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Norristown, PA

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Iroysport LLC

Norristown, PA



We are a state of the art fitness facility with spinning, weights, fitness classes and personal training. We also do in home one on one training. Call us for more info

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Kenneth Trifaro

1 October 2019

It was our first time there tonight. Kimi was awesome setting me up. Had a great workout. This place is so clean, and there was no wait for equipment. If you’re thinking of joining, do it. More...


Judith Williamson

28 August 2019

The classes are very well structured that every day its very different. You set your own pace and over a few classes you will see that you keep improving. Trainers are amazing!!


Matt Cianci

30 June 2019

awesome staff very clean different crowd no meatheads


Lori Chiaramonte Delo

6 February 2019

what a great place. close to home and open 24/7. everyone is so friendly


Robert Traub

26 December 2018

Great gym. Love it. 4 years running. Very professional with clean and modern equipment. You’d be wise to join!!!


Jennifer Christman

20 December 2018

A great gym available 24/7. Exceptionally clean and friendly! :-)


Julia Kireeva

17 October 2018

this is a great neighborhood gym - live walking in and whoever is there at the desk greet and know you.


Melisa Mtnz Valentín

15 October 2018

Best gym around! Everyone is dedicated to achieving their best self and the staff is awesome!


John Bannon

6 October 2018

Amazing trainers and classes. Always pushing and supporting you. A lot of equipment and weights and always open.


Carla Sohl

20 July 2018

Nice and clean gym, always open (even during some snow storms) and I just want to shout out Chris’s spin class, bc she never fails to challenge and push throughout the entire class and I always leave drenched in sweat. it’s the perfect start and finish to my week � More...


Doug Lacey

12 July 2018

Great gym. Friendly atmosphere, fostered by owners who care. I LOVE Kimi’s 7:30 Tuesday night spin class. Great physical workout as well as much needed mental relief.


Alison Leshan

22 May 2018

Love this place! Clean, encouraging, supportive and awesome classes! Highly recommend!


Meghan Carroll Straut

7 February 2018

Great gym! Can't beat the hours (24/7), always clean, and everyone is friendly. Kimi has literally changed my life with her personal training, I have never loved working out like I do now!


Karen Gilpatrick-Bannon

26 January 2018

I LOVE this place, nice clean quiet gym with excellent classes! Kimmy you kick my but every time! Definitely recommend!


Kristen Krail Gamble

7 November 2017

Great start to my new hobby! Kimi is the BEST and just kicked my butt for the last hour! Thanks for giving me some one on one time! � Can’t wait for my next visit! More...


Kevin Harter

2 August 2017

Clean, nice equipment, great patrons and staff. Very happy.


Susan Schmidt Millar

22 June 2017

Started going to this gym on a recommendation of a family member, and I really like this gym. It's huge with lots to offer, nicely air conditioned, and has a friendly inviting feel. I've been going twice a week, also tried a Pilates class and liked it. I highly recommend this gym, AND they offer a 1 week free trial! More...


justin magdule

2 June 2017

I love this gym. Open 24 hours a day so I can go early before work, or when I get out late. Has everything I need and more, plus it's clean and the staff is awesome!


Laura Sapsay Garifo Clattenburg

16 April 2017

I attended a spin class yesterday with Lisa Capaldo as the instructor. Nervous because it was my first spin in over a year, I was immediately put at ease because Lisa made it clear that we all go at our own speed. She took the time to explain that although she may instruct to do a full turn up, that beginners are encouraged to do what they can and not be intimidated. She also took it easy on those who had bad knees. She educated the correct way to ride a bike, which made it easier when I worked the correct muscles. A class as full as it was, lisa has the ability to take care of individual needs without taking time away from the entire class. I look forward to taking her next class! More...


Kelly Stipa Mull

9 March 2017

Best gym around! Best instructors, the staff CARES about you and are always there to help when you need it. The equipment is amazing! So much space too! Can't rave enough! More...


Mary Tyler

13 January 2017

IROY goes above and beyond to help you with your fitness goals. Jana is THE BEST!!!!


Kim Roop

13 September 2016

Many normal gyms have nice equiptment, employees, and classes. Iroy goes way beyond normal. The equipment is state of the art, there are more than enough cardio and weight machines to make rush hour pleasant, the range of classes exceeded anything I have seen or heard of, and the place is kept spotlessly clean. The best part for me are the employees. Upbeat, knowledgeable, beyond helpful, and incredibly friendly. They make this life style change a very happy experience that I enjoy repeating. I think my experiences at Iroy have been a huge part of my success in getting healthy. Come by and try it. You won't be sorry. More...


Karen Mandy Smoger

15 March 2016

I love the staff. I love the members. I love my students. We're like family.


Tim Rooney

2 March 2016

Tons of equipment, ultra clean, friendly staff, and lots of classes to enable you to try new things...overall awesome gym!


Donna Wizorek Bobb

5 February 2016

Great gym Cleanest gym ever... Instructors are very helpful...and friendly Happy I am belong to Iroy gym


Chelsea Johns

3 June 2015

Definitely the cleanest, nicest gym in the area. Staff is SUPER personable & friendly - will recognize you every time you walk in which is hard to find! Love the yoga room and classes are great. All-around a great place. More...


Stephenie Berlet

23 April 2015

IRoy is clean, the staff is amazing and the clientele isn't intimidating.


Kimberly Detwiler

5 February 2015

Amazing classes and very knowledgeable staff! Tons of state of the are equipment!


Willie Beamon

4 September 2014

One of the best mid size gym's I have had the pleasure of visiting. Great classes, incredible environment and no pesky trainers.


Donna Palmieri

21 August 2014

Super clean gym, great big spin room (the nicest I've ever seen), and plenty of classes to choose from. And they have a large room for day care.


Beth Sensenig Brenn

7 March 2014

This is definitely the place to work-out if you want to feel motivated and inspired. It's a great atmosphere all around!


Walter Cherkas

29 October 2013

Cleanest most professional gym around.

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