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Susan Ward

27 April 2019

Unlike any gym you’re used to. The trainers are literally THE BEST. Great fun classes. Lots of options and beautiful facility.


Jeff Sinko

28 December 2018

I have been a member for over two years now and it has been a fantastic experience. The Gym continues to invest in new equipment and new exercise classes. You can bike, box, lift weights, TRX, participate in many, many different exercise classes and also have one on one personal training sessions. The staff is highly qualified and every trainer has a unique, personal skill set and are highly trained. I want to keep this gym a secret, but I have decided to do the community a favor on this one and let the cat out of the bag. NBD keep up the good work! More...


BethAllison Spruiell

28 December 2018

Best gym ever! I have been a member since NBD opened in 2014. I absolutely love the smaller classes and the dedicated trainers and staff. This family owned business has a welcoming yet motivating atmosphere where you work hard and get great results. There's nothing better in town. More...


David Gibbs

28 December 2018

I have been going to NBD for over a year now and highly recommend it to anyone looking for great, challenging classes/workouts. I have most often taken classes led by Antonio, Alex, Kenny, and Keith and would speak highly of all of them. I have seen the rest of the trainers in action and would say the same for them as well. Overall - a great place to go if you are looking to challenge yourself and get in better shape! More...


Andrew Mar

28 December 2018

I absolutely love NBD! I’ve been a member for almost 2 years and really enjoy working out here. All the large group classes are fun, challenging, and competitive. The app and booking system really creates accountability and ensures that I commit to workout times throughout the week. I highly recommend all the trainers, who are challenging in their own way. I have worked with almost all the trainers, but I usually take the classes that are led by Antonio, Will, and Alex. The atmosphere is friendly and I always get a wonderful workout. If you are looking to challenge yourself physically, be sure to join this gym. The 40 day challenge is a great way to get yourself familiar with the program and classes. You will be supported in meeting your goals and will see results quickly. More...


Mathilde Kaper

28 December 2018

Having been to several gyms & personal trainers in the past, I was pleasantly surprised to experience how NBD does things differently. Their concept is a combination of personal training & classes. Everything is easy to book online, classes are small enough that you don’t feel like just a number, and the trainers & staff are very friendly and approachable. I highly recommend Kenny Murphy as trainer. It’s been >6 months now that I have been training with him, and each session has been unique. Kenny is energetic, motivating, and genuinely wants to help you reach your goals. He goes out of his way to get to know you, make you feel comfortable, and customize trainings for you. Kenny is passionate about his work, enjoys teaching, and always makes time to answer the many questions that I ask. Kenny has the right balance of making tough workouts to push you to go the extra mile while also making them fun. I always leave NBD feeling more energized & positive than when I first walked in. Thanks NBD & Kenny! More...


patty kaczka

28 December 2018

NBD is a happy place with the bright colors and the staff. There are multiple classes to pick from so I’m sure you will find the right one for you. You can also pick from small group classes and personal one on one. Antonio is my favorite personal one on one trainer. Makes you work hard and keep you motivated. You can also do your own thing here too. More...


Samuel Slackman

28 December 2018

I have been going to NBD for two years now and my experience has been great so far. Everyone is super friendly and encouraging towards your goals. The owner Chris and his staff are super enthusiastic when it comes to achieving your goals. I have been working with Antonio for last two years and it has been excellent. He has helped me improve my strength and conditioning which has been helping with my sports. He is excellent with anyone who decides to train with him as he will give you his undivided attention during sessions and will also help out if you're just in there working out as well. More...


Christine Turnberg Volinsky

29 November 2018

I've never stuck with a gym workout routine as long as I have this. I work with Keith for personal training and take Gabriela's pilates classes. Everyone is very nice, the gym and locker rooms are clean and the clientele is a nice mix of Morristown demographic. I love that NBD is locally owned and I often run into people I know when I'm there, so there's a nice hometown feel to the place. More...


