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Cassandra O'Sullivan

11 August 2019

Wonderful people! Helped in a crisis


Meaghan Rice

15 July 2019

Traci and her crew are wonderful, they took me in last minute and cared for my senior dog, sent me pics and even brushed her. i am so thankful I found It takes a Village, i much rather my senior dog home and comfortable rather than in a kennel!! Awesome job above and beyond of my expectations! thank you More...


Kelsey Goodwin

25 March 2019

I have a 9 month old Shepherd who recently had bi-lateral hip surgery- It Takes a Village was amazing with him! Traci took the time to read over his portal (throughly) and even asked questions about his needs. Amelia walked my dog and sent us an in-depth report (with pictures) telling me all about their walk. I will definitely use them again in the future. More...


Sharon McKinney

23 March 2019

I highly recommend Traci and her awesome team of dog walkers. They are reliable, obviously are all animal lovers and have taken great care of Colby and two cats. They even got Rocky to like them and he doesn't like anybody! Colby (11 year old spoiled pug) has been more active and happier since he started with the team, so I'm super happy with their service - worth every penny! I love the daily pictures and updates, Thank you! More...


Michelle Cote Prince

12 March 2019

I’ve been using It Takes a Village Pet Care since I brought my puppy Gus home. He’s now 8 months old and we owe a lot of his training to them. They take excellent care of Gus and have provided us with a lot of helpful information. They always go the extra mile to ensure Gus is well taken care. More...


Betsy Manchester

10 March 2019

This is by far the best pet sitting service ever. I not only have indoor pets, but we also have chickens and it was a pleasure coming home and finding them in great condition as they do require care. The indoor cats just loved the attention and being cared for so nicely. I can't wait to go away again to have them care for the group this business is a real asset to the community and I hope they continue for years to come. On behalf of my pets a big THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! More...


Jeff Pillet-Shore

5 March 2019

Just used Traci and Meaghan for second time to watch our pets while we were away. Their attention to detail left us feeling total comfort - they shared specifics from each visit, helped us keep up with our recycling and compost, coordinated with house cleaners, and send cute photos to boot. Will definitely use again.


Jacqueline Bruhn

9 December 2018

We have been using It Takes a Village pet care for about a year when we realized our (somewhat) anxious dog was getting increasingly anxious going to his usual kennel. Plus we were paying a different person to watch our cats & bring in mail. It has been so helpful to have one pet sitter! Not only are all of our pets (cats, fish, dog) happier & more relaxed when we return but we have the huge peace of mind that our house is being checked on 3 times a day! Mail comes in as do packages. We love seeing the photos and hearing how our pets are doing while we are away. I cannot recommend Traci & her team highly enough. They are excellent! More...


Penelope Kirchofer

28 November 2018

our dog and cat had never been without us until last week when "it takes a village pet care nh" gave us a chance to take a vacation with absolutely no worries as to the 2 of them being cared for with professionalism but most important to me heart. they lavished attention on both cat and dog. we received daily reports and pictures of our pets . i cannot express the appreciation i have for the care my pets received. i highly recommend these wonderful people to anyone wanting to leave pets at home safe and sound and enjoy a vacation.penny kirchofer -rochester More...


Lori Hults

6 September 2018

I highly recommend ITAVPC, Traci and her crew are very conscientious and watching out for all of us! Having Traci, Jenna and Meaghan come for mid day visits has really made a positive impact on our lives! The boys are very happy and I feel so relieved that they have a mid day break during the long work day. The dogs enjoy a regular routine now and there have been less and less "accidents" in the house! I love getting pictures and updates in the portal too. More...


Damla Bozkurt Aktekin

25 August 2018

I highly recommend It Takes a Village Pet Care with Traci Adams Bisson. We used their services to take care of our kitten while we were on a trip. Traci took excellent care of her and she emailed us an update and pictures every single day. She even made sure to send an assuring note to my daughter who was nervous to leave her kitty behind. More...


Amy Goodhue Fernald

9 July 2018

We felt very comfortable leaving our cat in the care of Traci while we were away recently. Traci was very thorough and gave daily updates on how our cat was doing. We would highly recommend her pet service! More...


