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Ethan Reiss

10 August 2018

I found my experience with Dovr Media to be quite pleasant. The people are involved are excellent at what they do, and I would highly recommenced them to anyone look for work such as this.


Will Campbell

10 August 2018

Dovr Media has been amazing. Jake has been working with me and my company hand in hand to help us build our brand. If you want an expert to help you on your time and give you genuine insight look no further. Highly recommended.


Sunder King

10 August 2018

Dovr Media has a history of upgrading media to Awesome for clients. With everything from High-Def VR to Professional Event Coverage, we provide all of the tools and execution to get your digital media


Dave Fahrny

10 August 2018

It was such a pleasure working with Dvor Media. Their positive and professional demeanor is refreshing in todays business world. Devor Media walks their talk and that is what sets them apart from the competition.Their willingness to share ideas and business strategies has definitely helped my business. I am looking forward to working with Dvor Media on future projects. Many thanks to the team at Dvor Media! More...


Wayne Zuhl

10 August 2018

I've had Dovr Media recently take pictures and provide Matterport 3D tours from 3 listings. All three had lots of activity and my sellers are just thrilled with the quality of the images. The people from Dovr are very professional, courteous and a real joy to work with. Looking forward to having them help me market many more great homes! I would highly recommend them to any REALTOR looking to market their listings and get the most bang for the buck! More...


Zachary Stewart

10 August 2018

I live in Alaska and was surprised when DoVR was brought up by my boss as someone we were working with. Despite the distance, these guys have been AMAZING to work with. They cost aware and very friendly. They are prompt with answers to questions and are teaching me even how they do what they do. They have even gone so far as to lend me their stuff to allow me to do one of our stores myself which has been great and they've coached me along. Highly recommend working with them! More...

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