Robert Leverich

28 November 2018

Been going to NBD for a few months now and its fantastic. I was looking for a gym where I could have access to a trainer for private training sessions but also use the other resources the gym has to offer. Will Rosario has been awesome. During every workout he lets you know what muscles you're working and what the purpose of the exercise is. He and the rest of the staff are super informative. Every time I get there, the energy in the gym is up and everyone is ready to go to work. Would highly recommend. More...


Pam Richmond

28 November 2018

Alex Vazquez is an outstanding trainer! He is innovative, knowledge and highly motivating! I always feel like I have a fantastic workout when I finish training with him. Randy the general manager is always there to help answer any questions I have and assist me in making informative decisions about my membership. Tara the front desk manager is very professional and keeps NBD running like clockwork! All the trainers and staff making coming to NBD a truly exceptional experience. More...


Hayley H.

24 September 2018

I am loving NBD Training Zone in Morristown! The trainers are fabulous, supportive, and attentive to each athlete's individual workout needs. I'm getting back into a full time & more regular fitness routine after graduating from college and I didn't even realize how out of shape I am until actually accomplishing my workouts! Kenny works me hard but is realistic, supportive, and actually truly cares about his clients and their overall health, wellbeing, fitness goals and in addition Kenny is helping me achieve my dreams & goals. Additionally, Kenny is helping me maintain a "realistic and optimistic" mindset that is achievable and reachable within my primary objectives. I totally give  NBD Training Zone on West Park Place in Morristown TEN PLUS Stars!  my muscle tone, fitness level and energy have started to return to me via muscle memory, dedication, supportive trainers, and awesome focused workouts! Thank you! The photo is of my horse: I am getting into prime shape for my horse and riding goals and also for my overall health & wellness. Join NBD today!!! More...


Liz M.

27 August 2018

This place is great. Real people out for your well-being. Staff is knowledgeable, supportive and fun!  Best gym I've ever belonged to!!  And of course Kenny is the best!!!!  A great listener and supporter!!!! More...


Morgan T.

3 August 2018

NBD Training Zone is one of the best training facilities around. The positive environment and friendly motivating staff are just a few notable reasons to join. The class schedules offer a variety of fun, energizing workouts that fit easily into your everyday schedule. I started going to NBD to get out of that mundane gym routine and back into being motivated and excited to workout. Ive seen significant results since joining. I highly recommend working with any of the very talented training staff members. More...


Brendan Devlin

26 July 2018

Excellent staff, knowledgeable and friendly. Fun group training sessions.


Stan Sher

25 July 2018

Stopped by today go visit my old childhood friend Alissa and took a tour. This place is great.


Kylie M.

16 July 2018

I am so happy I discovered NBD. The instructors are super cool, not to mention the classes. I've seen results in a short period of time primarily because NBD is a way of life and the variety of classes keeps me coming back for more. Thanks NBD!!


Karl Fenske

12 June 2018

30 minute high intensity workouts. Real nice trainers. Digital everything.


Lee Delaporte

4 June 2018

I have been a member of NBD in Morristown for approximately 5 years. Hands down it is the best workout facility I've ever been associated with. The trainers are top notch; knowledgable, caring, expert in their fields and put their clients first with well thought out training programs for the individuals specific goals and objectives. They encourage you and push you just enough to fulfill your goals. They want you to succeed!! My experiences are many; from personal training with Chris, to yoga with Terri, sticks/animal flow with Alex and pilates. They are all AMAZING!!!and work together as a unit to assure that you become better, healthier and HAPPIER.

What I like best is that every time I enter the facility I'm greeted by name, with a smile and, most of all, I never know what my workout is going to be which I like!!! The variation makes it exciting and removes any chance of getting bored.

I also like the classes. They are varied and structured for an intense 30 min workout. This is great if you're time constrained.

NBD is the best fitness facility bar none and the staff from top to bottom love what they do and demonstrate it everyday!!!!

Get in there and start getting the results you're after .