Sarah Robinson

29 June 2018

I hired It Takes a Village Pet Care to walk my dogs when I couldn’t be home to give them the exercise they needed. Their care was wonderful and I received updates and pictures through the portal. When I got home my dogs were happy and relaxed. I recently went away for a week and hired them to care for my barn animals - chickens, goats and bunnies. Meagan and Traci provided wonderful care, asked questions as they came up and even triaged a leaky roof in my house!! They are extremely accommodating and followed my numerous instructions to a “T”. I look forward to working with them again soon in caring for my barn animals and walking my babies. More...


Lisa Hanley

1 May 2018

After having a few issues with our previous pet sitter - we have started using Traci for holiday feedings for our cats and pet sitting for our dogs when we're away. She is always reliable - and gives us great updates that help us feel comfortable and secure with how everyone is doing while we're away. Knowing you have someone who will be there on time and take wonderful care of your pets is such a great comfort while away - and we appreciate it SO much! More...


Carol Boucher

29 March 2018

We have a Jack Russell terrier who craves human attention. Traci has made it possible for us to take day trips without Archie getting lonely. Traci not only lets Archie out for potty breaks but, more importantly to Archie, she provides lots of hugs and snuggles. Archie loves her and so do we! More...


Priya Greene

28 March 2018

We love Traci, and now Jen. They are great with our dog, Miles, and care for him like he’s part of their family. When I’ve worked from home, it’s awesome to see how absolutely excited he is. I love getting the picture emails of him happy after his walks. The communication and service are top notch. More...


Lisa Kardos

28 March 2018

I was referred to It Takes a Village from another pet care provider and couldn’t be happier. Traci and Jen have exhibited excellent care and have consistently exceeded my expectations. Their attention to detail and experience has been a perfect match for my high energy Springer Spaniel Pup and has helped me be at ease when I can’t be with him. If you are in need of a pet care service, look no further! More...


Darlene King

9 February 2018

We absolutely love the services and care Traci gives our dogs and home. We are very selective as to who is around them and our home. Other than immediate family, Traci is the ONLY person we allow around our fur babies when we are away. The care and love she gives them is genuine. We all see that when she comes because even our most skittish baby gets excited to see her. We can't thank her enough for all she does. Darlene More...


Karen Reilly-Brickett

26 January 2018

We moved to Barrington last summer, which greatly increased our commutes to work & back, so we started searching for a pet sitter. We hit the jackpot when we found Traci! We have 3 dogs, 11yrs, 6yrs, and a very energetic 5 mos old puppy and Traci is exceptional with each of them. She brings them outside, plays with them, gives them their treats and then goes the extra mile and cleans up any accidents the puppy may have had. She evens changes out the potty pads!! I love getting her daily reports and pics. Our pups get all excited whenever we say the name Traci, they love her. She's even going to stay overnight while we are on vacation and works with us to find a backup whenever she is unavailable. WOW!! There is NO WAY anybody could find a better pet care giver than Traci and It Takes a Village Pet Care. More...


Jessica Fillmore

31 December 2017

Traci is fantastic. My friend highly recommended her to watch my cat while I was on vacation in Florida. She not only took such good care of my sweet pea but my apartment as well. My cat has a sensitive system and gets ill on occasion. I felt confident leaving my cat in her care and I would definitely recommend Traci to anyone looking for pet care services! More...


Paige Lawson Smith

21 December 2017

I highly recommend It Takes a Village Pet Care! We have used Traci’s services (to include the pet taxi) several times during vacation and quick trips this year. Her online portal for communications, scheduling, and payments is very convenient and allows for peace of mind as Traci provides frequent updates. My senior dog, a rescue and normally shy, warmed to her after only a few visits and we are happy that he can stay in the comfort of his own home while we are away. More...


Austin Anne Tucker

19 December 2017

I was hesitant to use a dog walker because my dog can be aggressive, but a new long commute necessitated taking the leap. Traci has been walking Indie daily for 4+ months. She is reliable, flexible with my scheduling needs, and receptive to instructions. She responds to communication promptly and always sends a note about her visit. Traci was also willing to learn how to feed fruit flies to my poison dart frog! More...


