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Why Hypnotherapy?

Our mission is to facilitate the transformation of the normal state of weakness and limitations of a person to the natural state of strength and abundance of being human. A person generally thinks they come from weakness and that it is normal to have to struggle for what they want.


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Eileen Forster

3 May 2018

Mr. Dwyer never fails to amaze. His hand-on approaches to the road of life are fresh each day. His no-nonsense techniques tend to build and expand alternatives of thinking and living such that I have been able to live more fully and happily than I ever thought possible!


Ila Barlean

29 March 2018

phenomenally intuitive and holding a great space of transformation via hypnotherapy and teaching


Patrick Dwyer

Most of what we think is so, is just us saying it over and over to ourselves - what Denny calls the Tape Recorder. Realization, manifestation are not mired in spiritual or ritualistic dogma. They are as real as the next breath you allow yourself to take. The next time you feel stuck, about anything, this is a good place to start. More...

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I love facilitating people to make anything different in their lives, even if they think it is not possible. It is easier than you think!

I like to work one-on-one with people and facilitate their getting what they desire in an easy, long-lasting way.

I offer the following unique services:

• I have a high success rate
• I have 29 years of experience
• I am a registered hypnotherapist in Washington
• I offer a free initial discovery session
• My services can be performed by telephone, Skype, or Zoom, as well as in person
• Each client’s session is created for the best interests of that client. I do not use scripts or generalities
• My sessions are not limited to a specific amount of time.
• My hours are flexible and are from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm seven days a week