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Pawel Sepek



Lars Brännström

Great place to learn true karate.


Barry Johnston

A solid martial art system with scary efficiency!


Dmitry Konovalov



Darci Swain

Best dojo in town!


Etsuko Uidenich

Enshin karate is great! Techniques are very useful!


Kaleena Lewis

My son is in love with the karate that he is being taught. I've seen growth in both karate and his pride.


Hugo Koan Zee

Karate meets Judo in a friendly nurturing environment taught by world champions. Enough said!


Maihaa Keeley

If you want to work with true masters who live and breathe the battle arts, this is where you want to be.


Melissa Maria Enyeart

Grateful for this space and what it has to offer.


Jessica Chernila

One of the deepest blessings in my own and my child's life..this dojo is a sanctuary!


Maryanne Abrantes Pallotti

World class teachers! Something for everyone. I highly recommend trying a class so you can see if it is right for you.


Denise Cook

It's love is felt and the involvement of family practicing together , is guided by family. Wonderful.


Ivan Balandiuk

Visiting Denver. Friendly atmosphere. Enjoyed it! OSU !


Jaques DeMonkey

Denver is very lucky to be home to such a generous and talented martial arts family as the Ninomiyas. If you want to see and experience Karate as an authentic and living art, honed and practiced by true masters, but accessible and friendly as can be- this is the place.


Stefano Rossi

I like Enshin Karate as it is very pragmatic and effective to contrast a suddent aggression.


Jeet Shaw

A extreme art called sabaki which is not easy to explain in one word . so if you like to know about this better joined and learn it, because sometime something is unable to explain by words you have to go for it then you realise . enshin karate is not a ordinary karate because enshin karate is like a family. And this family make special by kancho joko ninomiya and fuku kancho mike ninomiya a wonderful person , extreme masters , and they care for there disciple like father and big brother . I am very glad that i am a one of the member of enshin family. thank you for listing me . OUS More...


Tarquin Rieder

Watched the article on Enshin Karate and their founder and I must stay that it looks very impressive.


Ilan Brown

I started Enshin as a kid and have continued on and off through out my adult life. Through my journey in karate I've learned to be more focused, to instill discipline in my daily life and to appreciate the quite reflection of mediation. Enshin is like a big family and I would recommend it to anyone looking to make self improvements. More...


Nina de Zayas

My six year old daughter attended the 2017 summer camp at Stanley Marketplace and loved the experience! She was excited to head in each morning and would come home eager to share and demonstrate what she had learned that day. From the martial arts instruction to the supplemental activities like chess and exploring outdoors, she had a fantastic time and was in great hands. I would recommend the experience to any parent (and know my daughter would, too!). More...

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