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Here at JB Marketing we focus on helping our clients gain recognition in their communities and surrounding areas through various social platforms! We specialize in anything from social media management to running and tracking ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.



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What I love most about this job is being able to help people. I love problem solving, and finding solutions to any problems our clients might have. I LOVE getting results for my clients as well, and being able to feel like I am helping make a difference by expanding their companies!

What inspired me the most to start my own business was the potential I saw in just how much social media can make an impact on a business. I realized that thousands of companies all across the nation are still relying on referrals and word of mouth to expand their business. Nowadays with all of the technology and platforms out there it is easier than every to reach out to new customers and connect with more people.

One main thing that pushes me to succeed in this business is being able to learn new skill sets. Although my company is fairly new and we are more than willing to learn and expand our knowledge in sales and marketing. If we do not know things we will not try to sugarcoat it and think of excuses, but instead be straightforward and try to learn the information. I believe our passion to help companies grow and succeed is what puts us above various social media marketing agencies as well.


We will help post various times throughout the week to gain recognition in your surrounding area and specific niche. We offer postings on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.