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*Building music and life skills through programs designed for tots, youth, community and business*

Birthdays & Music Enrichment:
*celebrate with your friends - all playing together*
Toddlers - sing move and play our instruments in a set of original and folk songs ending with drums and a Jamtown Happy Birthday finale!


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Jeff Wallach

coolest most rhythmic place you can go!


Kindred Fair Trade Handcrafts

Jamtown is a great company promoting the joys of making music with a variety of percussion instruments. We love Jamtown and carry many drums, shakers, and noise makers made by artisans from around the world!

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Watching the expressions and hearing about the experience of adults as they bust through old beliefs about playing music and self expression. It happens quickly when handled properly!
On the other end of the age spectrum, I love watching toddlers and youngsters do cute things as they share their bliss around music and movement. Sharing these moments with parents and caregivers is always a highlight.

A love for adventure travel and music expression inspired my business to grow organically after leaving a 15 year corporate career. Since 1995, Jamtown, LLC imports rhythm instruments created by low income producers in 3 continents - guided by fair trade principles. We use our instruments in most of our programs and hold that indigenous instruments help build a bridge to the music experience.

Jamtown offers a unique vehicle to explore the tricky ask between challenge and fun. I believe we all are capable of basic rhythm and we also share a common love for music. Our low-key approach makes room for everyone to join the Band!