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Are you inspired to reach your fitness or sports goals? Want to tone-up? Curious about trying a new sport? Confused about nutrition? Bothersome belly pain? Need a kick-start or motivation? Dealing with joint pain, or an old injury?

I am a specialized private practice Chiropractic Doctor offering affordable customized outdoor/at-home personal training and nutrition plans.



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Obviously, the quality of the fuel that you consume will be the primary influence on your potential metabolic changes, including strength and recovery gains, body shape changes, and your overall 'energy' (when someone looks at you do they see a sick, tired person, or do they see a vibrant person with a broad glow?) There are no short-cuts to health. You can't only change your food and expect to be healthy. "Health will not come to live in a house where it is not welcome." You can 'welcome health' by consuming fuel to match the quality of your 'house.'

I utilize a conservative and personalized approach to training. The client's goals are the top priority. Together we work-up a plan that makes sense, matches the starting abilities of the client, and progressively empowers future gains. The client will learn HOW and WHY certain exercises can provide benefits. My programs follow the natural way the body moves. I don't use the classic model of "Cardio-Strength-Stretch" machine-isolation gym type training, primarily because it takes too long to get results, and costs too much money.

The secret to getting the body of your dreams is to accept that your unique life journey is yours to enjoy. Trust yourself, de-stress, be kind and smile a lot! The rest will follow.

I love a challenge. I am an effective, dedicated practitioner. I enjoy the diversity of people's lives, beliefs, limitations and goals.

Training with a doctor means that your safety comes first, and that there is a lifetime of education and dedication to science, anatomy, physiology, pathology, injury prevention, physio-therapeutic corrective movement, and respect for human health. While training with me, I will be closely monitoring your movements and your progress towards your goals, while being able to recommend self-care that will enhance your health. I am licensed to do bodywork (stretch, treat spasm or trigger spots, etc) while personal trainers are not licensed nor insured to touch a client (all 50 states.)