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CrossFit SAC locationSacramento, California, United States

Our gym offers small group training, personal training, nutrition coaching and specialty courses.

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CrossFit SAC Reviews

CrossFit SAC Reviews

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CrossFit SAC

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Yelp Reviews

Review of CrossFit SAC
4 months ago

I can't believe it's taken me over 5 years to write this review. If you are looking to improve your fitness give them a call today. It does not matter...

Lesley H.
Review of CrossFit SAC
5 months ago

Been a member since 2016. I have traveled and attended many crossfit gyms. It does not get better than this. Organized structure, great coaches, you choose...

Peter K.
Review of CrossFit SAC
5 months ago

I've been going to CrossFit SAC for five years now. I could write a long review about the qualifications of our coaches (which are some of the highest you...

Phillip B.
Review of CrossFit SAC
9 months ago

Great coaches,good size gym with plenty of equipment. I recommend this gym to anyone who wants to try CrossFit

kirill l.
Google Reviews of CrossFit SAC

Google Reviews

Review of CrossFit SAC by Lesley Horton
4 months ago

CrossFit has never been more welcoming or accessible to everyone. This gym is one of the best Sacramento has to offer. The coaches are all at the top of their field and make sure every athlete feels comfortable, confident, and safe. The community of members is amazing. If you have ever thought about checking out CrossFit, this is the place to do go. If you've ever tried to go it on our own, it's worth it to check this place out. As someone who never could work out consistently on their own, this place has kept me coming back day after day for five years!

There are many CrossFit gyms that seem intimidating, catering to the only the fittest athletes, but at CrossFit SAC their priority is making everyone fitter, no matter where you start.

Lesley Horton
Review of CrossFit SAC by Anna Yribe
4 months ago

CrossFit SAC has been a wonderful experience since I joined in June of 2017. The coaches are amazing and really knowledgeable. They remember your name :) and they care about you being safe and getting a good workout! The people are friendly and no one treats you poorly or like you don't belong. If you are looking for a place to try CrossFit, CrossFit SAC is highly recommended! Joining this gym has been by far, the best choice in where to workout I have ever made!!

Anna Yribe
Review of CrossFit SAC by Mary Williams
3 months ago

CrossFit Sac is excellent. I had no experience with the things I do there except for running. The coaches teach how to do the various movements and then watch to see that I am doing them properly. If something is beyond my abilities then the movement is scaled so that I am able to benefit from the WOD and at the same time gain strength and mobility in order to achieve the goal of doing the movement as prescribed. The community is welcoming to everyone no matter what their age is. If you want to get a good workout and make strides in getting stronger and increasing your mobility then I recommend CrossFit Sac.

Mary Williams
Review of CrossFit SAC by Adrian Cowham
5 months ago

Best CrossFit gym ever. I started here 6 years ago but had to switch gyms after 8 months due to switching employers. I couldn't be happier now that I'm back! I missed the attention to detail, the focus on technique, the great coaching, the level of commitment from the coaches, and most importantly (at least for me), the focus on things outside of "fitness". The coaches know how important nutrition is, and offer help to those of us who need it. They offer guidance on how to get better sleep and on how to achieve your goals outside the gym. These guys don't mess around, they want every person that walks through their doors to become healthier, happier, fitter. What more can you ask for?

Adrian Cowham
Review of CrossFit SAC by Hannah Goin
4 months ago

I've been a member of CF SAC for four years. The gym is very spacious and clean. There is ample equipment and membership prices are commensurate to other gyms in the area. Our coaches and assistant coaches, Amy, Calvin, Dave, Chad, and Laura, prioritize safety and good form. The owners of the gym are always looking for new ways to grow and improve. There are plenty of community activities and extra classes available for those who are interested. This is not a competitive gym (meaning there are no special classes for the special people who can do Fran in 1:25) and people of all levels of fitness tend to thrive here.

Hannah Goin
Review of CrossFit SAC by Derek Hutchins
4 months ago

I have been a member of CrossFit Sac since August of 2017. I came to this gym after a recommendation from one of the members and after participating in a community workout. Coming to this gym I was very familiar with conventional gyms and working out, however I was very unfamiliar with CrossFit. Once I became a member, I was immediately welcomed with open arms and the coaches were quick to offer any assistance and tips they could. The transition from a conventional gym to a CrossFit gym went very smooth because of the excellent coaches CrossFit Sac has. The coaching staff is excellent, and it is obvious they truly care about each and every member’s fitness goals. The gym is clean and organized and there is ample equipment for all. They offer numerous class sessions to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule. The workouts are always intense and leave you feeling satisfied that you got a good workout in. I would 100% recommend CrossFit Sac to anyone looking to join a CrossFit gym or someone looking for a new place to workout.

Derek Hutchins
Review of CrossFit SAC by Tracy Lutche
4 months ago

Want a gym where there’s something for everyone? Want a gym where you will be guided through group workouts by the highest quality coaches? Want a gym where you are cheered on and applauded even if you finish the workout last? Want a gym where you will learn what it feels like to be a part of family of fitness minded people? If you answered yes to any of these questions CrossFit SAC is your place. I can’t tell enough people how incredible and life changing being a part of CrossFit SAC community can be. You bring the willpower and the right attitude and this place can turn anyone into an athlete. 🏋️‍♀️💪🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️

Tracy Lutche
Review of CrossFit SAC by K Howard
5 months ago

My kids attend their teen program. Their coaching staff are just the kind of people you want around your kids because they are so encouraging and challenging at the same time! My kids felt accomplished and truly enjoyed attending. Management is also flexible when your teens have other obligations that may momentarily interfere with attending classes. You just let them know. Great experience!

