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Journey Counseling LLC

Marlton, NJ, USA

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Journey Counseling LLC

Marlton, NJ, USA


Journey Counseling LLC is a mental health and spiritual counseling center. Mental health for individuals is the most important thing to us. Let us partner with you and your family today and help you through your struggles with singleness, marriages, anxiety, depression, grief and many other things that dominate our lives.



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I love building a relationship with my clients, so they do not feel they are alone as they go through the darkest times of their lives. I know what it is like to be unwanted by society and feeling unloved or supported by family and friends. That is why I love walking with them in the good and bad times of their lives and to show them they can find rest in whatever state they are in.

I went through a very dark time in my life. I experienced depression, anxiety, and rejection from the closest people to me. When I was struggling the most, no one was there for me except my counselor. My counselor understood me and loved me back to health so I can live my life to the fullest. I have the same desire for my clients. That is why I started Journey Counseling LLC. It is a place where I can help people find rest.

My life as I knew it fell apart. My wife divorced me after my attempted suicide and my admittance to my addiction. I felt alone until I went to America's Keswick. There my trusted counselor helped me through the darkest times of my life and showed me that life can be better despite all my issues. My counselor at Keswick showed me that I can find rest in the chaos of my life. I have the same desire to show my clients that they can find the same rest I did.


Singleness, Bereavement, Marriage, Relationship Problems, Anxiety, Depression, Pornography and Substance Abuse are all personal struggles that individuals can go through. No problem is too small or too big when it comes to Individual Therapy.

Relationships, sex, and divorce are some of the many issues that are destroying our marriages today. Couples face most of these issues alone. Journey Counseling is committed to helping couples and individuals work through the pain and, frustration by giving a voice to the hurting and frustrated.

Journey Counseling understands today's family structure. Parent's beliefs, values, and personalities are just some of the things we talk about in Family Therapy. Through Family Therapy, Journey's counselors offer each family member a safe place to express their issues. We do this by encouraging an open and honest discussion with other family members. When each family member has a chance to share their heartache and pain a solution can be reached through therapy.

Journey Counseling offers life coaching to all our clients. Our life coach is a highly trained professional that forms a loving relationship with their clients through creativity and art. Every day we make choices in our lives. These choices range from profound to trivial, but each one of our choices has an effect on us living a fulfilling or less fulfilling life. Journey's Life coach will help you live a life with purpose by helping you with your self-confidence, identity, career change, life balancing, self-care, food, and nutrition.

Journey Counseling LLC provides Chaplin services. Our primary goal is taking care of our local community. Our Chaplin services seek to share God's love and grace to churches by offering pulpit supply and premarital counseling. Our service also helps individuals in hospitals, hospital staff and people who are suffering emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Journey Counseling is a spiritual counseling center. Our Group Therapy differs from traditional counseling services because we add a personal touch with gender-specific open group share. Journey's male or female counselor will facilitate each group therapy session which will be in a relaxed format. This will allow the group members to share and network with others who are going through the same issues. Groups of ten with room to grow will be held at 7-10pm Every Friday night. Group topics will rotate and change depending on the needs of the community.