Kimberly Wolph

14 December 2017

I just want to take a moment and say how truly thankful we are to have such an attentive, kind and dependable person in our lives to care for our sweet puppy. Traci from “It Takes a Village Pet Care” has shown us time and time again that it truly does “take a village” to make sure our Boston Terrior’s needs are met (including taking our sweet girl to the vet when she noticed something was off during a visit). We feel so very fortunate to have found the absolute best dog in the world, and feel doubly blessed that we found someone to love and care for her as much as we do while we are at work! Traci loves what she does and it shows!! �� More...


Robin Rice Koczera

22 October 2017

Traci cared for our kitten a few weeks ago. This was the first time in 2 months we were leaving her. We were so relieved that Traci made us very comfortable right at the first handshake! We loved that she took pictures of Moxie each day and shared them with us while we were away. We highly recommend her. She is very professional as well. Your furry loved one will be very happy! More...


Annie Vachon

22 October 2017

So, for me... to know that love & care is a given while I work - helps me to do my job...well, truly...this past month was as if I won the lottery!! Traci and her family went beyond the call of duty! They gave up a room in their home, and family time to grace my sweet girl with comfort and care beyond my expectations! Each and every day there was a vet appointment, Traci's taxi service was there. Even in the need of surgery for "my girl", Traci coordinated the procedure, after care & medications to be sent to her home with compassionate loving care. I am indebted to Traci for the outstanding service and compassion she provided. More...


Ruth Vultaggio

22 October 2017

I recommend Traci as a pet care expert. She knows what my Mitzi likes and is vert attentive to her needs. Traci shows that she is a very caring person and bends over backwards to fulfill her clients needs and schedules. So glad I found her.


Laurie Young

1 October 2017

Traci takes care of our two senior/ special need pets with love and experience. For the first time in a while, we can travel without worrying about our munchkins. We highly recommend.


Sarah Gallant Pay

27 June 2017

We love working with Traci! She pays great attention to detail and is very professional, and a pleasure to work with!! ���


Amanda Gratton

19 June 2017

I highly recommend Traci, she is just fantastic with our little Frenchie. We hired her after our guy started having seizure activity and needed to be medicated. The medication makes it difficult to make it through the day for him plus I really wanted someone checking on him for his safety. Traci is very attentive to his needs, and updates me immediately after each visit. More...


Christine Falbe

31 May 2017

Traci at It Takes a Village Pet Care was referred to us by a friend who highly recommended her services. We hired Traci to care for our two dogs while on vacation overseas. She took them on daily walks and played ball with them in the back yard. They were given lots of attention and exercise. In addition, we hired her the following week to come daily while I traveled for business. While I was away, my husband said that Traci even expressed concern that one of our dogs may not be feeling well and offered to take a fecal sample to our vet. We are so glad to have found you. You are amazing! More...


Ellen McCaleb

1 May 2017

Traci is excellent. I highly recommend It Takes a Village!


Cheryl Adams

30 December 2016

“It Takes a Village Pet Care has provided pet sitting services for our senior dog on several occasions. Traci, the owner, loves dogs and she is gentle and kind with our special needs pet. She has provided pet sitting services and assisted bathroom break walks. She is always prompt and updates us at the conclusion of the visit on how everything went. We value her service.” More...


John Wallace

27 December 2016

your care of my dogs went way beyond what was required, showing a genuine concern for their well-being.


Laura Whittle Deely

9 December 2016

“Last winter we traveled for a long weekend and needed someone to check on and feed our chickens as well as collect eggs. I wanted to find someone who had experience with chickens. Traci, owner of It Takes a Village Pet Care, owns chickens and was willing to come several times over the weekend to check on the flock. In addition, she was very mindful of making sure that there was no cross contamination between her chickens and ours. I recommend her services and will use her again in the future when we travel.” -Laura, Barrington, NH More...


Casey Reynolds Jurevic

4 December 2016

Occasionally I have needed dog walking services for Hadley. Traci, owner of It Takes a Village Pet Care, has provided these services as well as in-home extended pet care and check ins when Hadley is visiting at other pets’ homes. I don’t need the service often but have always valued her making time to help when we get into a jam. I know I can call on her in the future and can rest assured Hadley will be well taken care of. More...

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