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Scott Walsh

Sean trains his student's in practical self defense, his students are confident knowing that they can handle themselves. And instills the discipline to be that way. More...


Kefah Habash

My 4 and 5 yr old kids go here and they absolutely love it! I'm thrilled with the self-confidence they've gained! We wouldn't go anywhere else!!!


Mike Fillmore

Best quality martial arts facilty and training in the area!!


Denise Walsh

A great place for discipline, structure and to be pushed into doing something greater than yourself. My son is much more confident now and more respectful.


Tessa Roberts Habash

Great atmosphere for kids and adults! My children are 4 and 5 and love going every week! The instructors are great and very supportive.


Misty Simmons

Great Place, my kids love it, they have excelled under their teacher Sean, he is very good with the kids...


Jessica Irvin

Best martial arts instructor around! My brother has been coming here for years and now my daughter (6years old) is coming. Sean is a great instructor, he has a lot of patience but teaches the kids respect and confidence. Couldn't ask for better. More...


Martha Allen

Great for kids of all ages. Sean is a wonderful coach. He gives quality training and has commendable patience with the my four year old. My little one wishes she could go more than twice a week. More...


Chad Royse

I have trained with many instructors and sean by far is one the most knowledgeable and caring instructor i have ever worked with...if you are 6 or 60..no matter what your fitness goals my be...he will design a life plan to help you reach your goal....for fitness..for fun..for life....i am 43 and in the best shape of my life!!!! best decision i could have made....thanks sean and crew.. More...


Josh Haynes

I studied under Sean Stefanic, Damon Stefanic, and James Cowherd when the dojo was named Extreme Force Martial Arts. All three men gladly undertook the task of turning me from a timid 14 year old kid weary of being jumped at school to the kid who walked down his school's halls with his back straight, head held high, unafraid, exuding a calm confidence. I realized while studying under them that there actually is a sport I naturally excel at, and it's martial arts. I entered standing 5'7" and weighing a flabby 210, dropped 25 pounds quickly, and then gained 10 back in muscle, exiting standing 5'10" and 195. They taught me much more than self defense and how to fight; they taught me the finer points of honor, courage, discipline, perseverance, and respect, among much more. Although I was unable to fulfill my promise to return after college to get my black belt (I deeply regret that I was unable to, life took me down an unexpected path), I learned more as an advanced blue belt than I would have as a black belt at any other school. If you seek the best instruction, tournament wins, fitness, self defense, self confidence and something that is seriously fun, Sean Stefanic and Hybrid stand peerless. Kam sa hamnida, Sir! More...


Tracey Harrison Ferguson

Sean is the Best! If you want to get into shape and also learn some self defense...this is the place! ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป Only serious need to go! If your a girl like me you donโ€™t need your lipstick! Ha! More...

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