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Annie L

29 October 2018

In spite of seeing many, many therapists over several dozens of years, I continued to feel stuck and frustrated with myself and in my life. I didn't understand why I was so quick to negatively react in certain ways and why certain things that seemed benign to others bothered me so much. A couple years ago I was referred to Nicole by another therapist, and I had no idea what a gift this was. By creating a safe, sacred space from day 1, Nicole quickly earned my trust, which in turn helped me be more open to finally uncovering and exploring traumatic events from my past. I knew my endless attempts to avoid going to such a dark place were no longer working and were affecting my health, well being, and relationships. With great care and compassion, Nicole reliably listens, keenly observes, asks thoughtful questions in an extremely non-threatening way, and offers invaluable feedback and guidance. For the first time ever (in therapy and in my life in general), I have felt fully heard, understood, validated, and supported. Nicole has helped me learn to practice becoming more compassionate with myself. She has helped me understand and recognize my patterns of self-sabotage and has provided thoughtful tools, resources, and guidance to help me practice new ways of thinking and reacting. She has helped me learn to get in touch with and be more comfortable with my feelings and being in my own skin -- both of which can be terrifying in the context of a traumatic past.The gratitude I feel for Nicole's clinical expertise and genuine, compassionate approach is immeasurable. If you are yearning to get past whatever may be holding you back and are willing to do some profound, empowering self-discovery and growth, Nicole is unquestionably the therapist to see. She has my highest recommendation and deep respect. More...


Lara Eisenberg

29 October 2018

I have worked with Nicole collaboratively on professional projects and in peer consultation groups for the past 20 years. She is a trusted colleague and has a wealth of information. She communicates effectively, excels at facilitating deep healing and is committed to personal and professional growth. Nicole is highly respected by her colleagues and is a "go to" for sharing concerns, problems, and successes. More...


Jessica Yaffa

29 October 2018

As a Certified Professional Coach who specializes in relationships I can say with absolute conviction that Nicole Kahn is my #1 go to referral source for those who have been affected by any sort of trauma. Her compassion, intellect, way of connecting and overall expertise has contributed to the profound healing of the many people I've had the pleasure of sending her way. A wonderful resource for both individuals and couples! More...


Gabe Golden

6 August 2018

This work with Nicole is so impressive and significant. It is more than counseling or therapy but a guide to our own growth and evolution. She brought me to an awareness of past experiences and conditioning I didn't know was extra weight I was carrying all while providing a deeply compassionate level of support that allowed me to really trust the process. There was immediate progress evident in my emotional and physical well being even after just one session. I feel this integrative approach is essential to not only healing of physical and mental pain but for becoming the greatest ideal of ourselves as well. More...


Cara Moore

27 May 2017

Dear Nicole,Words can't describe the gratitude I feel for the work we did together.I don't know what the future holds, but I can say that so far I notice a very big difference in how I experience myself and how I relate to the world. I marvel at having a real body! I rejoice in being able to say 'I trust myself' and know what that means. I cry when I realize how rare and precious it is to find someone capable of handing me the key to my own heart, because that is what seems to have happened. I honor how trustworthy you are, I honor your obvious talent, your extensive training, your professionalism, which is very important to me, and the fact that you are doing what you love to do (you've found your true vocation) and the love that all these things together radiate. So in case I didn't say so, Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart!With deep gratitude, Cara More...


Gabe Golden

27 May 2017

Seeking a true solution to healing from chronic illness, in my case 3 decades with rheumatoid arthritis, can be a lonely journey without a guide. I spent many years exploring alternative therapies and diet, much of which has been helpful but the missing piece has been learning to feel my body's physical and emotional symptoms with a new awareness of their meaning. Nicole is able to navigate me to the places within that are holding on or blocking the release of energy that needs to be discharged. Her way of easing me through this process is surprisingly comforting and the physical improvements that manifest provide validation. This is cool stuff! Nicole is incredibly intuitive, insightful and skilled. You can feel how much she truly cares for your progress. More...


Hilary Taylor

27 May 2016

Nicole is exceptionally articulate: she has the ability to take vague, generalized statements and pin-point exactly the issue lying underneath. She therefore helps us take leaps and bounds forwards. She is gentle, non-judgmental, interested in our stories, and smart as a whip. I think she is a bit of a "old soul", with wisdom beyond her years. I strongly recommend her for couples or individuals! More...


Catherine Lamme

28 May 2015

Nicole was a life changer for me. She is an incredible therapist who utilizes the time effectively in session to make you feel like you are getting a ton out of each session. I think that everyone should see her! She is amazing! More...

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