K Howard
Review of CrossFit SAC by julie baird
4 months ago

Just an awesome place to get the best workout done. Excellent coaching staff. In the 5 years I've been coming here I've made some great and lasting friendships. The community at this box is always encouraging... and whether the WOD is done scaled or prescribed .. you always feel you left it all on the floor

julie baird
Review of CrossFit SAC by Anson Casanares
5 months ago

I have been a member at CrossFit SAC since December of 2014. I won a free month membership after going to the Winter formal with Nicole as a date. I literally had no idea what I was in for when I started CrossFit, but I gave it a try. I always admired the different programming that comes with Crossfit. Not everyday is the same, and it keeps things interesting. Over the years I have been pushed to do things that I couldn't think I could do. I can't see myself going to a regular gym like a 24 Hour or Planet Fitness. I have been to several boxes since doing Crossfit( 2 to be exact thank you very much) and the coaching at CrossFit SAC is probably the best you're going to find. Their attention to detail, advice and the fact that they care is worth anybody giving this box a chance.

Anson Casanares
Review of CrossFit SAC by Jillian Maybee
5 months ago

very thorough and well taught coaches, amazing community of members and always kick a** work outs. CrossFit SAC does a great job of making it worth your time when you walk through the door!!

Jillian Maybee
Review of CrossFit SAC by Amber Svardal
5 months ago

Crossfit Sac is a top notch facility. The coaching is excellent and is especially recommended for those new to crossfit!! The community is very supportive, encouraging, and always makes you feel welcome. This crossfit gym is truly a home away from home! If you are looking for a positive, life changing experience then you need to join this gym today! No better time then the present! ;)

Amber Svardal
Review of CrossFit SAC by katherine smith
5 months ago

I joined in 2016, and spend every possible free minute here. Crossfit SAC has incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable coaches, as well as an amazing community of athletes of all ages and ability levels.

katherine smith
Review of CrossFit SAC by Jenn Bayer
10 months ago

CrossFit SAC is amazing. I have done CrossFit at other locations and nothing compares to the coach staff at SAC. They are incredibly welcoming, very knowledgeable, and know how to coach any level of athlete. The people that go here are also very friendly and always happy to help, answer a questions, or provide a happy smile. Whatever your level of fitness CrossFit SAC has something for you. Why are you still reading? Come in for yourself!

Jenn Bayer
Review of CrossFit SAC by Howard Pinkston
1 year ago

Great trainers who know what they are doing and stress doing the workouts correctly and helping you get the full benefit of each workout. Great facility and a great bunch of people to workout with. No matter the age they can help you achieve you goals and much more.

Howard Pinkston
Review of CrossFit SAC by Jeanette Rosenbach
1 year ago

Joining CrossFit Sac three years ago was by far the best choice I have made for myself. I am physically and emotionally better then ever before. The Coaches are top notch and dedicated to each and every member. The community at CrossFit Sac has always been very welcoming, supportive and inspiring! If you are looking to join a CrossFit Box, look no further! CrossFit Sac is the best in Sacramento!

Jeanette Rosenbach
Review of CrossFit SAC by Kelly Ponath
1 year ago

CrossFit SAC was the BEST thing I could have ever done. This place is the highlight of my day. The coaching is top notch, the community is incredible and the workouts are awesome! I can't imagine my life without CrossFit SAC.

Kelly Ponath
CrossFit SAC on Google Maps

CrossFit SAC Location

4755 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95841, USA

Videos from CrossFit SAC

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CrossFit SAC Q&A

CrossFit SAC Q&A

How important is a healthy diet to someone’s health and wellbeing?

Nutrition really is the foundation of any fitness program. We remind all our athletes that they cannot out-train a bad diet. Eating well will not only help you feel better (and look better) but it help you optimize your results in the gym and in your sport.

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

We understand that everyone has their own goals and needs one size does not fit all. We discuss more than just working out but also focus on goal setting and nutrition.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

The secret to getting a body of your dreams is the same as obtaining whatever else you want in life, consistency and perseverance. It's not easy, but anything worth doing usually isn't easy.

What do you love most about your job?

I love helping people discover they are capable of so much more than they realize.

What inspired you to start your own business?

We opened our gym because we want to help people be better prepared for life and improve their health and fitness, no matter age or physical ability.

Why should our clients choose you?

We are a caring group of trainers who take pride in our high level of coaching and instruction.

Services provided by CrossFit SAC

CrossFit SAC Services

Personal Training

Work one-on-one with a trainer to improve your general fitness or to train for a specific sport. We offer 30 min and 1 hr training session packages.

Group Classes

Our group classes are all about having fun while getting fit in a welcoming environment. Classes are 1 hour long and are coached from beginning to end; no more have to figure out what you are going to do at the gym. Show up and we will take care of the rest!


We strongly believe you cannot out-train a bad diet. Whether your goal is weight loss or to improve performance, our nutritionist will help you make the best choices for your goals.

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