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Portrait and branding photographer in the state of Michigan. As a result of Emma's work, clients get iconic portraits that are more than a headshot. Portraits that are able to represent you and show who you truly are as a person. Portraits that creates an instant connection between you and your client and helps you stand out in your competition.


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Dennis LaVoy

28 May 2019

Emma is an incomparable photographer. She is truly an artist and is incredibly skilled at her craft. Her photographs far exceeded my expectations and I'm thrilled with the results.


Lizzy Cary

8 May 2019

Emma takes STUNNING photos. She did headshots for our law firm and did an amazing job. She knows exactly what pose you should be in and what you should wear to make you look your absolute best. Tell her what vibe you are going for and she will catch it - 100 percent. THANK YOU, EMMA!!!! More...


Molly Blythe

19 November 2018

Never ceases to amaze with her talent!!! Emma is simply the best!!


Chad-Josalyne Fletcher

10 November 2018

Stunning photography super sensitive to the right flattering poses and just love her patience


Catherine Dincau

9 October 2018

I had the pleasure of working with Emma recently and she is incredibly talented! She makes every effort to make you feel comfortable & gives you tips on how to pose.


Steffanie Marshall

23 September 2018

Emma is truly gifted in making her clients look and feel beautiful. She is extremely personable and made me feel comfortable in front of the camera within the first few minutes of meeting her. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to update their headshots or family photos. I’m in love with my new headshots. Thank you Emma! More...


Savita Monroe

17 August 2018

Met Emma for the first time at an event.. Loved the way she directed everyone in to the right position for the perfect shot. The pictures of the event looked great. More...


Larry Miller

7 August 2018

Very talented... great eye for detail and very personable?


Kelsey O'Neill Hogan

3 August 2018

Amazing photographer to work with for headshots! Helped make me feel comfortable and really “work” the camera. Did a great job with retouches on those stubborn frown lines. And turned photos around for a large group SUPER fast. Highly recommend! More...


Michelle Nelson

2 August 2018

Emma is an absolute dream to work with. I typically avoid the front of the camera at all costs but she immediately made me feel at ease during my headshot session. She took plenty of time to help me adjust to flattering and natural poses which was extremely helpful. l would 100% recommend Emma to anyone looking to have professional headshots taken -- you won't regret it. More...


Matt Vititoe

7 June 2018

Emma worked magic in the studio, all the while making sure that I felt comfortable and confident during the sessions. My photos turned out excellent!


Rhonda Ives

28 March 2018

Emma really understand light and reflection and combined with her artistic ability, there isn’t a subject, a person, or angle that she can’t make look amazing!


Andy Hubbs

23 March 2018

Emma is spectacular. She is a true professional and outstanding to work with on our firm photographs.


Nicole Wipp

16 March 2018

Emma is the best. I trust her for my family, professional AND marketing photos.


Sonia Cannon

30 January 2018

I hate hate having my picture taken! But Emma actually has changed my mind about the whole thing. Before you even go see her she spends time with you and makes sure you are prepared. She makes the actual session fun! The finished product is more than you could ever expect. I can’t wait to update my pictures now ! Thanks Emma! More...


Emilia Netza Hortopanu

11 February 2017

Emma is not only a real joy to work with, but she's also very professional. We chose her as our wedding photographer 2 years ago and it was the best decision we could've made. She has photographed our engagement, wedding, maternity, baby shower, and took our newborn pictures. She does amazing work and I would recommend her to anyone for anything! She has a talent for photography, as well as working well with her clients. She takes time to get to know you, and it shows in her pictures. She makes you feel comfortable, as well as fabulous. If you need any kind of photography done, look no further than Emma. Completely worth it!!! More...


Kristine Vazzano

7 February 2017

Emma has true talent. She takes her time to help clients feel comfortable in front of the camera allowing their beauty to shine through. Working with her was a pleasure and fun! More...


Jesi Foltz-Goike

7 February 2017

The best of the best! Emma has a true eye for catching beauty in many ways! Working with her was amazing!!


Kelly Long

7 February 2017

Emma makes you feel like you've been friends for years! She's easy to connect with and so much fun to work with. Her vision & work is beautiful!


Danielle Siero

7 February 2017

Working with Emma was so effortless. She took such beautiful pictures. The results were simply amazing!


Mieka Kilcline

6 October 2016

Amazing! Emma does such a wonderful job at each step along the way. Her consultation and preparation for the photo shoot was above and beyond anyone I have worked with. During the photo session she was able to make everyone feel at ease and capture the most natural, beautiful moments we can treasure forever! More...


Ruxanda-Claudiu Peret

3 October 2016

I love your work Emma and mostly I enjoyed being your client. Your are one talented photographer!


Mike Towler

3 October 2016

Emma is a great photographer that knows how to stage photos and make people feel comfortable during a session. I am very impressed with her work and will call on her again.


Susan Bodley Norris

3 October 2016

Emma's photography is amazing. Every photo she took for us was outstanding. She is very nice to work with and listens to our requests. We will definitely use her again and highly recommend her to our friends. More...


Emily Gordon

3 October 2016

Emma is an amazing photographer! She has done my family photos and I have also worked alongside her as a makeup artist. She is fun and professional. I would highly recommend her servics to anyone! More...


Berenice P. Rotaru

3 October 2016

I had Emma as my photographer back in 2013 and I was so pleased about the quality she puts in her work, she made me feel so confident and I have the best first portrait session , I've booked her for November this year in London, can't wait for that one!


Ana Filppu

7 March 2014

I-mi pare rau ca nu esti in Colorado dar at least I can enjoy you work from distance

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