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Ben Newman

21 May 2019

Thanks Scot, I am very happy with the end result! Fast turnaround and easy scheduling through the website with plenty of reminders about the upcoming appointment!


Christina Bingham Design

14 May 2019

Scot is dedicated to getting you the image you want. Amazing experience trying out different outfits and backgrounds until we hit a home-run with a number of shots I simply adore. I hate having my photo taken and Scot managed to get shots that make me look like a Rockstar!! More...


Katie Thomas

7 May 2019

Scot was amazing at making me feel so comfortable when taking my headshots. They turned out amazing, as well. He is such a photo wizard! Highly recommend him for all of your headshot needs. More...


Kat Daue

28 April 2019

Scot was very professional and friendly and great photographer! He also gives you the option to choose your favorite headshots out of the whole gallery, which I found great. He sent me the finished headshots real quickly - thank you! More...


Nichole Clement

29 March 2019

Scot is a true professional! The shoot was easy and effortless, he made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire time. The pictures came out wonderfully, and the turn around time was exceptional! I would recommend Scot to anyone looking for headshots. More...


Kim Aldrich

27 February 2019

Scot did an amazing job getting a headshot that I'm very happy with! He is great to work with and made me feel very comfortable as I'm someone who doesn't like getting their picture taken. I recommend him highly.


Gina Hickham

27 February 2019

Scot was great to work with. This was my first time having my picture taken in a studio. Scot made me feel comfortable and took extra time to get a shot that I was happy with. I would definitely recommend him without hesitation. More...


B Blake

28 January 2019

Scott did an excellent job on my business professional photographs. I do not enjoy having my picture taken; Scott made me feel comfortable and captured some great shots. I can't thank him enough!


Imanni Acosta

28 January 2019

Great experience with Scot Lerner. I enjoyed being directed into slightly different characters, in order to get out of it a bit of variety. His persistence to insure that I was satisfied with the final product is genuinely acknowledged. More...


Sean Warr

28 January 2019

Great experience. Made me feel at ease, very professional. Scot gave me some good advice that I actually followed up on. Hands down, wonderful experience and will definitely use his services again. Do yourself a favor and book with Scot for your next headshot. More...


Tara Williams

29 June 2018

Scot did professional headshots for my 11 year old daughter and he was fantastic! He made her feel very comfortable and the pictures came out amazing. We highly recommend this company and will be using again and again! More...


Sandy Joachim

19 June 2018

The best in the business. When we went up to Orlando to get our headshots done a storm was brewing, there was dark clouds and drizzle of rain even started but you couldn’t tell all this was happening in those photos. He found natural light even when it looked impossible to us. Scot is very professional and makes sure he’s satisfy your expectations. More...


Charlotte Parisot

27 May 2018

Very professional, every picture turned out great and it was hard to pick a few only! Scot knows what he's doing and he makes sure you're satisfied with the pictures. Thank you!


cody fishman

17 May 2018

I really enjoyed my experience working with Scot. The process for taking head shots of myself and two coworkers took only about 15 minutes. He was also able to email us a full gallery of our head shots within an hour. And Scot was able to validate my garage parking. Definitely a great bang for our buck. More...


Nipul Shah

30 April 2018

Scot did a fantastic job with the photo-shoot. He was prepared for my appointment and spent a few minutes understanding what I was trying to achieve. The end results of the photo-shoot were exactly was I was looking for. More...


Rachel Wolfenbarger

18 April 2018

Scot is a wonderful photographer. He was able to capture such natural and appealing photos of me. He also returned photos to me very quickly. I would highly recommend him.


Richard Burton

23 March 2018

Scot iimmediately put me at ease. This was all very new to me and he just told me to be myself. He took great photos and had them ready for me to review within 2 days. After selecting the shot I wanted to represent me, he had the finished product when he said he would and to say I am satisfied doesn’t come close to how I really feel. Thank you Scot and I’m hoping to do all of this again soon! More...


Caitlin Acconcia

18 February 2018

I had a blast during my mini-headshot session with Scot. He was fun, relaxed, confident and he asked and listened to what I wanted but yet also told me what he was seeing. The amount of quality photos he produced out of a short session was incredible. A client will be guaranteed to get their money's worth as Scot clearly always finds a way to show the actor in his or her best light. More...


Aja Grooms

17 February 2018

I had a fantastic experience with Scot! He made me feel very involved throughout the entire process, starting the session by getting to know me and what I wanted, as well as showing me the photos along the way. He is warm, easy to work with, and so prompt with the editing process. After selecting my photo, he had sent the final product back to me within the day. I am so happy with my photos! Thank you, Scot! More...


Angel M

13 February 2018

I called Scot, and in less than 24-hours I had an appointment, took my pictures, and had them ready. I was in a bind, and Scot was accommodating, gracious, and very easy to work with. Scot also makes you apart of the finished product which is really satisfying when you know you've chosen the best possible pictures of yourself. I loved the end result. Thanks Scot! More...


Isabella DeChard

8 February 2018

Scot was great! I was very happy with the way my photos came out. Scot took the time to get to know me and the reason behind me wanting new headshots. He focused on complimenting features in his shots while also making it a fun and comfortable environment. More...


Erin Russell

7 February 2018

Scot Lerner is an incredible and professional photographer. He was beyond accommodating to my company's wants and needs, he responded promptly to my many emails, and he went out of his way to make sure i was a satisfied customer. i would strongly suggest using his services for your next event. So glad this experience was a positive one all thanks to the outstanding work Scot did! More...