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Muetzel Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

Seagrave, Ohio


Muetzel Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

Seagrave, Ohio


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K. Lae

13 May 2019



Rebecca Dragin

26 February 2019

We've used Muetzel many times in the past. They're our first phone call for larger plumbing issues. This was a big job, major blockage, and the team was professional and communicated with me every step of the way. This was a two day job and it was determined that they weren't going to be able to complete the job. Extra services were going to be required, possibly excavation requiring the city's involvement. I was very pleased that they refunded our money for day #2 of services since they were unable to resolve our issue. I'd recommend Muetzel over many of the larger companies. More...


Lizzy Miles

26 February 2019

Muetzel had installed our old water heater for the previous owners which lasted FOREVER. When it finally blew, we called them to install new one. The front-line person who answered the phone, Sonia, was so kind and sympathetic to my situation. She said she had to be realistic with scheduling and so they weren't able to fit me in same day but she scheduled me for first time on the next business day. She agreed to call me if they had cancellations and she expressed understanding when I told her I was going to call around to see if I could get someone sooner. We ended up finding a plumber closer to where we live who was able to do it quicker, but I will always remember how easy it was to talk with Sonia and definitely would use them if (God forbid) we have more plumbing needs. More...


J Wolf

28 December 2018

I’ve had an excellent experience with Muetzel. From the customer service on the phone to the technicians that came to my house, everything was great. They were able to get to my house quickly (they even called me to move my appointment up a few days when they had a cancellation). The technicians were very friendly. They were able to quickly diagnose the problem and resolve it. I highly recommend Muetzel. More...


Kevin Shay

28 November 2018

Always polite and courteous service at a fair price.


Patti Jordan

27 May 2018

Brilliant plumbers; knowledgable, helpful, efficient, affordable. They have saved me time and money. Great service. David can repair it so you don't have to replace it! He's a magician of a plumber.


Catherine Kirk

27 May 2017

Needed a pipe repaired in home I just moved in to that was corroded and starting to leak (albeit very slowly). Called and was told it would be as an "emergency call" later in the afternoon which was fine. Great communication throughout the day as they called back and offered to come in the early afternoon as they were running ahead and it would not be an emergency call. Couldn't get out of work early so I kept the later time. Got a call when the guy was headed to my house. He was super polite, explained everything, did a great job, cleaned up, etc. Also answered a few questions not related to the pipe that will ultimately save me money as it gave me the direction to go in order to get my hot water heater working correctly. May have taken him literally 60 seconds, but will save me time and money. And my dog liked him, so that pretty much seals the deal with me! I also appreciate their responses to the few negative reviews. Shows real credibility and responsibility. Well done. Will definitely be using these folks for all my plumbing (and heating and cooling) needs. More...