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With over 10 years of experience producing successful video marketing campaigns independently and efficiently for a large variety of clients and industries, I am an ideal candidate for your small video production needs. My work is a blend of live filming, motion graphics, animation, and quality sound production.



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My favorite part of what I do is having the opportunity to put my own personal touch on lots of different types of projects, delivering something delightfully unexpected.

As a young child, creating stop-motion movies with Star Wars and G.I. Joe action figures with my dad's betamax camcorder.

"I believe Dave to be very capable and versa&le. He seems very interested in crea&ng ar&s&c elements, and responds very well to challenging projects that enhance his experience and exper&se. He has been an excellent team member and very pleasant to work with. In our organiza&on, his ability to lead and complete a project without signi)cant oversight was as much an asset as his ability to work with many di(erent people with varied backgrounds in engineering, sales, marke&ng and even accoun&ng, along with other talented professionals working with video and print media." -Client Testimonial