Stephen Sainato

4 June 2018

Awesome facility. I was a member at NBD during law school while I lived in Morristown. The staff are super friendly and the trainers are outstanding. The equipment is modern, clean, functional, and organized. The greatest part about NBD is that the staff cares deeply about their members and truly want to help each and every member transform their mind, body, and spirit. Highly recommend. More...


Matt DeBlock

4 June 2018

I’ve been a member of NBD Training Zone since they opened their location in Morristown. I’ve been with them for the past few years because it’s nice to go to a gym where the staff knows your name and has a vested interest in helping you achieve your goals. The large group training classes feel more like personal training and the workouts are very efficient at building muscle and burning calories in a short time frame. Even if you only have a half an hour or an hour to workout the large group training classes will help you achieve your goals. I highly recommend NBD Training Zone. More...


Leah Tranovich

27 April 2018

Energizing workout atmosphere with talented trainers who are really focused on helping you achieve your fitness goals.


Stacey Salinovich Huber

21 March 2018

The trainers are so motivational, they have me doing things at almost 50 that I wouldn’t have attempted in my 20’s and I feel great! Never thought I would look forward to working out. Thank you Keith and Kenny ! More...


Chad Goonan

30 January 2018

Love this place! Been going for a year now. Top notch trainers and classes.


Kathryn Couillou

30 January 2018

� whats not to love about a playground for bodybuilders.


Mike DeMarco

15 December 2017

Being a middle aged couch potato I finally decided to begin working out. Lot and lots of options in the Morristown area. With a co-workers recommendation I joined NBD under one of their trial programs. I can't be more pleased with the experience. My personal trainer Kevin was awesome as the rest of the instructors and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. In addition to personal training I also utilized their large group classes ( which are not really large usually under 8 people) . The classes were great and offered a lot of options. The facility is very clean and including the locker room and the showers. After my trial membership ended I decided to continue my membership. If you are contemplating a faculty to help you get in shape I highly recommend NBD More...


Michael D.

15 December 2017

Being a middle aged couch potato I finally decided to begin working out.  Lot and lots of options in the Morristown area.  With a co-workers recommendation I joined NBD under one of their trial programs.  I can't be more pleased with the experience.  My personal trainer Kevin was awesome as the rest of the instructors and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.  In addition to personal training I also utilized their large group classes ( which are not really large usually under 8 people) .  The classes were great and offered a lot of options.  The facility is very clean and including the locker room and the showers.  After my trial membership ended  I decided to continue my membership.  If you are contemplating a faculty to help you get in shape I highly recommend NBD More...


Jessica T.

22 November 2017

I signed up as a member before this place even had a facility....and they didn't disappoint.  The group training classes are the perfect motivation to get a good workout regardless of ability, experience, or exercise preference.  Alex's Strike Zone class is hands down the hardest workout class I will ever do in my life.  No two classes are ever taught exactly the same way, so your body's muscles don't ever get used to just one routine.  Definitely the gym to be at if you like the group setting and are looking to get in the best shape ever! More...


Catherine RENNIE

16 November 2017

I like the formula. This formula fits my schedule perfectly - 30 mn intensive class - You can add 2 classes and you have you work out for 1 hour. The trainers are great. Pick your classes online or canceled if you change your schedule. The management is very nice. I always find a parkings space in the street or Garages are very close to the gym. So parking is easy - I love this place and I recommend it More...


Terri Levato

14 November 2017

This is probably my favorite gym ever! NBD Training is the complete fitness experience! The classes incorporates strength training that will sculpt, tone and burn calories!
The professional and knowledgeable staff gets you the results you want!
NBD Training has made every step of my fitness journey tailored to my goals.

A special thanks to my two favorite people;

Will is the Trainer that really pushes you to do better. He has a high regard, care and respect for clients.
Will provides Creative sessions that are customize for me! He’s highly intelligent and experienced.

Antonio: He’s you’re # 1 fan!
He Sincerely has interest in clients and desire to help.
He takes the extra time to answer questions and encourages you to be the best!
He’s truly the motivator and has great energy and experience! He challenges you to the next step!

