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Todd Smith

24 September 2019

Jason and his team are fantastic to work with! He helped me keep together a Real Estate transaction by working directly with the Seller, Buyer and Insurance company to get two roofs and exterior work completed all before a quick closing date. Without them the transaction most likely would have fell through. They were on top if it, every step of the way, professional and knowledgeable, the end product was high quality. Highly recommend! More...


David K

8 June 2019

I contracted with Expert Exteriors for my roof replacement and am very satisfied. Their point man was Sam ******** and he did an outstanding job in seeing the process through from beginning to end. He explained the process very clearly to me and he handled all the red tape with ***** ****. He insured they were informed of the building codes and thus obtained the true cost payout for the work. He is the major reason I would highly recommend this company. More...


Michael D

14 March 2019

I worked with Exterior Experts in 2017 and 2018 after the major hail storm hit the west side of Denver. The job wasn't simple because we only owned half a duplex that was built in 1929. In order to put on the new roof, the whole roof structure was going to have to be reinforced on both sides of the property. Jason and his team had to deal with two different insurance companies, two different property owners, and a very specialized sub-contractor who could do the reinforcement of the roof and he and his team handled it all really well! Then, on top of that, we sold our half of the property half way through the process and gave Exterior Experts yet another issue to work through--which they did extremely well. While I know for certain that my situation was unique and not something that would normally occur, my experience showed that Jason and his team were great at handling all aspects of customer service and taking care of their clients. If they could handle all that went on with my situation with patience, stellar communication, and wonderful customer service, then I have no doubt they would have no issues doing the same on simpler projects. In short, when another hail storm hits (and it will), I will only work with Exterior Experts for those repairs! More...


Nathan C

1 March 2019

Great experience Jason went to bat for us with the insurance company to get everything taken care of properly. Would definately recomend this company. They took the heartache out of dealing with the insurance company not wanting to cover everything... and the roof looks great..... More...


Nick P

28 February 2019

Their name says it all. They’re experts. It’s great to work with a local company that is knowledgeable and honest. I was super impressed with their processes. More...


joseph w

8 January 2019

I have worked with Jason and his team on several different projects and they always have been polite, knowledgeable, and on time. There have only been a few times where one of the projects managers did not know the answer to a question; but worked to get us the answer we needed! More...


Christopher White

27 December 2018

Jason and his team are very knowledgeable and great assets to the Denver community.


Nick Peret

27 December 2018

I had the opportunity to work with Jason, the owner, at a professional level and was very impressed with his education and skill set in roofing. I work with many business owners in the industry and can honestly say he is one of the best. Their name is Exterior Experts for a reason! Thanks again, Jason! More...


Jeffrey Haug

28 October 2018

Very good company to work with. Had my roof complete in one day with minimal inconvenience and the clean up was impressive for the mess that was made during the job.


colby crane

29 August 2018

Replaced roof for me , fought with insurance insurance didnt want to pay. But jason took care of it for me insurance paid because we had someone that knew what they were doing I would recomend to any and all. a great company!!!!!


Nathan Higgs

29 August 2018

Great company to work with. They are very knowledgeable, they helped me through the whole process. They got my house back to the way it was before the hail storm.


Torreys Peak Mechanical

29 August 2018

Gray company goes beyond what you expect Works directly with insurance companies to get what insurance companies hope he will not ask about...


Bobby Villalobos

26 May 2018

Great company to get all your home restorations done friendly and knowledgeable staff

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