Hattie's Restaurant

Hattie's Restaurant

Hattie's Restaurant locationSaratoga Springs, New York

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Hattie's Restaurant Reviews

Hattie's Restaurant Reviews

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by Greg Quilop
4 07/07/2018 Greg Quilop

Had a group brunch here and had a good meal. Be pretty specific about your order just so there isn't a mistake. Also make sure to ask the portion size. Some are bigger than others so it was a little confusing.

The staff was attentive but the tables are a little cramped. Overall, great experience.

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by George Wheeler
5 28/06/2018 George Wheeler

Pretty darn great! Hattie's has been serving beyond excellent Fried Chicken for so long, who can remember. I first visited this establishment around 2008, shortly after I moved to the Capital Region. A friend turned me onto the place, claiming to be the best fried chicken in the Northeast. And I have to say that it was pretty good then, and pretty good now. Good fried chicken aside, and even the fact that they beat Bobby Flay in a food challenge, my hands-down favorite thing at Hattie's is the macaroni and cheese entree. Unfortunately it's only served during the Autumn and Winter seasons. But it's well worth the wait, because they use locally sourced Cheese's, and damn are they good! I recommend ordering the mac and cheese entree as a shared appetizer for the table, and then order your fried chicken main course. Or if it's out of season, just go right for the fried chicken and have some of their to Russia size.

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by Rowan Day
4 07/06/2018 Rowan Day

If you love fired chicken this you'll love this joint. Homemade recipe fried chicken all day every day. There are other good options too which are less heavy but it's extremely carb-centric

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by S John
3 31/05/2018 S John

Umm, it was nice. I can tell you all the drama in the young hostesses lives. Literally, almost anything, ask me, I can spill her beans. BUT I'm a reasonable 29 year old woman trying to enjoy local food in her free time.. no worries. Food was generously (grotesquely) salted, flavors were spot on, cups were clean, plates didn't have anything I could pick off with my nails & the greens are out of this world. Being a local for all my life I hadn't expected anything less, I could always expect more though. Thanks for "blowing" me away, still way better than any type of meal in Lake George, that's something to be proud of, right?

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by Coren Bomback
5 24/05/2018 Coren Bomback

The food was delicious, drinks were strong, and the restaurant is decorated with all of their press clippings in a really nice way. There staff is also super nice and helpful.
Get the fried chicken, you will not be sorry!

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by Tom Garrett
4 16/05/2018 Tom Garrett

Historic and famous for the signature southern chicken dinners. This is the place every tourist should check out...lots to choose from but this is the go to restaurant. Southern hospitality is their specialty, and it has a quaint atmosphere too.

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by John Karyczak
5 02/05/2018 John Karyczak

The food was so good for dinner, I had to come back the next day for brunch. And of course... it was amazing. Get the biscuits and gravy!!!

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by machine mac
1 28/04/2018 machine mac

My fruits and chicken and waffles both had hair in it, waiter was kind of apologetic. Neither the owner or the manager on staff had the common courtesy to come out and say anything and I was still charged for my wifes food and the drinks even though we were so disgusted we didn't touch anything else. Horrible experience, I definitely would not recommend this place to a homelees person if they were starving and Hattie's was giving away free food!

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by Brianne Carlucci
5 13/04/2018 Brianne Carlucci

Amazing crispy fried chicken. If you are looking for that home-y feeling with a lot of history. Along with some great playing music with most importantly, that southern soul food.... well Hattieā€™s is the place to go! Looking forward to going back.

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by Quentin Auvray
3 23/03/2018 Quentin Auvray

I went there for brunch with friends with high expectations and lot of enthusiasm, but ended up a little disappointed.

My dish (pictured below) had a generous coating of oil/fat at the bottom. It was good and taste was there, but it was nothing exceptional and that grease was upsetting.

Friends said the fried chicken was OK, but not worth the hype. I tried one of their waffles and they were average (although they came with a nice side of butter and syrup).

I asked for tea and was given a cheap Lipton bag. If there were other options they didn't suggest any and it would be sad not to have them.

Points go to the otherwise excellent service. Very courteous and helpful.

Be prepared to wait a little to get seated, it can get quite busy.

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by M Rodrigo
1 13/03/2018 M Rodrigo

They need to stop paying for their good reviews. They serve boxed mashed potatoes and some form of a sorry excuse for fried chicken. KFC has better flavor and thats not saying much.

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by Carlotta Walcott
5 09/03/2018 Carlotta Walcott

Was there tonight with a large group. Great service and food. They could cook collared greens. Background music was just right. Loved Jasper.

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by Penelope Kosinski
5 25/01/2018 Penelope Kosinski

I don't eat chicken but the fried chicken and waffle was delicious! The chicken had just the right spice in the breading and it was melt in your mouth tender. You can definitely tell is has been brined. No other way to get it so tender. Highly recommend and can't wait to go back for more.

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by Jeff Scott
2 20/01/2018 Jeff Scott

The ambiance and decor is very nicely done. The service was pretty good. The food, however was just plain bad. I was so excited when looking at the menu as there were so many good-looking options. The waitress was very helpful and recommended some combinations that weren't on the regular menu so that we could taste different things. We ended up with a mix of fried chicken, ribs, jambalaya, collards, candied yams, cornbread, and pimento cheese spread. The fried chicken was mediocre and it was the highlight of the meal. The jambalaya was actually bland. I've never had bland jambalaya before. It was as if they opened a #10 can of tomato sauce, threw in some dry shredded chicken, overcooked shrimp, and veggies and called it done. The ribs were burnt, the cornbread was dry and flavorless, the greens were overly sweet and the yams had no depth at all as if they were straight out of the can.

Very very disappointed and will steer clear in the future. If advise you to as well.

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by j ks
4 18/01/2018 j ks

This is a great little restaurant with good service. i ordered the hash & it was good just a but salty. I will be coming back to try other things.

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by Raoul N
4 29/12/2017 Raoul N

I visited this restaurant with my family and we appreciated the food, the ambiance, and equally important, the hospitality of the manager. I will definitely recommend it to others. The only bump which I find quite hilarious and confusing for such a small town is how can a single piece of chicken leg be sold for $3 or a piece of chicken breast be valued at $4. I've visited many other restaurants including restaurants in Manhattan, NY and the price point for this basic item at Hattie's is simply difficult to understand, unless of course, the chicken was imported from another continent. Besides that, kudos to the cook.

Review of Hattie's Restaurant by Ian H
5 26/11/2017 Ian H

Best Fried Chicken in the World! The Fried Chicken is to die for and so are the collard greens and grits. The Food is perfect, service is amazing, and the atmosphere is the best I have ever seen. It's like I am in a charming and inviting chicken shack in Mississippi. My family is from the south. So it is really hard to compete with Original Fried Chicken and that is what Hattie's is. I am really glad Hattie opened up this restaurant in 1938. I am grateful of how this African american woman opened this restaurant and I thank her for bringing my southern and African american heritage to the north. Please, 100% go here, you won't ever in your life time regret it.

Hattie's Restaurant

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