If you only have 30 mins or two hours be sure you’ll leave with a good sweat, a happy heart, and results!

Thanks to an amazing place and team!


Chastity H.

19 August 2017

If you're looking for a clean comfortable facility with knowledgeable trainers who actually put you first and have no hidden agenda, this is your place. Whether you're an Olympian athlete or it's your first time ever working out you will walk in knowing you have exactly what and who you need for your goals. I'm always shocked by the continuous positive energy in this place! More...


Christine K.

3 August 2017

WOW!! This place had everything I needed to get such a great workout in. Battle ropes, sled pushers, sand bags, TRX, Pilates on the reformer, etc. The staff was so accommodating and nice and the 30 min HIIT workout we did was tough but exactly what's friend and I needed to target the whole body. The trainers were super helpful and upbeat too!! More...


Lisa Birchmeier

28 July 2017

Love the programs, classes, and personal training. They keep all of the classes short and impacted with energy. All levels of skill are welcome. This is not a gym to grunt and find meatheads... friendly and skilled trainers, 30 minute workouts and over 90 classes available every month. A must see environment to really understand their program. More...


Naomi Lyn M.

22 June 2017

This place seems nice but if you stop going, they won't refund you your money.


Molly W.

13 June 2017

For many years I have jumped around from gym to gym - tried classes and personal training but never really was able to stick with a program that fit my lifestyle and continued to motivate me until I started doing SPT classes with Antonio.  The work outs Antonio creates are challenging to say the least- but he's supportive and pushes us to be our best self.  Even when I'm not in a SPT class Antonio helps me stay motivated and holds me accountable for the goals I set for myself.  He goes above and beyond what is required for him as a personal trainer.  He is always there when I have a healthy eating question or need to change up my work out a bit to stay motivated.  In the past two months I am down 18 lbs, and down almost 5% in body fat.  I am so glad I decided to join NBD a year ago, and look forward to continuing my health journey with Antonio and the NBD team. More...


Kathryn B.

12 June 2017

Best gym I've ever belonged too! The trainers are all SO knowledgeable, and can make any kind of accommodations you might need related to injuries, etc. the classes are challenging no matter your fitness level. The membership is expensive but totally worth the price! How many gyms have you belonged too but never really went!? Not at NBD. Between the individualized fitness plans, the community feel and the dedication of the staff - you will feel motivated throughout your fitness journey. It's a unique gym that sets you up to actually achieve your goals which is why I recommend this place to anyone and everyone looking to improve their health and wellness! More...


Veronica B.

10 June 2017

This place is awesome! Unlike other gyms, I always felt motivated to workout and push harder! The trainers are all very nice and really look after their clients.  The trainers develop a good relationship with the clients. If you are looking for a different workout every day to keep you motivated, I recommend NBD. This place will push you to the next level! More...


Jessica N.

21 March 2017

I definitely loved the workouts. They were unique and were able to be modified if needed. I was mainly with Rebecca, Emma, and Antonio majority of the time. They really help me get the most out of my workout and was very patient when I was late for the workout. They kicked butt for the 30 minutes (It's a good kick butt, the one you need if you want to get most out of your work out!!). The only minor thing, I wish I new I can start my classes whenever when I signed up for the starter package. I thought I had to stick to one thing first but it turns out I was able to do the classes whenever. Also, the price was quoted differently when I first signed up than when I was ending my trial run. When I was signing up they told me the lowest that they can offer and I was considering in joining midway because I would be able to do that price. However, I was quoted 30 dollars higher than when I first started. For some, it might not be a big difference, but due to my situation, it was a lot. Hopefully, later in life, I'll be able to return because I truly loved everything. One big bonus that I loved was their connection with the Physical Therapy service within the building. Parking is hard to find. I worked around the area so it was easy for me to find parking since I went straight to work right after. However, if you didn't know the area that well it can be tricky. If it wasn't for the price issue, I would have joined. More...


