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Kathrine N.

17 December 2018

Very friendly staff ,clean and well maintained facility makes you feel like family . They are located in Kapolei by K-1 racing


Lauren S.

14 September 2018

I've been here for two injuries from two different occasions. The first time was for my ankle, Julian has the best hands by far! Talk about getting my ankle back to new if not better! The second time was my most recent, this was for my elbow and forearm. This time I got to meet the whole crew, all the way to the owner! All of which is super awesome! Makes you feel like family! Their receptionists are awesome too! I have a crazy schedule.. two jobs and college will do that to you. Somehow,  they always fit me in where it always works out. Super patient and friendly. Not saying im hoping to get hurt again, but I would definitely come to Elam! More...


Hazel T.

9 May 2018

This was my first experience with any physical therapy. I injured my shoulder and was referred to see a physical therapist. My experience with Elam Sports was awesome! Everyone there is super friendly and they made me feel comfortable at each appointment. They were on top of their follow ups and scheduling future appointments. When I was finally done with my therapy, I actually missed seeing everyone every week. They felt like family to me. I highly recommend Elam Sports. They are O'hana. More...


Magnolia C.

3 March 2018

Great environment! Friendly people! Love this place! Looking forward to going back again to do more to fix my body  I am so happy with the service I received!


Sara P.

30 November 2017

First time doing physical therapy and was a bit nervous about it. Everyone who works here is very friendly and made me feel comfortable. It is a veteran owned establishment, they accept different insurances, and credit cards. I would recommend everyone who needs recovery or physical therapy to come here More...


Christine F.

22 February 2016

I had a wonderful experience here! The staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. I worked with 3 different PT trainers and they were all very awesome!  I went in for a sprained ankle and they were very knowledgeable and always answered my questions. And you get a free t-shirt!! More...


Ohana O.

5 January 2016

I was treated with respect, smiles, and given all of the information necessary to feel confident in my treatment plan. I didn't feel rushed. I drive from Chinatown to Kapolei and so far it's been worth it. More...


Sandy S.

2 November 2015

I love Elam Sports Therapy.  From the time you walk in to the end of your session, everyone is so positive. The front desk staff are so caring; I had to cancel twice on very short notice, and they rescheduled me so I wouldn't miss the allowed therapy visits, which when they were dealing with Landmark took a lot of persistence. The therapists are phenomenal !! Maria and Tyler encouraged me, listened to my gripes and worked hard with me to help me get back on my feet.  If I could give this place a '10' I would. Did I mention they also do Aqua therapy, massage therapy, and every kind of therapy.  LOVE THIS PLACE More...


Cielo C.

18 October 2015

This place is AWESOME! From the front desk staff, to the Therapists, to the interning students, to the owner.. they are super friendly, professional, caring, accommodating, and always smiling. It is conveniently located in Kapolei. They offer late appointments (5pm). The facility is clean and they have a variety of equipment and rehab methods they use. I can't say enough about the Physical Therapists, especially Maria.  She is AWESOME! She will push you just enough but really listen to your concerns and pain levels. I saw her for arch issues and tennis elbow. She used a combination of stretches, strength training exercises using machines, bands, ultrasound, ice massages, and other methods like squeezing play dough, grabbing a handful of rice in a bowl, etc. They send you emails with home exercises to continue with.  I saw them for about 4 weeks for each issue and I experienced great improvement. I wish I could see them every week! Thanks Elam Sports Oahu! Thanks Maria! :)  Thanks front desk ladies!  Everyone rocks! More...


Thomas M.

24 March 2015

I just finished four weeks of therapy at Elam in Kapolei (actually located at the old Barbers Point).  I was there for severe back and knee pain and, as far as I'm concerned, the therapist performed a miracle in getting me back into action. On my first day of therapy, I hobbled into their facility bent over because it was so painful (10 on a scale of 1-10) to stand up straight.  During my fourth week, the back pain was gone, and they had me standing up straight. The knee is slightly painful but will heal.  What I like about this facility is that it is one-on-one with the therapist.  I've been to other physical therapy places where a therapist was handling 2-3 patients during the same session. I am extremely grateful to therapists Tracy, Krista and Marcia for getting me back in shape. More...


Jenna G.

24 December 2014

I have only been here 3 times for therapy/rehab on my tennis elbow. My first 2 visits were okay. They used an ultrasound machine on me to apply heat to the area and followed it with a massage. My 2nd visit we did the same and followed with exercises to help above and below the area. Yesterday, I arrived knowing my therapist would be someone different. I was lucky enough to work with Debbie. She is very knowledgeable and was even teaching me a few things. We were able to discuss our time in the military and she even showed me a few exercises I can do at home to help other issues I am having.  I hope to be able to see her again when I go back. More...


Randall M.

28 February 2014

The staff is very nice and knowledgeable. I really enjoy going to therapy and they helped me get my strength back quickly. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone! More...

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