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28 April 2012

Mark and his team were very professional and did a fantastic job for our event. The taping of our party was more than I expected and he covered so much more of the event than I expected........It was such a pleasure to sit back and relive our evening More...



31 March 2012

Very professional service. Personal attention to the specifics of the birthday. Visually caputured the milestone event perfectly.
I would recommend this service to all my friends.


John & Perla

14 August 2011

John and I got married a little over a year ago and looking back, one thing I will not be sorry about is that I opted to have a videographer at our wedding. Highly recommended from another videographer, Mark and his whole staff clearly has put a lot of thought, care, and pride at their work. We had a post wedding reception
in NJ a month after due to many of John's family and friends was unable to comen and brought with us a video clip that Mark & staff made just for them to see. Everyone thought that was the official video ;-). The quality is superb and I can't tell you how happy we are with the official video. It was simply fantastic! The Blu-Ray is like WOW, outstanding! Mark and staff gets the job done PERFECTLY! Thank you again for making a truly beautiful video for us that we will enjoy for the rest of our lives ;-)



19 September 2009

They made a beautiful wedding video for us which we watched over and over. They certainly made an amazing video of the best day of our life!

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