Brandon Farrell

28 February 2017

NBD Training Zone is an amazing place to hit your goals and help you reach the best version of yourself. If you are serious about changing not only your fitness goals but your whole life in general, than I highly suggest you walk through those doors and talk to a fitness professional.


F N.

20 December 2016

I believe this location is still owned by the main branch NBD fitness in Springfield, which is great. I haven't attended this location and will have to check if they offer all the training and classes as the main location. I didn't think so. When I looked to review the main location only this came up so double check if you attend. More...


Lisa De Las Heras-Birchmeier

12 December 2016

I signed up for the NBD 40 challenge and lost 6.5 inches. I am so happy with the program and the trainers, they kept me going strong and motivated. I love going to workout, the 30 minute sessions are packed with high energy and a wide diversity of circuits, you are done in no time, and can get out to the world and get on with your day. I love my trainer Emma, she's spunky and makes our sessions fun, even when she kicks my proverbial "glutes." You've got to check them out! More...


Beth Allison Spruiell

16 November 2016

The best gym, the best trainers, the best classes, the best results!


Monica Keena

29 August 2016

Thank you for hosting Strong Camp New Jersey!!!! Your facility was awesome and everyone was so nice! I wish I lived closer I would become a member!


Christina Pichiarello

20 June 2016

Great facility with knowledgeable trainers. They measure your results every 45 days to be sure you're reaching your goals! Definitely would recommend to anyone. More...


Britt V.

21 May 2016

My husband and I were members of this gym for over a year before we sadly had to end our membership bc we moved across the country. We miss it every day.The trainers are dedicated and knowledgeable. The VERY BEST class we would take 2-3x/week is called "Strikezone." I've been an athlete my entire life and I thought I was gonna die the first time I took this class -- my heart was beating out of my chest (in the best way possible). This class will whip you into shape and make you strong. Alex is the trainer for that class and he really put together a winner. The class in 1 hour. You spend 30 mins doing cardio-like exercises with a ladder on the ground, tons of pushups, tons of 10/10/10s (I'll let you find out what those are) and then the other 30 mins is spent on the bag.  There are so many options for 30 and 60 mins classes and we loved them all. Classes were fairly small so the trainers always knew our name and it felt personal. It's not the cheapest gym but it was the most effective gym I've ever been to and definitely feel like the cost was worth it. Def check it out; pretty sure they give free passes to test it out. More...


Brooke P.

19 May 2016

I have been a member here for about 2 years.  What I like about the gym is it holds you accountable and each class feels like group personal training.  I like the class aspect because it is interactive so you get to know other members and there are a variety of different levels from beginners to advanced. The gym isn't "clicky" which I found the case at some group based gyms (crossfit).  The trainers are some of the most passionate and knowledgeable I have trained with. The personal evaluations are very helpful to see a tangible results. It isn't your typical fitness factory and may be a little more expensive but you get what you pay for. More...


Eileen Bennett

3 May 2016

Great place, great people... Everyone there is willing to help you... At whatever level you might be!


Shylie B.

17 March 2016

I have been a member for a year, I joined mainly for the large group sessions. They offer many sessions at various times. There is a good variety of sessions and they change the program often enough to avoid boredom. The sessions are enjoyable and they have helped me in reaching my goals. All of the trainers are experienced and knowledgeable. NBD also offers small group training sessions, personal training sessions and Pilates (these cost extra). The small group sessions are good, and is something I have not seen offered elsewhere. NBD also perform regular fitness assessments. Again this is something I have not seen other places offer. I believe this is a good tool for setting goals and ensuring the continued progress towards your goals. They use a really good booking system. The facilities and staff are both good. It may be a bit pricey compared to other gyms, but I believe it is worth paying for a good service. More...


Matt Kacar

21 September 2015

This is not a GYM, this is a total fitness center!!!!


