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Los Angeles, CA

1 hire on Bark


Los Angeles, CA

1 hire on Bark


Understand. Challenge. Advance. Understand how your body works, challenge it's ability to work, achieve that, and advance to the next level. I customize the steps your program to reach your goals at a pace that can realistically fit into your lifestyle.


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Catherine Martin

7 October 2019

Audrey would rather spend half a session working with you to improve your form on one move, making sure you understand the engagement, movement and anatomy you need to know so you won't get injured and will get the most you can out of every move, than rush you through your workout for the sake of getting it all done. She is an inspired trainer who gives every client her full attention. Her advice on form, endurance and strength is top-notch, and she'll help you avoid injury with great post-workout routines. Audrey will challenge you, but more importantly, she'll respect you. She makes sure you have the knowledge and form you need to bring yourself to the next level every time you work out, even when she's not there. Training with her isn't just exercising - it's making an investment in yourself! More...



26 September 2019

Audrey is the absolute BEST. I worked with her when I was beginning to train for a half-marathon. Previously, I had been super injury prone, and I started to work with her to increase strength and flexibility to keep myself injury free during my half marathon training. The workouts Audrey gave me were so awesome - I felt like such a badass. I completed my half-marathon INJURY FREE! Not only is Audrey super knowledgeable, she's super fun to train with. I highly recommend her!!!!! More...


Michelle foran

26 September 2019

Audrey is absolutely amazing!!! She is very sensitive to the personal needs/preferences of clients. She makes great efforts in the customization of exercise plans to ensure that clients can achieve their goals in the way that works best for their body, routine, and lifestyle. She is also very versatile and creative when designing all the routines that she suggests. They truly never get boring or dull and it definitely keeps you going and excited to see what’s next! Audrey has also made me feel so incredibly comfortable and confident while training me, she’s literally been my personal cheerleader. Audrey’s is one of the most genuine person I’ve ever met, and her unconditional support has provided me with such strong motivation and encouragement to continue reaching towards my health and fitness goals. I am eternally grateful for everything I learned and gained through my experiences with Audrey! More...



16 September 2019

I came to Audrey with a LOT of concerns and issues. I have chronic pain and hypermobility, and came from a couple years of doing reformer pilates. I made the decision to enroll with a regular gym so I wouldn't be confined to working out with a pilates reformer, which at the time was the only way I really knew how to work out without hurting myself. I came to Audrey with a main goal of strengthening muscles which support my loose joints, and really wanted to build foundations to get me to a point where I was comfortable working out on my own or in a group fitness class without the concern of hurting myself. Audrey and I worked together for almost 10 months toward this goal and I've noticed a huge improvement not only in my ability but confidence. I like to think we had a mutual challenging relationship (I would often quiz her - hey what's this muscle cuz it hurts and how can I strengthen it!) which really elevated us both. I have zero complaints with working with Audrey and recommend her to anyone with or without exercise limitations. On top of that she is always active on social media offering continued support, guidance and motivation. More...



14 September 2019

Audrey was a wonderful trainer - she had a ton of energy and really listened to my needs. We developed a custom training program that I implemented over the course of 7 months. I was able to decrease my percent body fat and gain quite a bit of strength over those months. She introduced me to lots of new exercises and encouraged me to focus on my diet as well. I would 100% recommend Audrey to others. More...


Sam Pirrello

12 September 2019

Working with Audrey was transformative and informative! She quickly evaluated the weak points in my posture and gave me a well-rounded stretching and strengthening routine that helped me become more flexible while bulking up my physique with heavy lifting. I appreciate the progression of programs and how each one served a purpose. The meal plan was another favorite of mine as she helped systemize my meal prep and optimize nutrition/supplements. She is enthusiastic about helping everyone she can achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. I recommend working with HealthAF 100%! More...

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Diet and exercise are inextricably linked to each other. Performance, fat loss, strength gains, and longevity of healthy life depend on it.

We build your habits step by step working with your schedule. By the time the going is hard, you are armored with automatic routines.

Honesty with yourself about your ability to adherence to your program.

Educating my clients and watching them take confident charge of their lives as they get stronger in many ways.

I love what I do! I only work for the people I service.

Since I love educating my clients, form, and challenging them athletically, beginners and serious exercisers gain a lot from our time together.