional for many years. I'm glad I found the best! More...


Tommy Thompson

2 August 2017

I have been a patient with Pam for over 7 years. During that tenure, she has provided excellent counseling for both family and individuals experiencing issues stemming from post military trauma and marriage resolution. Her compassion, understanding and positive reinforcement has been a blessing to me and my family. Highly Recommended! More...

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