Jack O'Marra

16 September 2015

I joined NBD in January and was a bit apprehensive as it had been years since I had last made a serious effort to get in shape. From the beginning I found the Trainers to be very helpful, professional and encouraging. Whether it was individual training sessions or large (6-12) group classes, the workouts were well thought out and effective. NBD promotes an attitude of mutual respect as we each work toward our personal goals. This creates a friendly atmosphere and I look forward to my workouts. The receptionists have also been very helpful and attentive. For anyone who is serious about improving their conditioning, I would urge them to join. Thanks to all of the staff for helping me. Thanks to the other members for their friendly encouragement. More...


Christina D.

12 September 2015

About 7 months ago i was looking for a new gym to get back into shape and making working out more of a routine and  part of my lifestyle. Living in Morristown i wanted something local so it would be easy to get to since i have a hectic schedule. After checking out NBD i was sold. They offer tons of group classes that provide great workouts that motivates you and pushes you achieve great results. The way the class schedule works and how you sign up for them is great because it makes you accountable  to use your credits and go to the classes. The personal training team is great and they truely work close with you to meat your goals. The entire NBD team really do care about your health and goals an work with you to achieve them. You get fitness assessments throughout the year so you can see results, where you improved and where you still need work on. A couple months into my membership i got my boyfirend to join and he couldn't be happier. He suffered a back injury and was nervous working out elsewhere where he could get injured again. The NBD training team knows injures and provides workouts that will not injure yourself,making you feel more comfortable. Thanks to my amazing trainer Antonio and the rest of the NBD team, with 3 classes i take a week, some personal training, and nutrition regiment that i learned being there, i am down about 30lbs, lost 10% body fat and, 8inches off the waist and still counting. I have more energy, look great, stronger then ever, and love working out and pushing myself every week. Working out at this gym really gets you addicted to the programs because it works and you feel and see results. Not to mention you have fun doing it.  I would recommend this gym to everyone. It got me back to being fit and putting my health fist. Thanks NBD!! More...


Robin Robertson

7 September 2015

Love this place. Wonderful trainers, diversity in classes and very cool members. I joined to rehab bad knees and with the support and expertise of trainers those knees are doing things I'd never thought would happen. Feel good and happy!


Jenna Nicole

5 September 2015

Honesty love the classes so much here! Its a small group fitness class and the trainers make sure that you can get a full workout within just 30 mins ! They kicked my butt ! The gym is never over crowded and it's super clean . The staff is so welcoming and super generous :) Defiantly recommend going here. More...


Caitlin Elisa

11 June 2015

Great facility with awesome professionals & amazing members!


Susan Ticker

30 January 2015

Recently joined after a few too many months of inactivity. Love the 30 minute small group classes and the low key atmosphere. Website makes signing up for classes easy and surprisingly parking is easier than expected. So far so good! More...


Sarah Johnson

29 January 2015

I joined NBD in the middle of January and it's the best way I could have started off the new year! The trainers are fantastic. They push you to your limits and motivate you along the way. They offer a great variety of classes, which is what I needed to break up my boring routine of weight lifting. I'm excited to see how my body transforms throughout the next couple of months! More...


Sarah H.

29 January 2015

I joined NBD mid January and I absolutely love it! I wanted something other than the regular weight lifting routine I had been in to really tone my body, and this is it! I already feel like I'm seeing a difference. The trainers are awesome and really push you, which motivates me to give my all. I love the variety of classes and the various styles each trainer can bring to the same class.  I'm very happy with my decision to join NBD and think it's well worth the price. The staff are very friendly and personable, which makes it a nice environment to be in. You can tell they love what they do. More...


Olivia Dunnigan

20 January 2015

I absolutely love NBD ! The staff is super helpful and friendly and the gym is clean and never overly crowded. The classes are really fun and you feel like you are accomplishing so much in just a half hour class !!


Wendy C.

9 January 2015

Before I joined NBD a year ago, I used to donate my membership money because I never went. Now I go 4-6x a week and am in the best shape of my life! It's become a way of life. The classes are never the same, so you don't get bored and you are constantly challenged. The trainers are knowledgeable and push you to better yourself. It's unlike any gym I've belonged to before and I've never been as committed to challenging myself to be the best version of me! More...


Liz H.

24 August 2014

I've been coming to NBD Training Zone in Morristown since it opened in January and I'm still addicted.  I'm close to a 50 pound weight loss is just 8 months.  The trainers are amazing!!  Each of them brings their own unique style and specialty, but they also take the time to listen to your goals and adapt their training methods along the way to get you the best results possible.  I mostly do individual personal training sessions, Pilates, and Spin but the 30 min classes are great too.  It's almost impossible not to see results.  If you're looking for one-on-one motivation, support, and a general butt kicking, this is the place for you.  There's always something that will challenge you.Their online website for booking sessions, logging food entries, tracking your progress, and general health information is also great and super easy to use.  I recommend this facility for anyone who's serious about their health and fitness!! More...


Alan F.

24 August 2014

I've been going for about a month so far and very happy with the place.  The concept of open gym, with small group workouts and personal training is great.  Each time you come in is something different and you have the people there to motivate you and train you.  Much more effective than gym where you're on your own. More...


Amber W.

19 August 2014

Joined a few months ago, and I've not lost interest yet- which is a first for me! John has a 1 hour spin class a few times a week that is the best spin class I've been to. The Pilates classes are great too- the equipment and room are excellent. Recently the morning instructor, Nicole stopped working there and I'm super bummed because she was very knowledgable and helpful- but I'm keeping an open mind about who they will bring in to replace her. Alex, Brendan and Jason have all proven to be motivating trainers and the online scheduler is super easy to use on my iPhone. The rest of the gym is open concept. Not very many machines and the gym is not set up like a typical gym. I've never gone and worked out alone, there is always a class and trainer there to keep you motivated and 90% of the work outs are 30 minutes. And the locker rooms are always spotless! The place is a little pricey and I wish I would have paid attention to the specials before I signed up for a contract at the higher rate. But because they are a little more expensive the crowd is mostly working professionals in their 30s-50s and the trainers are mature and know what they are doing. You completely get what you pay for. My only issue is that there are no stairs to get to the gym and you have to take an elevator. Also, you either have to pay to park in the parking garage, or find street parking on the Morristown Green. It's usually not an issue but some days it's an extra few minutes to park. If you want to try out the gym, just stop by and ask. The staff is super friendly and they don't pressure you into signing up. More...


Takikyacst Godluvme Latimore

21 July 2014

Love this gym because it's more classes then equipment .. More one on one then sales ppl the receptionist / front desk staff are super nice and take there time to help me pic out my monthly classes ..


Carolyn Suzanne

3 July 2014

I just started going, thanks to Alyssa, and I am SO pumped to already be going to a bunch of classes each day, getting my PT once a week, and having the BEST time of my life. I am so impressed by the AWESOME people that work here, the SUPER duper facility, the FUN music, the INNOVATIVE ways to use the equipment, and the INCREDIBLE amount of knowledge everyone has been able to offer me when I need help! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I am looking forward to this WONDERFUL time I will continue to have at NBD!!! More...


Alissa K.

22 June 2014

This place is awesome! There is so much variety to choose from as far as what you can do to exercise and for what you get, it's a great deal.  I've had the pleasure of working out with almost every trainer there, I've also done the pilates sessions too. I love it all and look forward to going in there every day. The atmosphere and energy makes me work even harder.  Give it a try! More...


Christina G.

8 April 2014

great gym very happy. Great classes and awesome personal trainers. Loved the Pilates and Jason was a very good trainer


Alissa Kacar

1 January 2014

Awesome facility... top of the line!


Mike Czech

26 December 2013

The people, the place, the results!


Whitney Fletcher

2 September 2013

NBD is fantastic! I have been a member of many gyms but always end up doing the same thing with no results and become bored. NBD has a handful of classes offered throughout the day - early in the morning for us that work, during the day, and after work. Not only are the classes a quick 30 minutes, but they are fun and a great workout! I haven't done the personal training but the classes are fantastic. Highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to get and stay in shape! More...